Just a short thing I made up.

I don't exacly know why I decided to write this. I was riding the bus to school one say, looking out the window, and then this idea popped in my head. Plus I was bored. So~, enjoy!

What... the... hell...?

Matt stoof at the door of his shared room with roommate, Mello, at Whammy's. His eyes were wide and his mouth was agape. This was... kind of expected, sadly.

You see, Matt had been hearing loud screaming and noises for the past 25 minutes from said room, so, as the curious red-head he was, decided to finally check out what the heck was going on.

As he actually got to his room, he figured out exacly what-the-heck-was-going-on.

Mello was in their room, as he was the one screaming, throwing around things. Clothes, furniture, Matt's games, Matt's game systems...

Now, it wasn't as surprising to anyone else that Mello would act crazy as random times, but normally he was cool and collected. Usually when he did good on a test. Better than Near, to be more specific. Which, yes, did happen on rare occassions. When this did happen, he would lay on his bed, top bunk, of course*, munching on one of his favorite chocolcate bars. And, maybe that was the problem...

Finally snapping to his senses, Matt runs in his room and jumps on Mello's back without really thinking this out. But, then again, when does Matt really think before he does?

Now spinning in circles from Mello looking around, Matt not dizzy. "Mello, what the fuck are you doing!" Matt yelled from the top of Mello's back. Seemingly to just noticed Matt now, Mello threw Matt off his back and didn't naswer him.

Matt grunted from falling a on the floor, but shot right back up, and jumped on Mello's back again. "Get off of me, Matt!" Mello tried to shove and throw Matt off once again, but this time Matt was holding on tight.

"Not until you tell me what it is the hell you are- ahh!- doing!" Mello growled in fustration, getting tired from the wait on his slim back.

"Did you steal my chocolate? I swear it you did... No, I bet it was Near. Yeah, thjat kid pisses me off so much. I'm ganna' kill him!" Mello yelled out of more fustration, then started to look around the whole room some more, throwing more stuff in random directions.

Ah, so it what the chocolate.

Not wanting his best friends rampage to continue any longer (although it was quite entertaining, it was his room... and his stuff getting thrown at the walls) Matt started to search the room with his eyes to look for the blond's missing chocolate.

It was then when Matt's light green eyes saw the wrapper of his friends chocolate bar, hiding under acouple stacks of Matt's video games. Matt quickly jumped off of Mello in anticipation, and jumped for the hiding sugary stick of creaminess and gripped it in his hand.

Jumping up without a second thought, his eyes searched for the blond again, finding him going through Matt's closet, throwing clean (and maybe dirty) clothes from off their hangers.

Pulled Mello from where he was, Matt stuck the candy bar in his friends face, making a 'duh' expression with a bit of 'haha.' Mello blinked acouple times, looking from Matt to his now found chocolate, to Matt again, and then to the chocolate.

"Oh. Thanks, Matt."

"No prob, dude."

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