The following is an entry in the 'Bonesology' board Challenge with the subject of moving: Write a one-shot in which one of the six regular characters is moving. It can be anyone and they can be moving for any reason, but you must include 2 the following: a lame joke that no one finds funny, a reference to an old movie, Parker, ice cream, a kiss, something broken during the move.

And weighing in at exactly 500 words, I think it's my shortest piece ever. It's also a new POV for me, so reviews are appreciated.

A Brand New Life

She looked around her apartment, boxes were piled along the wall and her luggage packed. The movers would be here in a couple of days. She really loved this place and she was going to miss it. She had been on the waiting list for over a year before she finally got in to the building. Getting a rent-controlled two bedroom on the Upper East Side was unheard of these days, and she hated to let it go. But Washington was calling, and she was looking forward to her new life.

She hated to admit it to herself, Seeley Booth was a big part of her anticipation. He had been a spectacular lover, and the idea of being in his proximity on an on-going basis was appealing. Theirs had been a quick and torrid affair, two people who found each other in the middle of an unfamiliar surroundings.

She flipped on the television, sat down on the sofa with a pint of Chunky Monkey and tucked her feet under her as she thought about the adventure she was about to undertake. Her musings were soon interrupted when she realized one of her favorite movies was on. She smiled as she watched Nicky Ferrante make his way back to the love of his life. Would Seeley be as happy to see her? She shook her head, having no idea where these thoughts were coming from. She'd never been a romantic, and she and Seeley were definitely not Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant.

It had been almost two years since she'd even talked to him. They'd gotten together for dinner when she was in DC for the annual Coroner's conference. He'd gotten caught up in the Gemma Arrington case, just like he had back in here in New York. She'd suggested he consult that forensic anthropologist she'd heard was working at American University. That had been interesting. The two of them mixed about as well as oil and water. By the time she'd left to come back to New York, she'd gotten an earful of what an obstinate, egocentric, ridiculous woman Temperance Brennan was.

She wondered whatever happened to her, and chuckled at the thought of the look on Seeley's face when he'd been sputtering on and on about her. They'd been sitting in Wong Fu's the night she was leaving to come back home. The anthropologist had really gotten under his skin, but at least she'd never made it into his bed.

Cam planned to look him up as soon as she was settled in, both in her new apartment in DC and in her job at the Jeffersonian. Sure, heading up the Medico-Legal lab at the prestigious museum probably wouldn't be as exciting as working NYPD cases with the Manhattan Coroner's office, but the pay increase was substantial, and the equipment in the facility was second to none.

Yep, Dr. Camille Saroyan was definitely moving up in the world.

"Look out, DC," she said with a smile. "Here I come."