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"Tsk….shit. You'd think that prick would have gotten us more than this measly pile of pennies" grumbled an angry man as he knocked over a pile of much more value than mere pennies. Another man seemed to agree with his companion though.

"Boss ain't gonna approve if we don't find something really worth selling." He said as he sat down on a plush couch. Some of the other people that lined the edges of the wall stared at the man like he was crazy…. But the owner of the residence didn't seem to mind the man sitting on her furniture.

"Well I think I may just have your answer" said the woman as she walked over to her couch after gazing out the window. "Gio, I think your next target is right outside" She purred as she sat on the man's lap. The one called Gio glanced towards the window and some of the others peeked out as well.

"Well, it's okay. I wanted to do it too"

"Thank you very much! It was more expensive than I thought!"

Expensive? Yes it would be. That costume shop was far from cheap….yet that blue haired kid just went and bought three….no….apparently four of their finest outfits. The people in the room smiled as their eyes locked on the child in the winged white gown.

"Bite me you fucking crow," growled an irritated young boy. His blue hair and eye patch secured over his left eye were a too familiar sight to the one claimed to be the next sky king. Despite being part of the same team, getting Agito to actually practice with the rest of Kogarasumaru was one of the toughest challenges Ikki had to deal with. The only time Agito ever took them seriously was when the shark himself was going to benefit from it….or if they really begged.

"Bad choice of words!" barked Ikki as he launched himself at the kid, teeth bared in pacman style. Agito stared at him in horror.

'Heh. Silly Agito…. You know, it wouldn't be the first time he'd have bitten you. Don't you remember the time you fought after the battle with the Kintetsu Bulls?' came a sweet voice from inside Agito's head. Agito cursed as he jumped to dodge the crow. Jeez…. And people called HIM psycho.

"KEEP YOUR FUCKING DISGUSTING MOUTH AWAY FROM ME!" howled the now disgusted AND irritated shark. Sure enough, that yell brought on quite a few confused and appalled stares from innocent people passing by, but the storm riders didn't seem to notice. Ikki laughed. Well, at least he got Agito to actually move instead of sleeping on the sidelines like he usually did.

Agito let out another curse as the wind blew through his hair. He landed on the ground with the skill of a master AT rider. The angered storm rider turned to send a deadly glare at the black haired crow. Ikki pretended to pout and pointed out that Agito had asked him to do it. Kazu, the blonde boy with the hat obsession, chuckled out loud. That was all it took to send the shark's steely glare in his direction.

"And what the fuck are you laughing at you shitty bean lamp post?" He growled like the animal he was. Kazu immediately shut his mouth and backed up on his air treks. Agito would never tell him how professionally fast he did so.

"N-nothin! Just…." Kazu seemed to just realize what Agito had called him. "Bean lamp post?" He cried out in shame. Agito rolled his eye. It wasn't like it was the first time he had insulted the moron.

"The distraction worked. Now, you practice," spoke a creepy voice from beside the blue haired rider. Agito's head whipped around to find the crow staring at him with an evil glint in his eye. His surprise didn't last long and he immediately went to insult the ass.

"Stop claiming everything that happens went as you fucking planned" He barked getting in the leader of the team's face. Again the shark failed to notice something. Ikki did not come empty handed and was holding some foul smelling blended mulch. He was smiling evilly, a smile that usually only Agito himself wore.

"Seeing as you didn't run in the last practice race, you automatically lose….and you know the penalty for coming in last" chimed the crow. Out of nowhere, the other members of Kogarasumaru were beside Ikki sharing his grin.

Agito took a step back. "Keep that SHIT away from me you fucktards!" He yelled. To his step back, the team took one step forward.


Agito turned and ran for it.

As night fell, the town quieted. Team Kogarasumaru would have known if a new AT team had come onto their territory. They would have been prepared to fight a threat like that. AT was their sport…..but they were not going to be ready for the latest storm that threatened them.

A smile crept across the face of a man as he looked out over the sleeping city. At last, they had tracked her here. Her fine silk gown and tiara, the mark of the wealthy for sure.

The man pulled off a pair of goggle from his eyes, letting them rest on his messy brown hair. Soon another man dressed in black leather joined him on the rooftop.

"Gio, it was confirmed by our sources that a young blue haired child with an eye patch attends school in this area."

The man was actually a bit pissed he had to report to Gio. He had been a part of this organization a lot longer than this prick.

Another man looked over at the two. "How can you be sure that's the one we want?" He asked. Gio smirked. "Seriously, how many blue haired kids with eye patches do you see walking around? It has to be her," he said with confidence. He returned his gaze to the city.

He smiled once again as he thought how spoiled rotten the girl probably was. If she could afford to so readily get those costumes on a whim, her parents had to have quite a bit of money.

"Alright men…. Tomorrow we will take her. We will capture the girl who wore the angel's wedding dress"

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