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War... war never changes, Sense the dawn of time humanity has engineered ever more effective methods of destroying one another. Then on October 23rd, 2077 the Great War began, two hours later it ended. No one knows who struck first but it doesn't matter everyone lost the great atomic fire swept the world nearly extinguishing all life, nearly. In the ruins of the nations capital, life survived and scratched a living in the ruins of the old world, though plagued by raiders, slavers and super-mutants. Then in 2277 from the shelter of Vault 101 emerged a hero. He became known as The Lone Wanderer, the one who broke the raider gangs, wiped out the slavers, laid waste to the super mutants and halted the Enclave's plans of conquest saving Project Purity and bringing forth the waters of life. Some called him the last best hope for humanity...

This is not his story

Our story begins in 2294 with a young vault dweller beginning a similar journey

William looked back towards the cavern entrance to Vault 101, "Am I doing the right thing" he wondered. "Should I go back" he thought. "No, I'll never learn who my dad is back home, I'll have to find answers myself." After confirming his resolve he continued on. He gazed at the open sky the sun shining brightly over the scorched earth, with patches of brown vegetation scattered around With a heavy sigh he wondered "where to first?" He checked his pip boy having downloaded the latest maps before leaving the vault. He knew that settlement of Megaton was near by but that be the first place they'd look for him, A simple radio message and he could me apprehended the moment he steps through the gates and be back in the vault in less then an hour and have to face *gulp* William Pushed that thought aside. He'd have to be in and out of Megaton quickly before anyone back in the Vault realized he was gone.

William followed the the broken road down to the ruins of Springvale. He briefly looked back towards the Vault entrance to the place he called home his whole life.

"No, William keeping pushing forward, Somewhere out in the wasteland is my father and answers." he told himself and kept moving, soon he made his way into the center of Springvale.

"What the hell happened here?" he asked himself allowed, gazing at the charred ruins.

"Oh yeah nuclear fire, I'm stupid… and talking to myself great"

William started poking around the ruined houses trying to find anything useful, unaware that danger was creeping up on him. After ten minutes of fruitless searching he gave a long sigh this place was picked clean. He looked over to see the charred remains of a body strung up from a post with a sign saying. Raider.

"Well, well what do we have here?" a sinister voice said.

William whirled around to see half a dozen armed individuals in patchwork armor, carrying a wide assortment of weapons.

The first raider the one who spoke was the second largest of the group, he was covered in dirt William wasn't sure if the man ever bathed, he wielded an assault rifle and sported a large spiked Mohawk. Most striking was the horrible burn on the right side of his face. To his right was a short girl, no older then fifteen cleaner then the rest and with well groomed long hair, she had a 10mm SMG at her side.

Behind them stood a huge imposing dark figure carrying a super sledge and what appeared to be a flamer tank on his back. Next to the girl stood a tall slim man, with a double Mohawk and wielding a scoped hunting rifle.

Next was a real small fry around 4'11 but carried a .44 magnum and behind the small fry was a tall wiry man who wielding a chain. Together they were The Boss, Wrench, Small Fry, Pyro, Hunter, and Choker, not that they gave any introduction.

"Looks like a pretty little Vault kid" Wrench said in an alluring voice. But with five other murderous raiders staring him down it just unnerved him further. Though calling her a woman was a bit generous William figured she fourteen years old give or take.

"Bet he has some sweet stuff" laughed the biggest of the raiders the one carrying the super sledge. He gave the weapon a twirl like it weighed nothing.

"What me, no I've got nothing worth taking"

The girl stepped closer and William in his attempt to backup fell on his ass causing a roar of laughter from the five men. She bent down and put her face millimeters from Williams

"I don't know about that, you could be worth taking she whispered" as she ran a hand down his face. William shuddered, he wondered if it was possible to feel guilty about being violated by a raider kid.

"Boss can I keep him?" she asked sweetly, the others just laughed.

"Alright you can keep this one for awhile, but after your done with him, I think its bout time we had a turn with you"

William noticed the look of fear pass behind her eyes for a moment but said nothing,

"And we get the rest of his stuff, including that vault suit. I know some guys who'd pay big bucks for vault gear especially if we armor it up like his suit".

"Boss wouldn't that pipboy thingy be worth some caps"

"Not unless we find someone with the expertise to remove it properly, its bio some shit sealed, no one can use that thing but him until is reprogrammed and you dumb fucks wouldn't have a clue how to do that and I don't either." The boss slung his rile over his shoulder.

"Who'd know how to reprogram it?" Chocker asked.

"Fuck if I know, outside of guys who'd kill us on sight, and if I did find someone who could reprogram it, I sure as hell wouldn't sell it, I'd keep it myself"

"Say, Boss", something had dawned on the smallest raider, "Doesn't that kid kinda look like…."

"Just fucking tell me Small Fry no games." The lead raider turned to him then looked back to the kid, who was currently uncomfortably held close by the female raider.

"Oh fuck, he does…" the gears were turning in the raider bosses head; he saw caps and plenty of them.

"Look like who?" questioned Pyro

"We dare not speak his name" Chocker whispered,

"Oh him…." Pyro's voice trailed off

At this point the same thought had now dawned on all five male raiders.

The boss thought of his options for a moment before making his decision.

"Come on, Wrench lets take the kid back to camp, we can think of how to ransom him later"

"But you said I could keep him!" she whined,

"I changed my fucking mind got a problem with that bitch, you've got him tonight and maybe tomorrow tops, then it's our turn with you"

William felt her grip tighten for a moment before she released him, and he took notice of the lustful grins most of the older men gave the young raider. In his heart he suddenly felt a great deal of pity for this Wrench.

Pyro and Wrench each took an arm and proceeded to drag William towards the ruins of Springvale School, trailing behind the rest of the gang.

"Is this a good idea, if the kid is related to HIM it could be trouble" a worried Hunter looked to his boss and back to their hostage.

"It could also be the biggest payday ever," laughed The Boss.

Small Fry simply shook his head, "You really want to fuck with death himself, he'll butcher us like Brahmin the moment the brat is safe "

The boss shook his head, "Nah, he won't try anything with the kid near, we'll do the meet way out in the wastes so he has to bring the kid to safety instead of chasing us" The boss answered.

"And what if the him and kids aren't really related." Hunter interjected,

"Boss I got an idea, might be a little safer then facing the grim reaper, but still profitable" Small Fry had a huge smile on his face.

"What is it?" demanded the boss.

"Well 'he who should not be named' is off north somewhere, heard about it on the radio, so he isn't home in megaton right now"

"And your point?" The boss was getting angry Small Fry questioning his leadership

"Well I'm sure Megaton would pay a hefty ransom for the kid, even if he's not related to that devil the punks over there will take one look at his face and…"

"Assume the same thing as us, they'll pay big for the son of their hero and we'll be long gone before you know how comes knocking, brilliant!" The boss liked this plan more and more.

"Another idea boss, we could just kill him, leave him strung up in Springvale then skip town head east or something," Choker whispered

"Why the shit would we do that?" the boss whispered

Choker gave a sadistic smirk "For the pleasure of knowing we made that raider killing bastard suffer, if we don't announce what we did, there's no way for LW to know which gang killed him."

"Hmm, that is an idea, I'll consider it, be great to make that punk suffer" As William was being dragged some distance behind so he couldn't quite catch what they were saying. He could gather they intended to ransom him to Megaton and not the Vault. They were important trading partners but he didn't see the logic in that line of reasoning. He also picked up the vague references to a grim reaper, someone these raiders were quite afraid of.

"So why are you ransoming me to Megaton and not Vault 101" he finally asked as he was pulled into Springvale schools jail cell.

"Shut up, if you don't fucking know I see no reason to tell" The boss answered,

"Come on" William begged. Why the hell am I so valuable? He thought, not that he cared if it kept him alive; furthermore he wondered why are they ransoming me to Megaton? Does it have something to do with my father? Or maybe they figured he was outcast and the Vault wouldn't pay them, but that didn't explain why Megaton would pay for his release, he thought.

Wrench once again got a little handsy but this time whispered in his ear, "Don't worry I'll find out and tell you tonight" The raiders all left except for Small Fry who was left on guard duty

William took a good look at Wrench as she walked away, she wasn't like the others, aside from being a wee bit overly friendly. She was afraid of the others that much was clear she was either abused or feared being abused.

After several minutes of silence William finally spoke up again, figuring his guard might be willing to converse simply out of Boredom .

"So tell me, why am I worth so much?"

"You honestly don't fucking know do you brat?" Small Fry laughed

"Not a damn clue" shaking his head.

"Well it has to do with your dad" he pointed squarely to William. "Or at least who we think your dad is", he rubbed the stubble on chin. "more importantly who we can convince others your dad is"

"My father, why is he so important?"

"You really don't know who the fuck your dad is do you?" the short raider raised an eyebrow unsure of William's honesty.

William just sighed, "Once again not a damn clue." He gripped the cell bars and pressed his face to them, giving another long sigh. "I never knew my father he left the vault or was exiled before I was born." He turned his back to lean against the cell wall. "The other residents don't like to talk about him, when ever I ask they give me vague half answers or avoid it all together" He slid his back down the cell wall and sat on the floor."Maybe because they hate him or feel so guilty about him being gone I don't know. I left the vault to find him; I know he's out here somewhere"

"What about your mom?" Small fry crossed his arms and leaned back against the cell.

"She talks about what a great man he was, how they were friends growing up in the vault, and how an incident happened and he was forced to leave the vault forever, but its not enough I want to meet my dad, see if he really is everything I'd have hopped for."

"Well if your Dad is who I think he is, you'll be proud to meet him." Small Fry smirked.

"So sense you seam to know who my dad is why not tell me" the young vault dweller asked as he got back to his feet.

Small Fry just smiled, "No"

William kicked the cell and screamed "Damn that hurt" Small Fry simply laughed as the boy rubbed is injured foot. "Come on, why the hell not, do you get some sick pleasure out of stringing my along?"

The raider smirked "Well yes actually, but that's not the only reason, knowledge is power and I'm not about to hand a prisoner any power"

William slumped down against the barred wall, guess all I can do is wait he thought.

End of Chapter 1:

As this story takes place 17 years after Fallout 3 much has changed in Capital wasteland and I'll include little notes at the end of a chapter about locations and characters. Information and details that probably wouldn't it into the story. So at what point did you figure out William was the Son of the Lone Wanderer and not the big man himself?

Vault 101: The Vault has prospered sense opening up to trade with the wasteland, there expertise in technical and mechanical skill is in high demand in the developing wasteland. The Vault maintains a small manufacturing capability originally designed to fabricate replacement parts and supplies from raw materials now its used to give the vault something to trade, and its hydroponics lab is second only Rivet CIty. A few Wastelanders have even been granted citizenship such as the current Vault doctor Cutter.

Megaton of 2294: Megaton has changed greatly in the past seventeen years, the walls are much shorter then they used to be but the ring is far larger. The old nuke was hauled away years ago and The church of the atom moved up to Fort Constantine which has an ample supply of old nuclear weapons for worship. The city is now the center of a farming community supplying food for itself and for trade. The most prominent and largest building is the residence of the Lone Wanderer. Three times the size of the shack he lived in back in 2277. Three bedrooms, one bath, one kitchen, one dining room and one sizable armory.

Victor's Raiders: Victor formed his gang out of the survivors of other gangs that had been destroyed by regulators, brotherhood, the 101 Rangers or The Lone Wanderer himself. They survive by keeping low profile and by changing hideouts every few days. In the old days raider gangs would display the bodies of their victims to intimidate the wastelanders into submission. Now a days settlements like Megaton will string up raiders on a gibbet near old raider hangouts as a warning [look up Gibbet on wikipedia]

Victor aka The Boss

Age: 31

Tags: Small Guns, Melee Weapons, Speech

Known as The Boss to his gang, Victor is the son of a slaver and the only member old enough to clearly remember the "glory days" of raiding and slaving in capital wasteland. A time when most people lived in continued fear of their attacks and they dominated the wasteland. At fourteen years old he joined his father and some other slavers for his first hunting trip it was unsuccessful not that it mattered when they returned to Paradise Falls everyone was dead. The surviving slavers drifted from raider gang to raider gang until only Victor was left, he formed his own gang and never looked back. His most notable feature is a horrible burn on the right side of his face that never healed completely.


Age: 14

Tags: Repair, Lockpick, Small Guns

The youngest raider of the group, she was an abandon child "adopted" into a raider gang at age six while she was living alone in scrapyard, she spent years cleaning guns and other equipment for scraps of food. She met Small Fry who treated her like a little sister and taught her how to read and write. Reading every copy of deans electronics she could fine she developed her repair skill becoming the gangs mechanic. She fears getting older because she knows what being a woman means in a raider gang her youth and Small Fry have protected her for now but that will only go so far.

Small Fry

Age: 25

Tags: Science, Small Guns, Explosives

Small Fry was born into a raider gang up at Evergreen Mills. One day his parents left for raiding and never returned. He vividly remembers when the settlement was exterminated a year later. He was playing in one of the train containers when the Behemoth broke free and began slaughtering everyone in sight. When he finally emerged everyone was dead including the Behemoth. He left Evergreen Mills behind and scavenge the wastes alone for a few years before joining up with a new raider gang. This gang eventually "adopted" Wrench a young orphan hiding out in Scrapyard whom he took on as a little sister. Now ironic as she's grown taller then he is. They left that gang when the leering looks they gave Wrench grew to frequent.


Age: 23

Tags: Melee, Big Guns, Unarmed

He's big, he's dumb and he likes to crush things, be it with a super sledge, his fists or in some cases burning them alive with a flamer. Pyro is as tough as raiders comes and twice as nasty. For him there isn't a problem that can't be solved by crushing it or burning it. Before joining up with Victor he was part of an ill fated attack on Big Town, the three sentry bots were not amused by how quickly they died. MacGreedy however quite amused. He says the attack failed due to a failure to crush the robots soon enough.


Age: 20

Tags: Unarmed ,Small Guns, Sneak

Hunter is the team scout keeping an eye out for what lays a head and figuring the best spot to lay an ambush or traps. He lost his old gang two years ago to the 101 Rangers a mercenary team of do-gooders who try to emulate The lone wanderer. He thinks Victor's plan of keeping a low profile is the best means of survival. Though hesitant about camping so close to Megaton he figures as long as the Lone Wanderer is up north it should be fine.


Age: 25

Tags: Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Barter.

He used to be a caravan trader but decided strangling and shooting people for their valuables was more fun and profitable then trading for it. He's sadistic individually and would have blended in perfectly with any gang a decade ago. He longs for the days when raiders boldly displayed their victims to spread fear through out the wasteland. Today those actions just encourage. His last gang drew such attention to themselves by flaying their victims before stringing them up The Lone Wanderer himself put them down.