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As a recently appointed Shinigami, I wasn't at all popular with the Gotei 13 - they all saw me as a rookie, a chump, an underdog. They all thought I could't hold my own against Hollows and would never be any good.

Well, all but one anyway.

Since the day I met Kaname Tousen, he'd been nothing but kind to me. He liked that I didn't wave my hand in front of his face when he first told me he was blind, and I liked that he didn't call me a shrimpy little nobody who wasn't going anywhere. He'd become a mentor of sorts to me. He protected me from all the meaner Shinigami - mostly Division 11, but some of the others too, and he accepted me into his squad, where I was currently an unseated officer.

That day I was happily walking through a meadow with Tousen. He was walking calmly, but I was twirling around and singing loudly. "I can hear the bells!" I tapped him, grinning. "Well, don'tcha hear 'em chime? Can't you feel my heartbeat keeping perfect time? And all because he... touched me! He looked at me and stared - yes, he bumped me, my heart was unprepared 'cause when he tapped me and knocked me off my feet! - one little touch, now my life's complete! 'Cause when he-"

"Ayame-chan." Tousen suddenly held a hand in front of me. "Stop for a minute."

"Do you hear something, Master Tousen?"

"Yes. Can you see where it's coming from? I don't have enough reiatsu right now."

"Yessir!" I jumped up high in the air, using my Zanpakuto as a sort of vaulting pole, except I just went straight up and not over anything. I saw somebody sitting in the grass, mostly concealed by it. "Oh look! There's a big person out there!"

"Excuse me." Tousen faced the wrong direction. "Who are you?"

I giggled and flipped over to the person. It was a big guy, and he was wearing some sort of bag over his head. But he wasn't dressed like an Arrancar or anything and he certainly didn't look mean or threatening, so I didn't have any reason to suspect him as an enemy. "You're so silly, Master Tousen! He's over here!"

The man, obviously surprised by me, looked up - or so I assumed. I couldn't tell if his eyes were really looking, but he lifted his head. "Oh! You startled me... I didn't know there was anyone else out here..."

"Neither did we," Tousen told him, coming over to stand beside me. "I've been blind since birth, but there hasn't been a time I couldn't sense the presence of another." He nodded his head in my direction. "Especially this one. Mind telling us your name?"

I felt the urge to elbow my master in the side. "Oh, Master Tousen! That isn't how you make friends. Watch me - this is how you make friends, mm'kay?" I plopped down into the grass beside the big man, crossing my legs and grasping my ankles, grinning at him. "Hi-hi there! I don't think we got your name, but we'd sure like to know it! You seem like an okay person and somebody I'd like to have as a friend!" I cocked my head back toward Tousen. "Don't mind my master too much, he's rather socially awkward."

The big guy chuckled slightly. "Thank you for your kind words, Miss."

I felt Tousen yank me up off the ground. "Please excuse my intern's companionship-related desperation, she's not had any new friends to play with in a while. Honestly, I need to get her a cat or something."

I glared at him, pouting. "Please excuse my master's personality, he's not had a lot of practice in social situations. Honestly, Master, I'm more of a dog person, which you'd know if you paid any attention when I'm talking to you."

"In any case," the big man said, "my name is Sajin Komamura. May you return the favor and give me your names?"

"I am Kaname Tousen." Tousen put a hand on my head. "This is my highly excitable and easily distracted apprentice, Ayame Mikoto."

"I am not easily distrac - oh look, Hell Butterfly!" I started chasing it happily. "I bet it's from Izuru-kun! He's got a thing for me, you know!"

Tousen shook his head. "You know, sooner or later he's going to find out that he's not the one who sent you those love letters, if you know what I'm saying."

"Meanie." I leaned down and poked at Komamura's bag thingy, blinking at him. "Can you see me in there?"

"Yes, I can see you just fine, Mikoto-san."

"You don't have to call me that. Just call me Ayame-chan."

"If that's what you wish."

I sat down and sprawled myself out over Komamura's lap, suddenly tired and wanting somewhere to sleep. And if anyone knows me, they'd know I'm perfectly fine using someone's lap as a pillow. Laps are warm, and usually more comfortable than whatever they put in pillows. "Why do you wear that helmet, Komamura-kun? What're you hiding from?"

He shrugged. "The world."

"How come you're hiding from the world?"

"I don't think they will understand me."

"Well, the world is full of obnoxious screw-balls and idiots who really shouldn't be knocking anyone else's appearance slash intelligence slash hobbies slash... um... weirdness. But I get made fun of all the time, so it's okay! So you don't have to hide from me, 'cause I know how it feels!"

"You get made fun of? I find that hard to believe, since you are so beautiful."

"Ah! Aishiteru, Komamura-kun!" I immediately hopped up and tackled him in a forceful hug. "You're the best! Let's be bestest friends forever and ever!"

Ayame = iris (symbol of the 7th Division, babeh!)

Aishiteru - I love you (Ayame-chan is just being silly... I say I love MY friends all the time ^^)

Originally written for Lunaescence, so that's why there's so little exposition. XD Sorry, I didn't feel like touching it up. ^^ You still love meh, right? Right. :D

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