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Ch.1 - Five

At the age of five, Ciel Phantomhive didn't know what a divorce was. He was simply given a choice.

"Do you want to live with mommy?"

"Or do you want to live with daddy?"

Being at a young and tender age of pure innocence little Ciel wanted nothing more then to be strong and kind and tall just like his father. So, the young boy lived with his father.

In all truth, Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive did love each other, but it was that of friendship. It was their dying parents' wishes to have the two marry and continue the Phantomhive name. Of course, both their parents' were very old fashioned. But, nonetheless the two got married and had a beautiful baby boy. They loved Ciel and they thought it would bring them closer, and it did, but not in the way they had hoped. So finally, after five years of friendship marriage, the two split. They wanted to stay together, at least for Ciel's sake, but it came to point where they could no longer put a price on their own happiness.

Vincent had loved another. It was a girl that Rachel herself introduced him to. Vincent had grown to love this woman who was widowed for almost three years now and had a son of her own. Vincent did not mind, in fact he thought it would be grand for Ciel to have an older brother to look up to.

"Daddy, where are we going?" the young boy in the back seat of the car asked.

"We're going to our new home." Vincent said.

The man tried so very hard to keep his son from crying, though the child had no knowledge of what was going on.

Near sunset the father and son reached a calm house near the ocean. It was a dark stone brick house with a black decorative fence. The front yard was clean and gentle with the autumn leaves lazily flying about. Ciel looked at the house and thought it was beautiful, more beautiful then where he had lived before. The two got out of the car and made their way to the front door. A bell was rung and within a minute the door was opened. Ciel gasped.

A woman with long straight dark brown, or even black hair, stepped out. Her eyes were like rubies and glimmered in the setting sun light. She hugged Vincent and Ciel was surprised to see that his father looked so happy.

"Come in, come in you both have traveled so long." The woman smiled.

Ciel decided that she was kind.

The inside of the house was rather simple but had a welcome home feel to it. They stepped into the living room where dark rich red couch, love seat and reading chair stood out in what looked like a black and white room, aside from the red curtains. The hardwood floor was a smooth chestnut brown with a soft white rug underneath a black coffee table. The TV was held in a black cabin that held books and DVDs in cabers. There was also a black china cabinet that held a number of what looked like hand made porcelain dolls.

"Do you like our home?"

Ciel turned and looked at the smiling woman. It seems that his eyes were wondering. Ciel smiled back.

"I love it here!"

"I'm glad." The woman smiled.

"Oh, where is your son?" Vincent asked.

"Oh dear, I'll call him down." The woman said. "Sebastian, honey they're here."

Down from a flight of stairs came a boy taller and seemingly older then Ciel. The little boy gasped again.

Raven locks that looked as soft as feathers and eyes just as ruby red as the kind woman; he wore a button up shirt of coal gray and black knee shorts, a white ribbon that was loosely tired matched that of the house Ciel stood in. The woman pulled the boy closer and Ciel could see that he had a book in his hands.

"I'm sorry for not saying anything when you walked in, my name is Lilith Michaelis, and this is my son Sebastian." Lilith smiled down at Ciel.

Ciel looked at Sebastian, whose gaze was elsewhere. When the raven haired boy looked at Ciel, the smaller couldn't help but hide behind his father's leg.

"Don't be shy Ciel, this is our knew family." Vincent smiled.

"Knew….famawi…." Ciel said in his now shy, childlike voice.

Ciel looked at the two again, confused. Vincent kneeled down and held his son's shoulders.

"Lilith is your knew mommy and Sebastian is your big brother…" Vincent said slowly.

"Knew…mommy…does…does dwat mean…mommy iwit my mommy…?" Ciel said still confused.

"No, no, it means you have two mommies that will love you." Vincent laughed at his sons cute child face.

"So… Ciwul gets more wuv?" Ciel said putting a finger in his mouth.

Vincent laughed.

"Yes Ciel, come now, stop that silly talk, I taught you better right?" Vincent smiled.

"Y…yes daddy…" Ciel said blushing.

"Sebastian, why don't you take Ciel up to your room, show him all your books." Lilith said patting her sons back.

Sebastian looked at his mother, then at Ciel.

"…ok…" came the soft reply.

Sebastian walked up to Ciel and held out his hand. The small child looked at him confused before he carefully took the raven haired boy's hand.

"My room is upstairs." Sebastian said leading Ciel away from the two adults.

The two entered a room down the hall of the second floor. The walls were a cool gray and the bed looked big enough for two and draped with a black blanket and pillow. Ciel almost didn't see the little black cat plush toy. Sebastian had his own little library with titles Ciel never heard of; even the older boy's desk was decked with books.

"You….you really like to read…" Ciel said softly.

Sebastian hopped on his bed and pulled Ciel up. The small boy liked that Sebastian's window had a nice view of the setting sun.

"Yeah, reading is good for you." Sebastian said.

"Um…what do you read…?" Ciel asked now feeling shy.

"Poetry, mostly angst, but I do like a good romance novel." The raven haired boy said.

"What are you reading now?" Ciel asked.

Sebastian showed the child the dark covered book he held in his hands. Ciel looked at the name.

"It's Edgar Allen Poe. He was a famous poet who also wrote short stories." Sebastian explained.

"Oh…I see…" Ciel said.

There was silence in the room again. Ciel saw that the raven haired boy went back to his reading. His eyes saddened. The small child wasn't really sure what was going on. It's not that he didn't like the idea of having two moms and an older brother didn't sound so bad to the five year old, but something was off. He knew his father was hiding something, he knew that when he saw his mother smile it was sad, he knew that the nice woman Lilith was trying her best to keep Ciel from knowing, he knew…..and yet…

"Hey…big brother….how old are you…?" Ciel asked.

Sebastian looked up a bit shocked that he had been called 'big brother'. He set his book down and listened to what Ciel had to say.

"I'm nine years old. I'm older then you by four years." Sebastian said.

"Then…can you tell…what happened between my mommy and daddy…" Ciel asked softly.

Sebastian thought for a moment.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth, or do you want me to pretend so I don't hurt you?" Sebastian said.

Ciel thought a bit, but it all came down to one thing; he didn't want to be lied to. He hated that more then anything. The five year old meet the older ones eyes and refused to tremble.

"Tell me the truth, I hate being lied to!" Ciel said gripping the sheets under his small hand.

At the age of nine, Sebastian Michaelis knew what a divorce was. He was, just like Ciel had wanted, honest with the small boy. He told him that a divorce is an action taken when two people fall out of love or simply can't deal with a problem within their marriage. He was honest with Ciel, Sebastian wanted to be honest, and when he saw small tears threatening to fall from the smaller ones eyes, Sebastian wrapped him in a warm hug.

"W…why didn't daddy t-tell me…?" Ciel's voice broke.

"Because they didn't want to hurt you…" Sebastian said rubbing Ciel's back.

"T-that's no reason to lie!" Ciel yelled pulling away from Sebastian.

Sebastian watched as Ciel wiped his tears away in a harsh manner. The older boy's eyes softened and then he hopped off the bed. Ciel looked at him confused.

"I'll make a promise to you." Sebastian said standing in front of the sitting boy.

"A…a promise?" Ciel repeated.

"Yes, I promise to never lie to you, I will always be loyal to you. What do you say?" Sebastian smiled.

Ciel blushed at seeing such a heart warming smile. The younger was lost in thought again. This person, no, his big brother was offering him a promise. Ciel felt that something might be off but Sebastian's smile said otherwise. Should he trust the older boy? Should he believe in his 'big brother's' words?

"All you have to do is order me and I will never lie to you, Ciel" Sebastian's smile turned into a knowing smirk.

Ciel blushed a deeper red and averted his eyes. The five year old took more time to think. He played with his fingers a bit and then looked at Sebastian.

"O…okay, but you promise right?" Ciel asked.

"Yes, I promise, just give me the order." Sebastian nodded with that same smile.

"Or…order?" Ciel asked confused.

"Uh huh, just say 'I order you' and I'll do it. It's kind of like a master-servant thing. Give it a try." Sebastian encouraged.

"Um…I…I order you…." Ciel said a little unsure.

"To…?" Sebastian smiled.

"To….to never lie to me….I-I order you to never lie to me!" Ciel said with a loader, more confident voice.

Sebastian got down on one knee with his hand over his chest. Ciel looked at the older boy in awe.

"Yes, my Lord." Sebastian said looking up at Ciel.

Ciel blushed. The raven haired boy's eyes seemed to glow a deeper red. The smaller didn't even know that Sebastian hopped on the bed again, sitting next to him. When Ciel looked he realized that he and Sebastian were very close. His face turned a darker shade of pink.

"Hey, as someone who has to follow your orders, can I have something in return?" Sebastian cooed in the younger boy's ear.

"Um….um…l-like what…?" Ciel asked looking as Sebastian's hand touched his.

Sebastian lifted Ciel's blushing face to look up at him. He smiled sweetly as to make the smaller feel a bit more comfortable.

"How about this…?" Sebastian said moving closer.

And at the age of five, Ciel Phantomhive had his first kiss.

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