Ugh. I hate geometry with the burning passion of five suns. I know what triangles are. Stupid teachers. But that gives me more time to look at him. I am just lucky that Jason Smith is in my class. I've had a crush on him since seventh grade. Mhm.

Oh. Well you probly want to know who i am.(lol.) I am Samantha Cherrier. I am 15 years old. and I am a sophomore in Boston High School. I love to sing, dance, write, party. You know the usual teeenage stuff. But anyways, back to the story. If you havent noticed by now. I am totally inlove with Jason Smith. Unfortunatly, he doent even know my name. Well he might since he has cheated off of me a couple of time, and hes copied my homework a hand full of times. He has got to be the most popular guy in the whole school. Now that I think about it. This crush is so classic high school crush. Wow. I am so tipical.


Finally. School is over. Time for summer to begin. I gather my things together. But someone knocks me over. All my things fall to the floor.

"Hey! Watch where your going nex-" I look up and there is Jason standing above me looking down to me.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Didn't see you there. Here let me help you." He bends down and starts to pick up my things. Wow. He's nice to me. And he cares. He's touching my things.

"Here you go." he says, handing me my things while getting up off the ground.

"Uhm. Th-thanks." Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Of course you had to stutter Samantha. Great job now he probly thinks you're an iditot who cannot talk and who needs to get her sight checked because you cant see where your going. Greeeeeeeaaattt.

"No problem. Hey you're Samantha right?" He says to me smoothly.

"Y-yes?" Great he we go with the stuttering again.

"You always look really pretty and I have been trying to get the courage to ask you out. So here I am asking you, Will you go out with me this saturday night?" Someone effing pinch me.


"Okay you got me doing all the work. Will you go out with me this saturday night?" Hurry up Samantha before he changes his mind.

"Yes. I will go out with you this saturday night."

"Cool. Could I have your number, you know so I can give you the details about saturday?" Oh Jason of course you can have my number, now lets go get married.

"Yeah sure." We swap numbers.

"Thank you Samantha. I am looking very forward to this saturday." He said and winked at me before he left.

Woah. Just a few minutes ago I was only dreaming about talking to him. Now we're going out this saturday.

This is an amazing start to a beautiful summer...or so I thought.