"Dervish!" Grubbs shouts, voice sounding strained. Snapping his head up, Dervish rushes out of the room and follows the echoes of Grubbs' voice to his location. When he turns the final corner, his face pales and he stops abruptly. He stares forlornly at his 'never enter this room, Grubbs' room with its door wide open and said teen standing in the doorway. Said teen is gapping at what he's seeing. "Der-!"

"Here, Grubbs," Dervish replies gruffly, trying not to show how Grubbs opening the door effects him. Grubbs turns to him and stares for a few long moments. Dervish shifts uncomfortably on his feet, wishing he would stop staring. Suddenly, Grubbs grins widely.

"You are never living this one down, Derv!" Grubbs informs, chuckling lightly. At this, Dervish blushes slightly and hopes Grubbs doesn't notice. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to. "I mean, I knew about your 'rocker' days, but I never thought it'd be this bad!" Grubbs then turns and strides into the room, actually entering it as he didn't before calling for Dervish. The older man follows reluctantly, wishing he could avoid this conversation forever.

"Is that Shark?" Grubbs exclaims, gesturing to the person standing next to Dervish in most of the pictures that adorn the walls. And, there are a lot of pictures. There's barely any space where you can see the original beige wall color. Rubbing his temples, Dervish merely nods.

"Love the hair," Grubbs taunts, and Dervish wonders how long it'll take for everyone he's ever known to be making fun of him for this. He groans softly, thinking of Meera and how she would absolutely love his. Apparently, Grubbs has the same idea.

"I'm going to tell Meera first!" Grubbs announces, walking slowly around the room to take it all in. Said room has posters on the ceiling of various old bands, as well as a closet full of signed clothing and items. There isn't a spot that doesn't have something to do with a long-ago rock concert. Even the lamp shade has stickers on it! "If she doesn't already know! You guys never did tell me much. Then I'll talk to Shark, and see if there're some great stories he has. Which, I'm sure, there are, if this room is anything to go by!"

"I was young, then," Dervish mutters, though he knows there's no stopping a Grubbs that has his mind set. "It's nice to remember my so-called 'glory days'."

"Oh, yeah!" Grubbs exclaims, still grinning. "Loads of glory! Check out how tall that mohawk is! That thing makes you almost as tall as Timas!"

"I'm sure," Dervish mutters. Abruptly, Grubbs dashes out of the room. Dervish quickly locks and spells the door with wards Grubbs doesn't know – and hopefully will never learn – how to break before heading down the stairs to see what he's up to.

"-like two feet tall, I swear!" A pause. "Yeah, I know! You should totally come see it! It's hilarious!" Dervish groans quietly, though doesn't bother trying to stop Grubbs' conversation with-

"I don't even want to know who," Dervish mutters, exiting the range of Grubb's loud voice and hunting for something to make his headache go away.