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Never Given a Reason

Beck felt his heart freeze in his chest as soon as he had heard Jade's voice again, powerful as ever. He hadn't heard her actually sing in a long time. To hear her belt out a song like that and still sound incredible just struck him.

His eyes followed her shaking hips and her long legs as she sang her heart out, determined to win him back no matter what. Too bad she didn't know that he would always be hers, any way she wanted him. Whenever she was near the back of the stage, Beck craned his head to see her through the now standing crowd. They all cheered on his girlfriend and he just grinned to himself, feeling so glad that he had her.

Her eyes glinted when they found him. Jade smiled to him, devilish beauty reigning over her usually dark features. Her voice felt more powerful than ever. She knew how good she was. She knew she had been born for this kind of life, the one that had driven people to the brink. Jade lived for it. She couldn't help herself. Singing let her be free. It turned her from a lost girl into someone on the road to stardom. They all were. Everyone had their own roads. Each was separate, but all in the same direction. She turned from her boyfriend and focused on the performance, letting he adrenaline of the freedom consume her mind and her body as she could finally let it all loose into the music and into the words. Her soul was able to be at peace, even if only for a few minutes.

When she stepped off stage and after they had all been kicked out, Beck was at her side. The two were practically joined at the hip. Nothing in the world could separate them. "I haven't heard you sing like that in a long time," he breathed, kissing her crown of brown tinted hair. She smelled like coffee. She always smelled like coffee, and it drove him insane. His arm found it's way around her slender waist, and his hand fit perfectly into the small of her back, so he put it there. He held her close, feeling her body heating up under his touch.

A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she stared ahead into the blackness of night. She already knew Beck was looking down at her, almost expectantly. The girl just snuggled into his chest. "No one ever gave me a reason to." Her eyes closed and she buried her face in his chest as they kept walking. "But I had to fight for you, didn't I?" Jade was proud that she had fought for him. She loved him enough to do anything for him.

"I would never leave you," he breathed, tightening his grip as reassurance to his beloved. "You didn't have to fight in the first place." Beck once more kissed her, this time on the forehead. Love flooded from him and into her.

She smiled, feeling grateful that she had someone as amazing as Beck. Between the adrenaline rush of singing and the warm arms of her boyfriend and shoving everything in the faces of those stupid little daddy's girls of the karaoke hangout, it had been one of the best nights ever. Even if she had never had to defend Beck from other girls, singing for him still felt as good as ever.

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