Against his better judgment, he takes him home for a night.

The boy, who has forgotten most of his experiences of other worlds, wants to see what Leonardo's is like. Even the insistence that it would be difficult to see much of it at all does not deter him. He would be content merely to see Leonardo's home, he says, and to meet his family. Leo's resolve has already been worn down by the time the Daimyo comes to him and tells him he thinks it is a good idea.

Michelangelo, of course, makes plans. Mikey-flavored plans. Leo fears for his sanity.

But the boy seems delighted to be in the presence of his brothers, the famous saviors of the Battle Nexus. The fact that he is largely what they had saved it from is not something that will be discussed. Instead Mikey debates the merits of various horror flicks until Leo puts his foot down.

"We're not watching any scary movies while he's here, understand? He's only ten. You'll give him nightmares."

"I would like to watch a movie, if it is all right," the boy speaks up. He is looking at Leonardo hopefully, and suddenly Leo feels like he has gained a fourth little brother. "Um.. what is a movie?"

And Mikey's off. Leo leaves them in front of the TV and makes his way to the kitchen where Splinter is making tea. He sits.

"Sensei, how are you this evening?"

"I am well, my son. How is the boy?"

"He's doing well. He and Mikey are talking about movies." They both pull a face, and Leo has one of those moments where you realize you are turning into your parent. Raph enters and says,

"Yo, where's the kid? I wanna show him my bike. Maybe take him for a ride. There ain't nothin' like riding a motorcycle, even if your dad is the Ultimate Awesome Guy."

Donnie wanders in, looking distracted.

"Do you think he'd like Tetris, or Pole Position? Or maybe Dig-Dug? I thought I'd start him on something simple, something classic."

Leo thinks maybe he's not the only one feeling like they've gained a little brother. He smiles.