Chapter 4: Welcome to Big Town

William didn't know how much of a head start Small Fry would be able to give Wrench and himself so he kept running pulling the girl along who gripped his hand tightly. Big Town was only an hour away judging by his map assuming they ran the whole way.

"Stop!" Wrench suddenly cried out breaking the silence. William skidded to a stop and Wrench crashed into his back nearly knocking him over.

"We have to keep running if they catch us…."

"If we keep running that way were bug food" she scolded. William followed her pointer finger to a spot just under the bridge where he saw the Giant Radscorpion. William always thought the name was redundant weren't, all radscorpions giants? That is until now seeing one for the first time made his heart stop. At five or six feet long not counting the tail it was a terrifying creature.

"What now?" William questioned. "Do we risk fighting It?"

"We'll need to go around it, with any luck – they'll run strait into it" She answered.

So the duo made their detour west, they ran low to the ground to avoid detection the last thing they needed was to be caught between a giant arachnid and Victor's gang.

Pyro lowered his binoculars smiling, "found you" catching up would normally be difficult with his metal armor and gear but with there detour he could head them off. Heedless of the danger he charged forward, the radscoprion clicked its claws and lunged towards the raiders. With a resounding crack Pyro brought his super sledge down on its armored hide the creature recoiled and Pyro swung from the right knocking the creature onto its back. And with a third and final blow Pyro crushed its soft underside. With the bug crushed Pyro continued running forward to lay his trap.

As William with Wrench in toe rounded the fallen silo Pyro leaped out with a mighty swing of his hammer which William narrowly ducked to avoid. The Super Sledge impeded itself in the silo wall.

William and Wrench used this moment to stumble backwards as Pyro tried to dislodge his weapon. When this proved difficult, William pulled his 10mm pistol and fired right at the flamer tank on the raiders back. Much to his horror the bullet simply bounced off.

"Sorry brat" Pyro said pulling out the nozzle end of the flamer. "But blowing up a flamer tank by shooting it only works in the movies. William dived through an opening in the silo wall right before a jet of flame consumed the very spot he had been sitting.

Looking around William saw no sign of he raider girl and his heart clenched. He looked up to see Pyro now standing at the broken base of the fallen silo and once again the boy leaped through the opening to avoid the scorching flame. He looked around and still saw no sign of Wrench.

When Pyro rounded the corner again William took another shot this time at the chest but impact barely fazed Pyro through his metal armor.

"Playtime is over kid" The raider moved into position to blast William and the opening leaving no room for escape.

"Not quite" shouted Wrench who leapt onto Pyro's back. With her handy tools she quickly set to work losing valves while Pyro desperately tried to throw her like a bucking bronco. After a brief struggle Pyro was able to grab hold of Wrench's arm and throw her to the ground she landed on her ankle hard and cried out in pain. It didn't feel broken but she was sure she wouldn't be able to walk on it for a while.

"You fucking little whore." Pyro aimed his flamer to roast the girl and… nothing happened. He heard a faint hissing sound of the fuel escaping from the tank. He growled in frustration. He raised his foot to stomp her face in.

"Hey!" William whistled.

The raider looked to his right to see William holding a lit zippo lighter. By this point Pyro could smell the gas from his leaking tank. "Oh fuck" he sighed before William tossed the lighter into the growing cloud of gas. Jets of flames erupted from leaking valves. Pyro screamed in rage as he desperately tried to remove himself from the flamethrower.

William dashed forward and grabbed Wrench, and without a moments hesitation swooped her up and over his shoulder and ran as fast as he could towards Big Town. Wrench was about to protest but the pain stabbing from her ankle silenced any resistance. She wasn't going to walk on it for awhile let alone run. William didn't bother looking back he just kept running.

By the time Pyro finally managed to dislodge himself from the burning wreckage of his favorite toy he looked up and saw the kids were long gone. He wouldn't be able to catch up before they reached the safety of Big Town and his Super Sledge was no match for a Sentry bot.

Williams legs finally gave out when they reached the outskirts of Big Town right next to an old pre-war house. They collapsed against the wall finally taking a moment to rest.

"Thanks for saving me" she leaned over hugging him tightly. William was gasping trying to catch his breath

"You saved me first" he replied returning the hug. They stayed their for a minute or two leaning against the old building.

"We should get you changed that blue jump suit is a dead giveaway you don't belong, if we're going to hide from Victor we need to blend in" William nodded. It also help him avoid being found by anyone from the vault and dragged home. He retrieved a brahman skin outfit from the duffle bag Small Fry had left them. He looked to Wrench who simply looked back. He gave a fake cough but still she did nothing.

"Turn around" he laughed, with a slight pout she obeyed. Not quite trusting her he went behind a nearby dumpster.

"Hey don't you trust me!" she shouted upon noticing William had moved.

"Yeah I trust you to peek," he shouted back. Wrench only giggled because it was true. After dressing William put his old jump suit in the dumpster. The shirt was baggy which proved useful, as William was able to roll it over his Pip-boy.

Big Town had expanded in the past 17 years; the walls now included the outer buildings that had previously been left vacant. To the west the residents had established a Punga Fruit farm, which they grew for food and trade. Fresh water was piped in from the tidal basin daily.

Together they made their way along the walls and back ends of old buildings to the entrance to Big Town, Wrench leaning against William for support. Her ankle still swollen hurt and it helped to keep the weight off.

As they approached the gate a sentry bot was there to greet them.


"Please let us inside, there are raiders chasing us" Wrench pleaded despite knowing the futility of pleading with a robot.


"What the hell is going on here, who are you?"

William and Wrench looked up to see a man in his late twenties to early thirties standing above the gate. He wore a sandy colored combat armor with matching helmet, an assault rifle at the ready.

"I'm Wrench and this is William, please we just escaped from some raiders in Springvale there after us" she begged giving the best sad eyes look she could muster. William looked at those eyes and realized he'd be powerless against them. Unfortunately they had no effect on the man before them.

"Why the fuck are raiders after you two?" he questioned.

"Do they need a reason?" William answered.

"Touché," the man looked to Wrench and could see the large swelling bruise from where she had impacted the ground. "I'm still not letting you in" The man had a harsh commanding voice. Someone accustomed to giving orders.

"Come on Mayor MacCready have a heart" came a slightly annoying voice from behind the wall.

"Your going to bug me to hell and back if I don't open this gate aren't you Sticky"

He shook his fist down at who ever this Sticky was.

"You know me to well sir"

MacCready sighed, "Alright I'm opening the gate, but sense this is your idea Sticky you take care of them."

The gate slowly grinded upwards and they walked inside to be greeted by the brown haired Sticky in a similarly colored combat armor.

"This way kids, my wife is the town doctor she'll take a look at you"

Without a word William picked up a limping Wrench bridal style and followed Sticky to Red's Clinic. Big Town was rather dilapidated the boards covering windows no house over a single story. A couple Protecteron style robots patrolled the town. Wrench could say she prefered being carried like this over the sack of potatos style.

"Hey Red, you have a couple patients to take a look at." Sticky shouted as they entered the house, the sounds of numerous voices filtered in from a door leading down stairs. Soon a black woman emerged in a white lab coat over a red jumpsuit.

"So these two were all the commotion at the gate." she greeted Sticky with a brief kiss then looked to William carrying Wrench and smiled.

"Alright set her down on the table and hop up next to her." they complied and Red began her examination. Starting with Wrench's swollen ankle.

"Whose downstairs?" questioned William still hearing the ruckus coming from the basement?

"Our five kids" Sticky replied

"Congratulations?" William said not sure if five noisy kids was a good thing.

"They're a handful but we love them." Red answered.

"As wonderful as children may beyou two should wait tell your older before having any" Sticky teased.

William looked to Wrench and she to him the both turned the color of the doctors old jumpsuit then quickly looked the other direction. Red declined to comment on her husbands teasing and continued her work.

"Well it's a minor sprain, a couple days off your feet and you'll be fine. A stimpack would speed the recovery."

"Why do they call you Red?" Wrench questioned as the doctor moved on to examining William.

"Maybe because I'm Irish… actually its for this jump suit, I've always worn red sense I was a little girl." William was about to question how Sticky got his name but decided he was better off not knowing.

"You wore red so they called you red no the most creative bunch were they" Wrench smirked. Red ignored the comment and continued her examination.

"Hmm looks like you have a few bruises, but otherwise your fine." Red then rolled up William's pants leg and gasped. "Oh god spoke to soon, you have minor burns up and down your calves, Sticky grab the burn ointment quick"

William looked down and indeed the back of his calves were all pink and starting to blister, he must have been burned dodging the flame thrower, he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it while he was changing. Shouldn't he be in a lot of pain he thought.

Her husband quickly complied and Red set to work applying the ointment.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Red questioned.

"No not really" William shrugged. Indeed there was very little pain

"Your made of some stern stuff, kid." She turned to her husband "Dear grab the ice packs from the freezer" Sticky complied with her request and retrieved two plastic bags containing some frozen blue gunk. Using some bandages Red tied them to William's calves. She found it odd the kid wasn't bawling in pain. But he had just survived a scrape with some raiders. Adrenaline and the human mind could block out a great deal of pain when it need to.

"Why don't you two come downstairs?" Red showed the duo down into the basement, in the center of the room down there was a large table with five people around it, pushed against the wall were three sets of bunk beds. Gathered around the table were five kids of various ages who turned to look at their guests. On the table was as selection of what William believed to be Molerat meat and Punga Fruit.

"Introduce yourselves and have a seat," Sticky said warmly as he sat himself down.,

"I'm William and this here is Wrench" he explained as he sat down.

"Thank you for inviting us" Wrench added as she sat down next to him.

The oldest child a fifteen year boy with his fathers stringy build introduced himself as Adam, a few years younger then that was a thirteen year old girl named Joana, the near spiting image of her mother.

Between the two was a ten-year-old boy trying to cut his meat with his teeth. "I'm Xander," he mumbled. Across the table an eight-year-old boy with his father's hair but mothers skin rolled his eyes,

"I'm Tom and I'm sorry for my brother" Xander simply glared at Tom but said nothing. Now sitting in her mothers lap was a four year old who was busy eating tiny pieces bits of molerat and punga fruit. "This little princess is Angelica" Red stated brightly

"Don't let the name fool you, she's anything but an Angel" joked Adam, Little Angelia then hopped off her mothers lap walked over and kicked Adam in the shins. "Ahh! See what I mean" and the whole family laughed, Angelica returned to her mothers lap and resumed eating.

"So kids what's your story?" Sticky asked, and the attention of the whole room was now on them.

William gulped down a mouthful of Punga fruit, "Oh well Wrench and I just escaped from some raiders down in Springvale we came here because we heard it was safe"

"Why not Megaton it was closer?" questioned Joana.

"They were watching the road" Wrench replied.

"How'd you get burned?" Xander asked pointing to the gel packs tied to William's legs.

William recounted the story of how they out maneuvered Pyro, how Wrench had leaped onto his back while he was distracted and started loosening valves before he tossed his zippo lighter igniting the gas cloud. He palmed the slightly singed lighter.

"You and your wife look good together." Joana smiled when she got the exact reaction she was hopping for. Wrench to turned red and hid her face while William spat out his water turning a similar shade of red.

"We aren't a couple we only just met after I… ah we were captured by raiders" William decided to leave out the part where Wrench was part of the raider gang. Quickly changing the subject "Why are your names… kinda weird but you kids…."

"Normal?" Sticky finished. "Well Red and I grew up in a place called Little Lamp Light, only kids are allowed to live there until they turn sixteen"

"It used to be eighteen but MacCready lowered the age limit" Red added.

"I swear he only did that so kick me out early." Sticky grumbled. "But hey I got to meet the Lone Wanderer he walked with me all the way back here to Big Town."

"You guys met the Lone Wanderer?" asked William remembering the tale of Big Trouble In Big Town. Or at least the radio drama of it Three Dog played on the radio.

"Without him none of us would be here today" Sticky smiled.

"You see" Red explained. "Big Town was set up to give the adults or as we called them mungos a place to go after turning eighteen"

"Sixteen after MacCready lowered age limit" Sticky interjected still sore on the subject.

"Anyway" Red continued, "Big Town was advertised as this great wonderful place where all the grown-ups go, but it was horrible, we had almost nothing to live on and were always plagued by slavers or raiders and worst of all Super Mutants, one day after an attack our friend Shorty and I were carried off. To this old police station the muties were using as a base."

"How did you escape?" asked Wrench.

"Why the Lone Wanderer" Red said as if it was obvious "He stormed that mutant base, saved me and Shorty and killed every last one of those yellow skinned freaks. Then he brought us back home and taught us all how to repair and maintain old robots" she finished.

"And to this day Big Town is a major trader in robot parts, we've got two sentry bots, four Protecterons and two Mr. Gutsy's." Xander added.

"There was talk about reprogramming an old brain bot but those are way to creepy," Joana said between bites of her dinner. William had never seen one personally but he agreed the idea of sticking a brain in a machine. Mr. Brotch had explained that offically they only used Chimpanzee brains, but also explained that offically the vaults were designed to save people. They finished dinner and the family chatted about things neither William nor Wrench really understood. Stories about people around town they didn't know, and events they never saw.

"It's getting late." Red said. "You kids should be getting to bed soon." Her children nodded and started cleaning up the dinner table. "Sticky would you show Wrench and William to the common house?"

"No problem Red, this way kids" He motioned them to follow he lead them upstairs. Before leaving they thanked them for the dinner and the medical treatment.

As they exited the house, MacCready was waiting outside the door. Sticky stopped in his tracks, "The common house is that building there" he said pointed across the street and a few houses down. "Looks like the mayor wants to have a word with me." Sticky waited until they were gone before turning to talk to the mayor.

"So did the kid say anything?" MacCready asked.

"Said they were captured by raiders and managed to escape." Sticky shrugged. "A rather exciting tale actually" Sticky wasn't sure he believed the part about jumping on the guys back to loosen the valves on the tank but who knows anything was possible.

"About his dad moron" the mayor spat.

"Didn't say anything about his family, we didn't ask. But when we brought up Jack Romuald he simply referred to him as the Lone Wanderer like everyone else does."

"Well he looks like him and he has a pipboy thats a pretty big coincidence if they aren't related." MacCready took out a cigarette and lit up.

"Maybe the're second cousins or something, maybe he paid Vault 101 to fix up a broken pip boy." Sticky shrugged. In the past decade Vault 101 made caps. A lot of caps fixing up broken pipboys for wastelanders. The built-in, radio, geiger counter, health monitor and maping systems made them quite valuable. Most of the pipboys from the old vaults in the area were all floating around somewhere. But it wasn't until Vault 101 started trading with outsiders that repairs were possible.

"Thats an expensive piece of hardware for someone his age, unless he's from a vault" MacCready took a buff from his cigarette. And took a moment to think breathing in the cool night air. "Was it functional?" MacCready could remember quite few folk over the years who wore broken pipboys and pretended to be badass like the Lone Wanderer.

"It didn't look broken." Sticky tried to remember if William had fiddled with it at all. But couldn't recall seeing anything. "He acted like the pipboy was just another piece of clothing."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah" Sticky nodded, "He had some nasty burns on his legs, minor but enough he should have been bawling or high on painkillers."

"So we have a tough kid, with a pipboy who resembles the biggest badass in the wasteland." MacCready sighed shaking his head. He took another puff of his cigarette breathing deep. Officially The Lone Wanderer had no son, but that didn't mean Jack didn't have one. MacCready himself had an eight year old he didn't know about until five years ago.

"So what do we do?" Sticky asked.

"Fuck if I know" The mayor kicked the dirt "Maybe he's his kid, maybe he isn't. Maybe Jack knows about him and maybe he doesn't… but still"

"We need to find out" Sticky finished, to which MacCready nodded

"Tomorrow take one of the Sentry Bots head to Megaton and see what you can find out. Once we know the truth we can figure out what to do. I'll come up with a chore or something to keep them close at hand."

William and Wrench entered the common house; it was a decaying one-floor ranch house much like many of the buildings in Big Town. Between the original bedroom and living room half a dozen mattresses were laid out. The building was empty save for the two ofthem but that wouldn't last long. Wrench had seen a few merchants hanging around before they entered and knew they wouldn't be alone for to long.

With a tired sigh they both sat down against the wall. William turned to look at Wrench taking this quite opportunity to get a good look at her. Between being captured, running from raiders and dinner they hadn't had a quite moment together. She had bright blue eyes and raven black hair that with her other features made him think if she had grown up in the Vault all the boys would be stumbling over one another for a date. He had so many questions about her he supposed now was the time to ask.

"So" William began, "Why was that raider Small Fry so protective of you, why did he have me escape with you, why did…" Wrench silence William by placing her finger on his lips. She giggled at the way his words almost blended together towards the end.

"When I was five or six years old I was living alone, I don't really remember what happened to my parents, if they died or they abandoned me or I simply got lost. " she wiped a tear from her eye. What Wrench did remember was feeling alone utterly and completely alone. "I was living in a scrapyard, ambushing molerats with a butcher knife for food when I ran into a raider gang." William listened intently, and gave her hand comforting squeeze, which she returned. She found his presence comforting after Small Fry he was the only person she could remember that made her feel safe.

"They were scouting party from the Reapers the last big raider gang in capital wasteland, among them was Small Fry." She told him how she had hid in the trunk of an old car when they showed up but betrayed her presence with a sneeze. It was Small Fry who opened the trunk and found her hudling beneath a tattered blanket.

"Was he still shorter then you back then?" William joked,

"No" Wrench elbowed him in the gut hard, but William simply grunted. "Anyway, you could say I was adopted or conscripted into the gang, either way I had to earn my keep" Wrench explained how Raider gangs were generally made up of criminals, outcasts and chem addicts who banded together a few people were born into the life and on rare occasion they'd adopt or more accurately conscript orphans into service. Eventually after years of chem use they'd turn into the same sadisic bastards as the rest of them. Small Fry didn't use chems and made sure she didn't either.

"What did you do in the gang at that age?" he asked, not entirely sure he wanted to know. Wrench smiled at the obvious concern on his face.

"I cleaned guns, made beds, fetched whisky or ammo clips." She turned to look him in the eyes.

"You were a gopher?" he surmised

"Gopher?" she looked to William like he was sputtering nonsense. What the hell was a gopher she thought must be some Vault joke.

"You know, Go for this, go for that, a gopher" William gestured with his hands to random objects scattered about room.

"Yeah, I guess so" she giggled. "Anyway Small Fry always looked out or me. Made sure I had enough to eat and warm clothing to wear." She paused briefly thinking of her big brother again hoping he was ok. "When he came back injured after a raid I'd take care of him tell he was back on his feet again, we were…" It been only a few hours but she already missed him. Wrench doubted she'd ever see Small Fry again.

"Family" William finished, Wrench nodded.

"He taught me how to read and how to survive, one day I figured that fixing guns would be more profitable then just cleaning them. So I read every copy of deans electronics or technical manual I could get my hands on."

"I take it that's how you earned the nickname." William surmised.

"You got it." She gave her signature tool a twirl high into air before effortlessly catching it. "I helped maintain guns, armor, generators and other equipment, that kept be feed and protected"

"So how did you two end up in Victor's Gang?"

Wrench gave out a mournful sigh. "The Reapers were the last great raider gang in capital wasteland" the word great carried obvious sarcasm. "Most of them were assholes. If I talked back or made even a tiny mistake they'd slap me around a little"

William's eyes suddenly darkened, and the look on his face sent shiver of fear her down spine but not from fear she didn't think William could ever hurt her. But his murderous expression vanished as quickly as it came and she continued her story.

"But they never hit me for fun, or simply because they got angry, not like Victors trope."

"Well that's better I suppose." William was lying of course. He couldn't think of a reason to justify hurting her.

"They beat other people for fun, raped them, killed them or did other unspeakable things" Wrench winced at the memories of hearing and seeing things no child should witness.

"I get the idea," William said while he instinctively wrapped an arm protectively around her. He didn't even realize what happened until she cuddled closer to him resting her head on his shoulder.

"Alright sure they were evil, but they were they only family I could remember." She took a deep breath and continued her story. When the gang wasn't out making the lives of other people miserable or getting high on chems. They'd tell stories, sing songs play games not all of them gruesome. They'd even listen to the radio dramas about the Lone Wanderer on Galaxy News. But one day that all ended.

"I was ten years old the gang was hold up in some old cavern complex between Andale and Tenpenny Tower. I awoke one morning to the sounds of gunfire, explosions, and screams. " The memory made her tremble and tears formed in her eyes which she rubbed off on Williams shoulder.

"Who attacked you?" William asked continuing to hold her close and rubbing her shoulder for a further show if support.

"Brotherhood, I don't know how many five, six? A dozen? Not that it really mattered our weapons were no match for the gray painted hellfire power armor and plasma rifles. One guy tried to fire off missile launcher but got shot in the leg and ended up hitting the ceiling" She took this opportunity to nuzzle her head into the crook of his neck.

"How'd you and Small Fry survive?" he asked while trying not to laugh at the missile mishap. He could picture it easily in his mind a filthy radier laughing sadistically just like in the stories suffering a humiliating end and probably taking three or four of his buddies.

"Small Fry locked us both in the slave pens, they were empty at the time."

"Disguised you as prisoners?" he guessed.

"Yeah, so the BoS led us outside once the fighting was done, celebrated their victory and our rescue. A couple of them removed their helmets a blonde woman and this red headed guy. They talked about if either of us would make good recruits, so they looked us over from head to toe while we couldn't stop shaking, well I couldn't stop shaking." Wrench paused her story to take a swig of water from there supplies before handing the bottle to William who finished it off. "The blonde woman said that Small Fry was to scrawny but I might have some potential when I grew up, Small Fry said I should go with them but I was to scared."

"Scared of the brotherhood?" questioned William who didn't quite believe it.

"Well they had just finished killing nearly everyone I had ever known" she quipped. "And what did I know about them? how could I know they'd treat me better then a raider gang. Small Fry had always looked out for me, I couldn't leave him." She put her arms around Williams neck and pulled herself into his lap.

"Well that explains how you left your old gang but how did you end up with Victor." He had yet to notice her change in position.

"Well, we traveled with the brotherhood platoon only for a little while. We parted ways at the Andale Rest-Stop, where Small Fry told them we'd travel with a Caravan to find our own fortune." Wrench smiled enjoying the feeling and comfort of being held.

"Did you meet Victor in Andale?" William suddenly realized Wrench had taken the opportunity to crawl into his lap but decided to let her say for now.

"Yeah we stayed there for a couple weeks, he sold some chems and I repaired a few things here and there for caps. One of our customers was Victor who was impressed by the quality of the Med-X and by repairs to his assault rifle." She beamed with pride at the memory of her work being recognized.

"So he recruited you then?"

"He tried but Small Fry turned him down, said the life we had running our small stand in Andale was better, but not long after one of the traveling caravans recognized Small Fry from failed raid a couple months earlier and we had to run for it" she let out a long sigh.

"We ran but the caravan guards caught up, and Victor's gang ambushed them, thats how we ended up in his gang" To William that part of her story sounded almost to convenient for Victor. He wondered if the raider boss had a hand in forcing them out of that life.

"We should get some sleep, tomorrow we have to figure out our next move" He tried to gently remove Wrench from his lap but the girl refused to budge.

"Hold on, I want to hear about your childhood what was life like in the Vault?" she asked. "Must have been really something"

"Boring mostly" William laughed, "but it was safe, there was plenty of food and water. I had school everyday, but my classmates were all your age." He put his hands behind his head, much to Wrench's annoyance. "Still, movie night was twice a week, could play cards, board games, soccer, and listening to Galaxy News' radio dramas of Daring Dashwood and the Lone Wanderer was pretty popular." He left out the part about bathing regularly. Mr. Brotch had taught in his lecture about the wasteland even with the purifier people didn't have as much water as they did in the vault so bathing for most people was once a month at best and pointing out how people smelled was on the list of ways to get shot.

"Why my age, Wouldn't there be kids of all ages?"

"No" William shook his head, "You see in a vault reproduction is planned, families have babies at set times. I was born a couple years before the rest of my mothers generation had their first kids."

"Why plan it?"

"There is limited space in a vault, it can't expand physically so population control is important, and making sure there isn't a labor shortage by having to many or to few people of a certain age is part of that." William explained. "So there's about a dozen or so kids who are fourteen years old give or take, and another dozen who are about five."

"But you were born early?" Wrench picked up a pebble from the ground and tossed it aside.

"Yeah my dad was exiled from the vault, but I guess he left my mother the gift of me before he left." he smirked and Wrench laughed. "My mom being the Overseer had no one who could ague with her about keeping me, and there wasn't a doctor in the vault at the time to freeze me for later"

"Freeze you?" she questioned utterly confused.

"Unplanned embryos are usually frozen until the next population cycle." Wrench marveled at William's explanation of Vault technology. Everything sounded so planned, so ordered so peaceful.

"So you have no idea who your father is?" Wrench could relate having no memory of her own parents.

"No" he shook his head, "I knew my mother and the other grownups back home were hiding something from me, I just got so sick of the lies and the cover-ups I decided to leave and find him myself." His voice was filled with an inspiring determination.

"I don't remember my parents, the closest thing I have to family is Small Fry"

"Wrench when we met why were you so…"

"Amorous?" she pouted as William took the opportunity to slide her off his lap.

"Err, yeah" he winced. "Small Fry explained it somewhat but I'd like to hear it from you

"Well the thing was, as I matured the members of the gang thought it was time I start putting out, so after an incident with Choker. Small Fry bribed the boss with a bunch of Med-X that I be untouchable for little more then year, so I decided before I was forced to take on added responsibility that I'd choose my own partner"

"Why me?"

"Well…" she blushed, "I saw you there and you looked so sweet while poking through the ruble." She leaned in closer and ran a hand down his face, "And handsome with your reddish brown hair and green eyes. I looked at you and knew you were a nice guy."

"I don't know about that," he muttered, his face turning red.

"Oh of course your nice, you could have run back to that Vault to hide from Victor's gang but you stayed out here to protect me." She felt guilty about it, that she was keeping him from a much better life.

"No I stayed out here to find my dad, protecting you was just a bonus"

"Liar" she smiled, William wanted to argue otherwise but realized she was right. He thought about slinking back home given the chance until Small Fry tasked him with protecting her.

"Anyway I thought being a bit aggressive would work but you had to go and ruin it by looking at me like I'm kid instead of a sex object like the rest of your perverted gender" she teased.

"Hey don't judge my gender based on, a gang of raiders." William defended.

"Fair enough" she laughed,

The duo chatted for a few for minutes about nothing in particular before finally drifting off to sleep.

End of chapter 4.

Authors Note: I know someone is going to ask why is the brotherhood using Enclave armor? The answer is obvious they just repainted the Enclave armor to there colors and started using it themselves.