Summary: Dumbledore always knew that Arthur Kirkland was a special Muggle. So for that reason, he instead entrusted young Harry Potter's life in his hands.

Author's Note: I normally HATE crossovers, rarely ever read them actually. Yet, I was inspired to write this for reasons beyond me! I hope you all like it!

Warning: Perhaps minor swearing.


Arthur Kirkland was the kind of man you would call perfectly normal. A younger man of his early twenties with a well-paying job and a nice little home, number 4, on Privet Drive. To his colleagues and neighbors, the young Brit was never involved in anything strange or mysterious. Arthur had never seemed to bizarre.

Though for one thing. Arthur never interacted with many people outside of work, in hopes that they would remain at a distance from him. So that they never truly knew who he was. Or what he could do. You see, Arthur had always been different, ever since he was a boy, growing up with this two parents and five brothers.

Growing up, Arthur was surrounded by religion. Roman Catholic was his origin and his parents stayed very true to the words of their God. Arthur, however, never paid much mind. He could see them, the creatures of magic, for as long as he remembered. While he and his brothers were told to study the Bible, he would think about his fairies and unicorns.

His parents would have never believed such nonsense! Arthur was sure of it. So he kept it to himself, telling no one as he did his best not to make it too obvious he saw things no one else can.

Sometimes, at night, he would see fireflies - or, what he had once thought were fireflies. He later discovered that they were actually winged creatures. While resembling fairies and Elves, they had facial features of bears! And so, after many thought, Arthur had decided to name them Ankers.

After leaving home at eighteen, Arthur had found everything he had ever wanted. The quiet seclusion of living alone, all the tea and scones he could ever want, and of course a good news paper, informing him on the daily scandals being played out in the world beyond his little life. He never expected anything more to come into his life, not now, not ever.

Of course, though, while you may be completely content with your life, there was always someone who was ready-set and equipped with the ability to change your life completely.

For Arthur Kirkland's case; it came in the form of a small infant, a letter, and the name Harry Potter.