Burston's Sorrow 2: Electric Boggaloo

Burston glanced discontent. He may have won the tournamnet, but there was still things that needded to take care of. Allex Loorpez (suicide silence's drummer) asked, 'Why the lnog face?' Burston cracked his kuckles. He said 'It's time to finnish what my dad strted, motherfoockers.'

Burstno and suicide silence scoped up their Pokemon and put them in there balls. they would have to travull very long disstance – over 200 (two hundred) miles for reach the only ones who could hlep them. They drove on a monstar truck, except for Bruston, who flew on his awresome palkia. They fle for manny days and knights, but they fund a hot topic alung the way. They liked shipping at the hot topic but they had to contiune there jorniy. After trvelling for 7 (seven) weeks, they found land of the navis.

'I have to revive my dialga," said Thurston the navi king said, 'don ot worry, we will help you with our might powers!' And Burston was led in a big big rom with the five power rangers in a cirecl. "But the riteual will require a dorp of your bloood,' saaid the nazi king. Burston pulled out his knif and figered it with a prick. Shit that hurt he said, as a droptel of his blood landed in the circle. The navis spun around really fuckin fast as a whit light blew in the circle. It shaped into dialga, and all the pokemon said SKREEEEEEEEEE.

"Thank you noble navies, but now i must go and wright my fathe's wrongs." And with that Burston hooped onto dialga and punched it really hard. He punched itt so hard thut it was knocked back in tiem. He arrrived in front of the frist bank, just as Goofy was about to molest it! He had to sotp him!

NO DAD NO yelled Busrton but his dad didnt here him. There was aa darkshadow, and that damn detective appered from the roofpot! 'Wait, no! Let me stop him! said Burston but the detective pulled out his sword. "I cannot let you do that, for I need to catch him myslef.' Burston found a katana stacking out of the window and garbed it. "Let's do this" he said.

They had a really fuckin big fight, as there pokemon battled. The decective had a piplup, groodon, mewtwo, balbaseer, dunsprace, and mothra. The pokemon dulled as the detective and Burstno crashed their wepons. But it was two late! The detective was just tryeing to distract hm! He coulddnt stop Goofy, and Goofy yelled IT'S GOOFY TIME!

Burston yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOO DAD NO! YOU FUCKING RUINED ITTTTTTTTT !" He cried as Goofy stole the bank's innosense.