Chapter 5: OH yeah, concert YEAH!

We had just gotten to the venue. The lines went down a lot. There was only about fifty people now waiting to get inside. Thank god, because it was getting dark out. And lets just say that me and the dark are not that good of friends. Never have never will.

"You ready for the best concert of your life guys?" Joyce says while putting her arms around Kendal and I. We were the last ones to get into the venue because we waited so long to actually get in.

"Oh yeah, concert YEAH!" I yell. It is then our turn to give our tickets, we are then looked up and down form the people taking our tickets.

"May we go in now?" Kendal says to them. The man then held up one finger as him and another turn around and have a little chat.

They chat for about two minutes then they turn back to us with smiles on their faces.

"You three may go ahead. Have a gooooood time at the show ladies."

"Yeah okay weirdo." I whisper so only Joyce and Kendal can hear me. They chuckle. But all of a sudden it seems like everything was in slow motion. Like I was watching this unfold as a innocent bystander. Joyce, Kendal and I hear something that we only heard about ten, fifteen minutes ago. It was the voice of non other than Garbo.

"HEY GUYS!" Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. What the heck wasn't he supposes to be in lockdown or something. Tuning his bass, or ya know not out in the hallway of the very open venue. Run, turn around, and run until you can't feel your feet anymore.

"HEY GARBO! Aren't you supposed to be in lockdown with the guys or something?" Joyce I am going to kill you, I thought I sent you a mental message saying not to talk to this guy and just walk away. No? Oh, well we need to get our connection fixed ASAP!

"No, not really. They are the ones who have to be in lockdown. All the rest of us can either stay with them or do our own thing. So how was the guys at the door towards you too…give you trouble did he?" Garbo said while putting his bass on his back so it wasn't in the middle of our conversation.

"Yeah a little bit, but it wasn't that ba -Wait how did you know that we had something go down while we were waiting to get in?" I say, as I look Garbo deep into his eyes only finding humor in his eyes.

"Well while I was in the lockdown room they have this television screen that shows the entrance doors. They have to watch it to look for potential girls to sing to if they wanted to. You know anyone who portray themselves as their biggest fans so they can make their lives. The usual." Oh…okay Garbo…a simple I saw you guys at the door would have done it.

"Anyways, I hope you do well on stage tonight Garbo. Just to let you know I'll be watching so you better not mess up." Joyce fake threats Garbo. Oh god. That means that Joyce likes Garbo. SHOCKER THERE!

"Oh god, now I'm going to totally mess up now that I know that you will be watching me always." Oh and there he goes flirting back. Well I can only be happy for her.

"Alright not to break up this love fest, but we have to get to our seats yet. So we will see you out there on stage Garbo. Good luck! Let's go girls." I say to Kendall and Joyce.



Now that that was done, we can finally get a little bit closer to the great music that I was dieing to flood my ears.

Demi Lovato had just gotten off the stage and now it was time for the main event. Those three incredibly handsome boys. Ugh. I just can't wait to get this started, but at the same time I don't want this night to end.


It was so loud that I thought the ground was shaking. I look over to my left and right just seeing my best friends go wild. And I think to my self that this is how I want to be living my life. With the people I completely trust around me doing something that makes all of us happy and makes us go crazy. Something that we can do to get away from everything in the real world. Just to let loose and have some down right fun. As I thought about all this a smile had began to form onto my face.

I come out of my mini epiphany when I looked up to see one boy looking straight at me. Eyes locked with mine with a small smile upon his face, like he was look at me with adoration. But it could just me over analyzing it. Something that I would only hope that could happen to me. But to my surprise, he kept looking at me. So long that I had to look away as I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks.

Oh boy, this concert is going to one to remember. As I didn't already plan on it.