Author's Note: I loved the movie Jumper as well as Griffin so I came up with this fanfic. It follows along the course of the film, so if you've seen the film, you might recognize some of the dialogue, but a lot of it is my imagination. Anyways, well enjoy! This is a GriffinxOC fic.

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Chapter 1-Siblings

"Do you think mom will ever come back?" Anna asked her older brother, David, as he tucked her into bed for the night. David stared at his sister for a long while before he responded.

He sighed and shook his head. "I don't know."

Anna frowned and turned around to face the wall instead. David whispered, "Good night", before heading to the kitchen and then retreating to his room at the end of the hall.

Their father, William, was passed out drunk as usual. Anna's question rang inside of David's head and brought back long forgotten memories of their mother.

How she would always sing to him before he went to sleep, or when she would take him and Anna to the park, or how they tickled Anna's toes to make her giggle.

David never understood why she left, as he was 5 years old at the time, but now, at age 14, he accepted it. Since Anna was about 3 years younger than him, she couldn't remember much about their mother, and constantly bombarded him with questions.

As David admired the snow globe he got for his crush, Millie, he knew that one day, she would accept the truth just like he did.


"So is Millie your girlfriend yet?" Anna teased as she finished her cereal. Anna loved to poke fun at David's huge crush on Millie. He made it so obvious. Anna genuinely liked Millie, as she was prettier and nicer than most of the other girls at his school, but she was also concerned for him as she didn't want him to get his heartbroken.

David blushed and replied, "No, but I'm gonna give her the snow globe today. By the way, thanks for telling me about them. I never would've thought of that."

Anna nodded and smiled. She loved educating her brother on girls. Since the absence of their mother, Anna became the maternal figure of the household. She cooked the meals and washed the clothes, while David cleaned the house and took care of the yard. All their father did was work, pay bills, and drink.

Anna sighed as she watched their father pull out of the driveway. David took their bowls and put them in sink.

"What time will you be home today?" Anna asked as she pulled on her favorite blue coat and gloves. Blue was her favorite color as it matched her eyes.

David shrugged and ruffled her blond hair. Anna stuck her tongue out at him and fixed it back.

"I will try to make it back before Dad gets home, okay?"

Anna nodded and breathed in relief. Once, when Anna came home from school, their father drunkenly slapped her across the face for not putting his socks together. She had been terrified of him since then, but David always came to her rescue.


"Where is he? He should be home by now!" Anna said quietly as she stirred the spaghetti. Even though she was only 11, she could cook almost as well as Emeril himself since their father had forced her to watch a lot of cooking shows when she was younger.

Anna peeked out the window once more and noticed a shivering David walking up the driveway. Anna ran to the door and hugged her brother in relief. She instantly pulled away when she realized that he was damp and cold.

She looked up into his frightened, confused eyes. "Davy, what happened?" Anna had called him that every since she could talk. He shook his head and stepped into the kitchen.

William stormed in from the living room and yelled, "Where have you been, boy? People have been calling this house nonstop asking for you! You tell me where you been right now!" William grabbed David's shirt, but he managed to wiggle out of William's grip.

David ran to his room, with William and Anna trailing behind. "So what you just gonna leave like your mom did? You're just like her you know. A good for nothing little bitch!" William yelled through the door. William tried to open the door but it was locked. He banged on it and somehow forced it open.

As she looked around his room, she noticed that David's window was still closed, but he was nowhere in sight."What the hell?" William asked out loud. Then, to Anna's horror, he turned his anger toward her.

"Do you know where he went? I bet you do, you two all 'peas in a pod' and whatever. Tell me where he is right now, you little skank!" William smacked Anna across the face and she stumbled to the floor. Tears fell from her eyes and she shook her head. William moaned in annoyance and kicked her in the shin.

Anna sobbed harder as she clutched her leg. William sighed and rubbed his bloodshot eyes as he left the room.

Anna crawled onto David's bed and held a pillow to her chest. Her mother was gone, and now her brother, her protector and her best friend, was gone, too. She had nothing left except for a bitter, angry drunk who was her father. As she cried herself to sleep, she wondered if life would get any better.


"Wake up! Wake up, Anna! It's me, David," a voice whispered from a short distance. Anna groaned and shooed him away.

David bit his lip and gently shook her. Anna rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed. Once she regained her focus, she blinked in shock.

"David? Oh, Davy, I was so worried!" Anna threw her arms around his waist and sobbed into his chest. David patted her back and lifted up her chin to get a good look at her face.

Her eyes were red from crying and there was a bright red mark on the side of her face. David immediately felt guilty as he had left her in the dragon's line of fire while he had found a means to escape.

"Davy, where did you go? Your window was closed, your door was locked, but you were gone. What did you do?" Anna asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

David sighed and answered, "Look, Anna, what I'm about to show you must remain between us. You must never tell anybody about me and what I can do, okay? This is our little secret."

Anna nodded and motioned with her hands that her lips were sealed. David glanced down the hallway and locked the door. Anna raised her eyebrows.

David jumped over to his desk, picked up Millie's snow globe, and jumped back in front of Anna. Anna gasped, and took the snow globe out of his hands. As she twirled it around in her hands, she asked, "What are you? What was that?"

David shrugged. "I can teleport. I don't know how or why, I just can. I can go anywhere I want, at anytime. That's how I left the room. That's why I was wet when I came home. I teleported myself to the library after I fell through some ice. It just happened. That was the first place that popped into my mind. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

Anna looked up into his excited eyes and shook her head. "Anna, this is a chance for us to be free. Free from all this. Free from the humiliation and sadness and Dad. Look, you're my little sister, and I love you and I want to protect you. But I can't do that here. I don't want to be here, and neither do you. This is a chance for us to start over."

Anna sat down on the bed and thought for a minute. They were only kids, where would they go? What would they do for the rest of their lives? She believed every word that he said, but she was still unsure about it. It was risky, but also quite liberating and exciting.

Plus, she knew that David would take care of her. He always had. He would protect her no matter what. Anna placed the snow globe on the bed and smiled at him.

"Okay. I want to go with you. But one condition…"

David raised his eyebrows. "Okay, What?"

"You have to take me to Disney World. No takesies backsies."

David laughed and nodded. Shortly after, they packed up all of Anna's clothes and jumped off to their new life.


Eight years later, Anna still doesn't get used to her brother's teleporting. Little did she know, that the one gift that would free them from their former life, would also be the curse that would endanger them more than ever before.

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