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Trouble in Paradise! Full Summary: Though the Honeymoon stage was great. Sunshine soon turns to rain, for these four newlywed couples. Jeff/Melina! John/Torrie! Matt Hardy/Eve! Tiffany/Christian!

Chapter One: Mistakes!

"Okay, Can I open them now?" Melina asked, as she walked with her boyfriend Jeff Hardy, his hands over her eyes.

Jeff chuckled

"Not yet!" he replied

"How much longer?" she complained

"Just be patient! Trust me it is going to be worth it"

Jeff and Melina had been dating for five years. It was the most committed and serious relationship either had ever been in. They were in love! And at that point they thought nothing could tear them apart.

"Okay, we're here" Jeff smirked, uncovering Melina's eyes.

Melina gasped as she stood speechless in the middle of a wrestling ring. Though, it was not just a regular ring. Around her, was what looked like hundreds and hundreds and thousands of her favorite red and yellow roses that filled the entire arena, the lights were romantically dimmed, and Jeff had the ring set up with a romantic candle light dinner.

"Wow!" was all she could say

"Told you it would be worth it!" he smiled kissing her

"What? How? Why?" she tried to say

Jeff busted into laughter

"Babe, do not worry about all of that just know you deserve it."

"Why what did I do?" she asked as he led her to the table, and then pulled her chair out for her

"You are Melina, that's what you did" he replied sitting in his seat across from her "The love of my life! And… My soon to be wife… Hopefully!" he said as he pulled out a small box.

Melina's eyes widened "What?"

Jeff smiled and got down on his right knee

"Mel, you are one of the greatest people to come into my life, and I want to keep you in my life" he continued as he could see a tear in Melina's eye "You already gave me one beautiful daughter, have always supported me, been by my side, and you are the only girl I know that can handle someone like me" he joked, causing them both to chuckle a bit "So, I think I'm ready to commit to you, and I hope you are willing to fully commit to me"

"Ok" she smiled, holding back more tears

"Melina Nava Perez, Will you marry me Jeffrey Nero Hardy?"

"Oh my god Jeff, Yes baby!" she said letting him slip the diamond onto her ring finger, before getting up and hugging him with tears flowing down her face..

Jeff smiled as he picked Melina up and spun her around, in the hug not wanting to let her go…


"And that's how it happen, that's how I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with your dad" Melina explained to her three year old daughter, while putting her to bed.

"How long have you and daddy been married" she asked

Melina smiled "Almost three years" she answered putting Madison into bed

"That was a great bedtime story mommy" Madison replied, as Melina tucked her in "I miss daddy!"

Melina stared down..

"I miss him too, sweetheart" she kneeled down on the side of Madison's bed "But, you know he has to travel a lot with his job, but he should be back real soon" Melina unfortunately lied

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Madison squealed, clapping her hands

All Melina could do was chuckle

"Alright! Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite" she said as she turned off the light.

Melina walked down the hall, to the next room on the left.

"Hey it's ten o' clock and it's a school night, light out" she told her fourteen year old daughter MiKayla.

"Just let me finish this article" Mikayla replied

"No, now!" Melina argued

"Ugh, Fine!" MiKayla moaned putting away the magazine she was reading, and climbing into bed "Will dad be home tomorrow, I never remembered him being gone for this long at one time" she replied

"I'm not sure, it's a critical point in his career and he can't afford any time off right now" Melina answered continuing to make up excuses.

"He should hurry back, he lets me stay up past curfew all the time" she joked

"Well, until then lights out at ten!" Melina replied shutting off her light, and closing her door.

Melina was exhausted. She sat on her stairs and ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. A little time had gone by before Melina found the strength to get back to her feet. She made her way down stairs where her master bedroom was, and made sure the coast was clear before pulling out her cell phone.

Melina waited for an answer o nthe other end, but like she expected didn't get one, just the voicemail.

"Uh.. Hey Jeff! It's me…Again! Just calling to see how you were, and to tell you I miss you! I can't stop Mikayla and Madison to stop asking about you, and Chase keeps crying for you, and we just all want you to come home." She confessed "I don't know how many times I have to say it, but, I'm sorry… and I love…" she started to say but was unfortunately cut off by the machine.

Melina sighed before throwing her iphone onto the bed, and flopping down on the bed next to it. Her relaxing period didn't last, thanks to her and Jeff's youngest child and only son Chase, who began crying loudly.

Melina groaned, before heading to the nursery, down the hall.

"What's wrong?" Melina replied picking up her seven month old son "Aww… I know that cry! You miss daddy" she said rocking him and heading to the kitchen for a warm bottle of milk. "Please stop crying!" she continued spinning him around "I know kid, I miss him too" she said with a tear in her eye "I see we all do…"

Three houses down…

Matt stumbled into his house after a long night of drinking with his best friend Shane. He walked into the dining room that revealed his wife of one year Eve, sitting at a table that was initially set for three.

"Hey baby!" a tipsy Matt replied, kissing her on the forehead before getting an evil glare from her

"Where the hell have you been!" was all she manage to say.

"Whoa" Matt said a bit taken back "Can you calm your voice down, I'd appreciate it"

"And I'd appreciate it, if the first thing you do when you get in town which is rarely is come see your wife and son" Eve replied as she began to clear off the dinner table

"Chill, I just stopped by Shane's for like an hour, what's the big deal?"

"The big deal is the two year old boy who is now upstairs sleeping, because he wore himself out jumping up and down on the front porch all day waiting for his dad to finally come home after a full two weeks on the road!" Eve yelled "Remember him, he goes by the name Mason Hardy"

"Here we go, you always pull this shit!" Matt said as he began to walk off

"Damn right! He and I should be your first priority, not getting drunk with Shane who you can see on the road anytime!"

"First off, I'm not drunk, and second like I said it's not a big deal, Mason understands my job is demanding!" Matt argued

"Matt! Oh my god! He's two years old! He doesn't understand anything!" Eve said slamming the dishes down, "All he understands about this is that, if I even mention you coming home he's the first one at the door… And dammit you should be too" Eve said

Matt sighed

"Matt! Things aren't like before, you can't just pick up and go to Shane's or Shannon's or whoever's anytime you feel like it anymore, you have a family now!" Eve argued "And honestly, this entire year we've been married you haven't been acting like it!" she said as tears of frustration formed in her eyes "And that's fine, because if you don't want to change for me…. At least change for him" she said slamming the refrigerator and going upstairs…

"Eve you knew what type of guy I was when you met me!" he yelled from down stairs, before hearing the upstairs door being slammed.

Matt sighed as he slowly walked upstairs and down the hall to Mason's room.

He peeked in and smiled at the sight of his creation fast asleep…

"I love you buddy" he kneeled down to the side of his bed and whispered "Even if it's hard for me to show it…."

Earlier that day in Toronto…

"I'm so excited" Tiffany smiled staring at the rock on her ring finger; she had just got from Christian the night before!

"Are you going to stare at that thing the whole time we're here, because my parents might find that kind of rude" Christian joked as he and now fiancé Tiffany pulled in the driveway of Christian's family home.

"No babe, I'm just happy, two years of dating you I was waiting for this" she smiled kissing him on the cheek

"I was waiting for the right time! The perfect time" he explained, going to the passenger side of his black Range Rover and opening the door for Tiffany "Now, let me tell my parents about the engagement" he reminded her

"I know, I know!" Tiffany said "Do you think they'll like me?" she asked as they reached the front door

"Uh…I love you so they'll love you" Christian replied

Tiffany smiled as she and Christian walked hand and hand into the house…

"Guess who!" Christian yelled from the front door,

"My baby, we missed you" Christian's mom Patti greeted them "But, we were just expecting you… who's your guest?" her smiled soon turned to a frown immediately seeing Tiffany…

"Hi, I'm Tiffany!"

"Yeah, this is my girlfriend" Christian said, as Tiffany glared at him weirdly

"Oh! Wasn't expecting a fourth party but I guess I'll make room at the table for one more" Patti rudely replied, before heading to the kitchen

"Girlfriend?" Tiffany whispered to Christian

"Give me time, I'll tell her" he said leading her into the living room where his dad Robert sat in front of the television..

"Hey dad" Christian smiled

"Son!" his dad smiled standing up and giving him a hug "I didn't hear you come in"

"Yeah, we kind of snuck in" he joked

"We?" Robert questioned

"Oh, yeah me and my girlfriend Tiffany" Christian said moving to the side allowing Tiffany to position herself in front of Robert

"Oh, girlfriend?" Robert said staring Tiffany up and down

"Hello" Tiffany spoke

"Nice to meet you" Robert replied before sitting back down.

"Dinner is ready!" Patti yelled from the dining room, as Robert was the first to rush in…

"Chris, I don't think your parents are too fond of me" Tiffany whispered as she pulled Christian to the side

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you see how your dad looked at me, and the way your mom spoke to me" she pointed out

Christian let out a chuckle

"You're being paranoid" he told her "Relax! It'll be fine!" he said pulling her into the dining room.

"I made your favorite, pot roast" Patti told her son

"Yes!" Christian said placing his napkin over his lap, as him and Tiffany sat alongside across from Robert and Patti

"Everything looks delicious Mrs. Reso!" Tiffany complimented

"Well, with Jay as my son, you have to know your way around the kitchen" Patti said "Do you?"

"Do I what?" Tiffany asked, cause Christian's dad to snicker

"Can you cook" Patti asked her

"Oh no!" Tiffany said "Besides I hardly have time for that" she honestly replied

"Hm." Patti kept with her rude remarks

"Sooo.. mom, how's everything been around here?" Christian asked wanting to change the subject

"It's been good" she answered as Robert nodded, causing conversation to be a bit slow

Tiffany gave Christian a nudge, reminding him to tell his parents about their engagement..

"Okay…" Christian mouthed to her "So, how is David and Sally" Christian brought up his brother and wife

"Good, they are expecting a boy" Patti replied "Did he tell you?"


"I always liked her, she's a great girl" Robert added

"Aww" Tiffany smiled a bit at the nice comments the spoke about Sally.

"Well, that brings me to what this visit is really about" Christian said wiping his mouth and grabbing Tiffany's hand "Mom… Dad… Tiffany and I are engaged" he confessed as Tiffany smiled and held up her hand showing them the ring…

Silence filled the room, after the big announcement!

"More punch Robert" Patti acts as if she didn't hear the news

"Mom…" Christian said

"No I think I just lost my appetite" Robert replied wiping his mouth and throwing down his napkin "Son, are you insane!"


"Robert" Patti tried to say

"No No! This is a big mistake!" he said as Tiffany stared down

"How the hell is this a mistake!" Christian objected "I love her, she loves me, we've been together for two years…"

"I'm not trying to hear that bullshit! She is not wife material period! And if you bring her into this family, she will not be accepted!" Robert argued

"Maybe I should go…" Tiffany said

"Yeah maybe you should" Patti replied

"No stay!" Christian told her "What the hell is you two problem?"

"Sweetie, we just want the best for you" Patti tried to explain "And Taylor here, is not that"

"Tiffany" Tiffany softly corrected, being more hurt by the minute

"What's best for me is Tiffany! And if you don't accept her than you don't accept me!" Christian yelled "Come one Tiff" he said grabbing Tiffany's hand and storming out of the front door.

"Chris, these are your parents maybe you should stay" Tiffany told him, as they walked toward the car

"No! They are wrong! And I refuse" he said furiously, getting into the driver's seat, as Tiffany got in on the passenger.

"Damn them!" he said throwing the keys into the window, as Tiffany stared down, holding back tears

"Calm down Chris…"

"No! Ugh! Babe, I'm so sorry I put you in this positions" he told her "That ring is meant to be on your finger and don't let anyone tell you different"

Tiffany let out a little smile

"Thank you!" she replied "And do not apologize you didn't know they were going to act like that"

Christian stared down, before quickly grabbing the keys and pulling out of the driveway

"Sad thing about I, is that I did know…" he softly said to himself…..

In Downtown Boston…

"Aww come on dad! They only cost a hundred and fifty bucks" sixteen year old Paris Cena, hassled her dad.

"No! I told you I'm not buying you another pair of shoes, until you get those grades up" John said to her "Now go to your room" he ordered trying to juggle holding his cell phone to his ear with his right hand and trying to rock his nine month old son Jayden to sleep in the other hand.

"Ugh! You are so unfair!" the teenager stomp up the stairs "I can't wait for mom to come home!" she yelled before slamming her bedroom door…

"How about we make that another week of being grounded for you" John yelled, so that she heard him through the door.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Paris screamed loudly

"Music to my ears" he chuckled

John shook his head, before putting Jaden in his crib for a nap still with the phone glued to his ear.

"What John?" Torrie replied on the other end of the receiver

"What? I've been trying to get a hold of you for three days now" he argued

"Yeah, so"

"Yeah so?" he questioned "Look Torrie, you can be mad at me all you want but you have kids that you need to get back to" he yelled as he went into his bedroom and closed the door, not wanting to wake Jayden or alert Paris

"I can't look at you!" she confessed

"I don't care, I'm tired of lying to our kids, about you and why you are not home!" he said "Come home!"

"No!" she argued "You hurt me Cena, and I just don't know what to do right now, I need time to clear my head"

"So you are just going to neglect your kids huh?"

Torrie paused

"You're hurting and tearing apart our family Torrie"

"Funny, because this whole thing is not my doing!" she yelled "You did this! You broke apart our family!"

John sighed as he stretched out across his bed

"Can you at least tell me where you are?" he asked

Torrie hesitated a bit

"Please, Paris and Jayden deserve to know that much"

"I'm back in Idaho"

"Look! Babe, listen to me! You have been my wife for almost six years, I love you! This problem occurred so long ago, why are you letting it affect us?" he asked her

"Good-Bye John!" Torrie said before hanging up her cell wiping the tears that fell from his deep green eyes!

John sat in silence before throwing his phone against the wall, in heartache..

"Torrie I think you need to go home and face your problems" Torrie's dad Al told her back at the Wilson's in Idaho

"I can't dad" Torrie confessed "How can I even look at him after what he did"

"Sweetheart, I know you always looked at John as your superman!" Al stated "But, he is human like the rest of us! He made a mistake baby doll, we all make mistakes!" he continued "I'm not saying you don't have the right to be upset because you do, but you can't just take off like you did. You have to think about Paris and Jayden. You can't leave your family behind Torrie!"

Torrie sat face red as a cherry, and full of tears

"I'm just so hurt daddy" she said leaning on his shoulder

"I know, Torrie bear but it was a mistake…"

Torrie scoffed

"Yeah, a big mistake…"

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