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Three months after that night, they are sitting in his apartment, enjoying a couple beers. They sit in a comfortable silence, simply enjoying the fact that the person they love is sitting next to them.

"I was offered the opportunity to go to Egypt to look at some new mummies that were found a couple weeks ago." Brennan says keeping her eyes on his face, waiting for his reaction. He struggles for a moment; it feels like there is a weight pressing on his chest, memories of her going to Maluku ensnares him.

"You want to go." He says finally in response. "Mummies are the reason you became a forensic anthropologist."

"Yes. But I wanted to talk to you before I accepted. I would only be gone for eight to ten weeks."


"And Egypt is much more technologically advanced than Indonesia; it will be much easier for us to keep in contact." She says and notices how he begins to relax.

"Good, that's good."

"I am not running away." Brennan says quickly. Booth smiles at her.

"I'll be here when you get back. Alone." He clarifies. It is her turn to smile.

"When do you leave?" He asks.

"Well I will confirm tomorrow that I am going to go, so I will probably be leaving in just under a week."


"Great?" Brennan asks confused.

"Yep. It gives me some time to make sure you will miss me and want to come home." Booth says.

"Booth, I am going to miss you. And I already feel the desire to come back to you even though I haven't left yet." Brennan admits and it makes Booth love her even more. He leans in and kisses her. Their first kiss that isn't tequila, prosecutor or desperation fueled. It is soft and tender and doesn't last long but it is full of promise. Brennan opens her eyes, unaware that she had even closed them.

"That is definitely an incentive to come home." She says. Booth laughs.

"Bones, you made a joke!"

"I love you." She says seriously. Booth cups her face in his hands and leans in again.

"I love you too." He says.