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Summery: Deidara is a new kid and he and his mom just moved into an apartment building, the same as Sasori and his grandmother! Deidara's mother and Sasori's grandmother are good friends and Sasori and Deidara are forced to hang out a lot while the women get together and talk and catch up on old times. Will Diedara and Sasori become good friends or will they become something more? Eventually SasoDei with other pairings such as KakuHida, PeiKo, KisaIta, and maybe a little Zetto.

School Sucks! Especially Middle School.

Chapter 1 introductions.

The night was quiet as the blonde looked out the window of his apartment. He sighed and he looked back over his shoulder. He had to move his long blonde hair that he had in a slight ponytail. He grunted as he looked at the boxes that littered the floor of the apartment. He wasn't sure where his mother was at the moment, she was supposed to be here to help him unpack tonight. He had recently moved with his mother to this new town and to this apartment, which he didn't understand why his mother bought this place, I mean they had enough money to buy a decent house. He looked over to the corner table and saw a few papers and the one on top was a note from his mother. It read:

Dear Deidara,

I am sorry that I can't be there at the moment. I got an emergency call from a friend and I had to leave to go help them. I won't be back for the next week or so. So, be good, I left you the address to your school and who to call if you need any help or anything. Behave yourself at home and while you are at school. Remember, you start on Monday don't be late and do not skip. I am sorry that I can't be there to help you unpack but like I said this was an emergency. See you in a week or so.

P.S Deidara, I have a close friend here and before I left I told her to stop by later on to help you. Her name is Chiyo and yes she is an elder and she might not be able to help you with the really heavy stuff but she can help as much as she can.



Deidara narrowed his eyes as he read the note and he sighed "Why does she always do this to me! She always fucking leaves when we need to unpack, un!" his voice getting angrier and angrier by the moment. Then the blonde sighed "Well at least she asked someone to help me." Deidara had another thought but didn't say it out loud but said it to himself in his mind. She always has to leave me whenever we unpack. For god's sake I am only 14 and I always have to unpack by myself. At least this time she asked someone to help me even if it is an old lady.

Just then a knock sounded on the door and I walked over and opened it. There stood an old lady with light violet hair held up in a bun.

"Hello I am Chiyo" She says "and you must be Deidara, your mother has told me about you and I assume that she said I was coming."

"Hello Chiyo and yes my mom told me you were coming to help me unpack." Deidara says and then as he invites Chiyo in he sees a boy around his age with flaming red hair behind her.

"Oh yes, Deidara, I also brought my grandson Sasori to help you unpack as well." Chiyo states "Sasori meet Deidara and Deidara meet Sasori."

She introduces us and we meet each others gaze. Sky blue meets muddy brown and shortly after Sasori holds out his hand.

"Hi" Sasori says as he holds out his hand.

"Hi" Deidara replies as he shakes Sasori's hand and then both boys look at Chiyo as she speaks.

"Good now that you both know each other we can get to work and with the three of us we should get it done within 2 hours," She says. "but in about 45 minutes I have to go. My favorite show is on tonight so when I go to leave Sasori is going to stay here and help you finish up" Chiyo states and she looks at Sasori giving him a look that says 'Don't argue ' and then she adds "O.K Deidara?"

"Yes Grandma Chiyo" Sasori says in a monotone voice.

"Yes Chiyo," Deidara states "but how is Sasori going to get home then?" He asks in a little confusion.

"Well, I am guessing that your mom didn't tell you much but, we live in the same building as you do. We live on the opposite side of the Hallway and its the last door in the Hallway" Chiyo explains.

"To put it simply," Sasori starts "the door to our apartment is right next to the stairs."

Deidara nodded and said "So where do you want to start?" He asks. Sasori was about to answer when Chiyo interrupted him.

"Hold your horses kiddos" Chiyo says "No time for chit-chat, we have to start working." As she spoke Sasori rolled his eyes and Deidara nearly face-palmed.

"Granny Chiyo" Sasori began "Then how about we start with the stuff that we put in the kitchen."

"A wonderful idea Sasori." Chiyo says and smiles at her grandson and then at Deidara "Now let's get started and try and get most of it done by the time I have to leave."