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Fascinating. Americans were leery of anything that resembled a monarchy. They considered it their civic duty to rant, complain, annoy and otherwise despise any government, including their own, and had made it their right and duty to change their governors regularly. Chronically discontent. Mercurial. Thank Aslan that Narnians had been content with their tetrarchy!

Something was irritating him about all this, and he wasn't sure what. American government was fascinating, and yet his frustration was growing. He scowled at the book and continued reading. Why was he so angry all of a sudden?

A strangled noise came from somewhere nearby, and Edmund looked up from his tome. "What?" The question was a growl.

Lucy had tears in her eyes, and beside her, Susan's shoulders shook with laughter. "You." Lucy's giggle came out as a snort, which only made Susan laugh harder. "Trying so hard to stroke your beard…when you don't have one!"

Edmund very slowly and deliberately removed his hand from his smooth face, trying his best to look dignified. Then he slammed his book shut. "Augh! I hate being a kid again!"

"Doesn't everyone?" Peter came in the room and slumped in a chair. Edmund didn't even need his sisters' meaningful looks to tell him that Peter obviously needed cheering up. "Me, I hate Latin. What is it this time, Ed?"

Edmund smirked at the girls, looked back at Peter, and sighed a doleful sigh that a Marsh-Wiggle would have been hard pressed to call cheerful. "I miss my beard."

Having Peter roar with laughter was rather worth the indignity of being laughed at.