*During "BOUND" – What if when Nicci suggests they make Kahlan feel better, Richard relents. Begins with Richard/Nicci, but the majority will be Richard/Kahlan. For BaneoftheWicked, hope this satisfies some of what you were looking for.

The Mistake – Part 1 – Seeker Relents

Richard was furious with Nicci. She had injured herself to punish him for going back to check on that old farming couple. And spirits knows what else would have happened if he had not gotten there in time.

He took deep breaths, to stifle his anger, as he held the washcloth to her cheek and listened to her as she made excuses for why she served the Keeper. Sure, he could understand why she had been angry with the prisoner and wanted him to die… Spirits, he would probably have slit the man's throat if he had touched Kahlan, but that did not justify everything else that Nicci had now done in the name of the Keeper.

"We can make her feel better," Nicci said seductively licking her top lip with her tongue, arching her body towards him.

His breath caught as his eyes looked down at her breasts, heaving beneath her red robes. Richard had to admit, she was beautiful, and if he had not been in love with Kahlan, he might have allowed himself the pleasure of a night in bed with this woman, but he could not. Not with everything she had done. Not with how she had threatened Kahlan.

"No," he said, shaking his head, answering her, and easing her back down on the mattress. "I love Kahlan… I could never do that to her."

"She's in pain and grief, Seeker," Nicci smiled at him, raising an eyebrow. "Give her some pleasure to sooth that suffering."

He shook his head as Nicci slowly began to unwind her dress, baring her flesh to him. No matter how much he tried to resist, Richard could not keep his eyes off her. Her skin was creamy and moist and he felt the tingles of arousal coming to him as his eyes gazed upon her naked form, drinking in the perfection that was Nicci.

"Are you sure, Richard?" she asked, sliding back to sit on the edge of the bed before him, spreading her legs enticingly, giving him a glimpse at what laid between her legs. "How long has it been since you've felt the warmth of a woman's touch?"

Richard swallowed past the lump in his throat as he gazed upon Nicci's naked flesh. Her perfect eyebrows moving in a suggestive manner, as she ran her fingers slowly down her body, starting at her breasts, working their way down her smooth stomach and towards the soft flesh between her legs.

"How long, Richard?" she purred, pleadingly, moving her fingers around her femininity, slowly feeling herself in a way that was making Richard hard just watching.

"I love Kahlan," he said, his face flushing with confused thoughts and feelings. He loved Kahlan, yet he found himself becoming aroused by watching Nicci touch herself and having her naked body so close to him. Richard felt guilty and dirty for even getting aroused by the sight of another woman. "I love her…" he murmured, as if stating it would stifle the burning fire awakening in his groin.

"Yes, and the Mother Confessor loves you," Nicci half smiled. "Yet, you cannot consummate that love. If you do, she'd confess you. With me… you will not be confessed and your lover will feel what it is like to have you inside her."

Richard blinked. It was true, he did have a lot of pent up sexual desire. He had not lain with a woman in over a year. Since he met Kahlan he had resisted the urges, wanting to be with no one but her. Back home, in Westland Anne had been his first, and there had been others, but he wanted Kahlan to be his next and only. However, with her powers, it was impossible.

"Imagine I'm her," Nicci said, sliding closer to wrap her arms around his neck. "You can give her what you want. Make love to my body, and at the same time, your Kahlan will feel what I feel. Make me climax and your Kahlan will climax."

"No," Richard pulled her arms away. "I cannot do that. I'd be betraying Kahlan."

"She'd need not know it was you," Nicci said. "You need not mention it. The Mother Confessor will just feel it, and when you return, you just tell her that you were unable to stop me from taking a man to my bed. She never need know it was you, Seeker."

Nicci's hand dropped down his chest and grabbed at his groined. His face flushed and he felt himself stiffen. A small smile creased her lips as she felt how aroused he was.

"You need a release, Seeker," she said. "No matter how much you love your Confessor, you still need to feel the sweetness of a woman's flesh press against your own. To be inside one, and feel the warmth and wetness grab a hold of you, demanding your seed."

Richard blinked, and breathed heavily. Spirits, how he desperately wished Kahlan were here and that he did not have to worry about her powers. He'd make love to her, but she was not here. There was only Nicci. Yet in a way, Nicci was right. Kahlan would feel it. He could make love to Kahlan through Nicci. Reluctantly, Richard raised his hand and slowly caressed Nicci's face, as he would if she were Kahlan.

"Yes," Nicci purred, closing her eyes and easing into his touch. "Imagine me as Kahlan."

They both had blue eyes… he loved Kahlan's blue eyes. Perhaps he could. Maybe he could just imagine that the blues staring back at him as he made loved to her was his Kahlan.

"Here," Nicci raised her hand and ran it over her hair, turning it a dark brown that looked raven black, which shimmered with blue hues in the flicking firelight. "I can even make my dress white, if it will help."

With her hair now like his beloved's, Richard was beginning to loss his control in front of Nicci. Yes… he thought, I can imagine it was Kahlan. Spirits know he had dreamt of making love to his Confessor since the moment he met her. Richard gulped and decided. Yes, he could do this. If he could never have Kahlan in the traditional sense, at least this way provided him with the opportunity to give Kahlan the experience of what it would be like to feel his love.

Nicci, sensing his resolve weakening, began to unbutton his shirt. She ran her soft delicate fingers down his chest, her fingers dancing across the mark of the Keeper in much the same way Kahlan would when she touched him. That touch brought a low moan from his lips, as he imagined his beloved touching him.

He reached out and cupped Nicci's face in his hands, and pulled her close, kissing her lips. It startled him at first how much he enjoyed it, especially when it felt so different from his Kahlan. Yet it felt good, even pleasurable, more than he had thought it would. Richard knew that Kahlan would feel his kiss and she would recognize it.

The sorceress had been wrong about that. Kahlan would know it was Richard touching the Sister of the Dark. Yet at the moment, Richard did not care if Kahlan was hurt by this. His need for sexual release was eclipsing his reason, begging to be set loose.

As he continued to kiss Nicci, running his tongue along her lips, as he would his beloved, Richard vowed he would explain it to Kahlan later. He would tell her that he had done this so she could feel his love. If this was the only way she could ever feel that, he would do it; even if he was risking her love for him. He wanted to give her the pleasure she deserved, the pleasure he knew, in his heart, he owed her.

Nicci's hands dropped to his waist and deftly removed his belt and sword. The Sword of Truth went clattering to the wooden floorboards, and it almost seemed as if the cold steel was snapping at him, seeking to admonish the Seeker for what he was doing. He ignored it, relishing the feel of Nicci's hands as they felt his muscles. Without moments, her fingers unlaced his trousers with expertise. Richard pulled back and removed his jacket and pulled his shirt off, tossing it aside as he climbed up on the bed, slowly easing himself on top of Nicci.

He continued kissing her, running his fingers through the cascade of magically colored dark brown hair. It was lush and as silky to the touch as his Kahlan's was, and it made him all the harder. He ran his kisses down Nicci's cheek and jaw, and began nibbling at the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder. Nicci arched her body into his, and he felt her breasts brush against his chest, making him let out a groan of desire.

His hands dropped and he ran his fingers across her soft supple skin, feeling the round flesh of her breasts, running his thumbs across her nipples, and pulling a soft moan from her lips.

"Oh yes, my Richard… yes," Nicci purred, playing along with his fantasy, acting as if she was Kahlan. She ran her hand down his bare back, feeling his muscles. "You're Confessor wants you."

Richard smiled, knowing Kahlan was feeling his touch, and pushing aside his feelings of guilt. He needed release and Kahlan would understand… at least he hoped she would. He began dancing his lips across Nicci's collarbone, grazing his teeth across her skin, as he made his way to her breasts. He took one of her nipples into her mouth and sucked, while his other hand caressed her other breast, rubbing her nipple until it was stiff and hard.

"Taste me," Nicci pleaded, cooing in such a way that Richard almost thought it was Kahlan. The sorceress's mimicking of his beloved was so close it made him lose with breath with the sudden flood of desire that seeped into his body. "Taste me, my Seeker."

Richard's heart pounded beneath his chest as he thought of Kahlan. He flicked his tongue out and ran it around Nicci's nipple, before sucking on it some more. He then began kissing his way further down her body. His hands rubbed her legs, feeling her thighs and brushing slightly across the soft flesh of her rear. Nicci spread her legs for him, begging for him to taste her.

"Drink me in, my Seeker," she murmured through panting breaths. "Bring me pleasure… take me… take me…"

He readily compiled, knowing the pleasure he'd be giving Kahlan. Nicci gasped as he descended upon her femininity, lapping at it with his tongue. She was wet, wetter than he thought she would have been. She was clearly as aroused as he was. He drank her in, as he pulled her folds open with his fingers, slowly rubbing one finger around her special spot, teasingly.

"Oh, yes, Richard… yes," purred Nicci, racking her fingers through his hair as he continued to move his mouth over her, and slowly slipping his tongue in her, along with his fingers. Slowly, he pushed one finger in, and then another. With each move of his fingers, a low moan rippled through Nicci's body, and she moved her hips up towards his mouth, her legs almost closing to keep him close.

Backing away, her essence dripping down his chin, Richard ran wet kissing along her thighs, as he sat back to removed his trousers. Nicci sprang forward and flipped him unto his back, tugging at his trousers, pulling them past his knees and down his legs until she had them off him. Her hand gripped his hardness and he rolled his head back and groaned in pleasure as her fingers began to move up and down his length.

His mouth dropped and he called her name in a gasp as she took him into her mouth; the warmth and wetness sending trickles of rapture through his body. Her tongue played across him in such a way that it made Richard forget that the veil had been torn. Her fingers continued to work him as she widened her mouth, taking him in as far as she could.

"Nicci… oh spirits, Nicci…," Richard moaned as he arched his neck to watch her move up and down on his hardness. In that moment, as he looked down at her, her lips kissing up and down his length, he no longer cared that this was not Kahlan. Nicci was giving him more pleasure with her tongue than he had ever thought possible.

The spell she had placed on her hair faded and it had turned back to its standard brilliant gold color. Richard's eyes rolled back into his head as he savored the rippling bliss that transcended his body. He loved the way Nicci's hair cascaded down her face as she took him into her mouth.

He gasped and her name escaped his lips, as she took him deep into her throat, her lips coming up to brush against his base. She held him in there for a while, before slipping out. His length was wet and tingled with the sensation and Nicci backed away and smiled at him as his hardness twitched with want.

"I told you, Seeker," she said with a smirk. "You've been needing a woman's touch." She slowly began to climb up on him, kissing his scars as she went. She ran her tongue along the curves of his chest and then nibbled at his neck, before capturing his lips in a kiss.

Richard wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers down the length of her hair, and down her back, until he gripped her rear; squeezing the soft flesh as he pulled her to him.

"Spirits, Nicci," he groaned. "I want to be inside you…"

"By all means, Seeker," Nicci smiled at him as she compiled and positioned herself.

He moaned softly as the sorceress reached down to grab a hold of him. Richard had to release a breath as her fingers wrapped around him, directing his hardness to her quivering wet flesh. He arched his head up to watch, as she slipped him past her folds and into her. He bucked his hips hard and pushed himself up inside her before she could fully take him in.

"Whoa!" Nicci let out a gasp and her eyes locked with his eyes as she arched her back. He felt her ripple with ecstasy at the feel of him inside her.

She was tight, and Richard closed his eyes as she began to move above him. Nicci rose, barely taking him out of her, before ramming back down. With each movement, Richard would rock with her, and slam himself up into her soft flesh, relishing the sound of their flesh hitting together as she rode on top of him, bucking wildly, her hips moving as if she was riding a horse at full gallop.

Richard placed one hand on her hip to guide her movements, and with the other massaged one of her breasts. Nicci placed her hands on his chest, for supported as she leaned back to take more of him in. Wanting to get dive deeper into her sweetness, Richard grabbed her and spun around, pushing her onto her back. He leaned back, never once pulling away from her, as he raised one of her legs and rested it against his shoulder as he pounded harder into her sweet femininity.

With his other hand, he ran his fingers down her face. Nicci gasped as he plowed deeper into her, opening her mouth to allow his finger in. She seductively sucked on his finger as he continued to thrust back and forth, his eyes unable to look away from her perfect blue eyes. With the fall of golden hair around her white face, she looked so beautiful… so perfect. He was losing himself in the pleasure. He kissed her leg as he slowed, wanting the thrill of making love to last longer.

Nicci spread her legs wider and beckoned with her arms for him to lie down on her. "Kiss me," she pleaded, and her eyes looked up at him with a loving look that he had never seen from her before. With her blue eyes, it almost looked like Kahlan was asking for him to kiss her.

With his mind fogged by the heights of pleasure, he lowered himself, and held her to him, as he continued to back in and out of her, his hardness dripping with the juices of her essence. Nicci's supple soft body seemed to melt into his, as he made love to her… to Nicci, not to his Kahlan. Somewhere, back in the recesses of his mind, he was registering the change, but at the moment, the ecstasy of making love was overwhelming all his senses and reason.

He ran his fingers threw her hair and kissed her lips, begging her to open her mouth to him. Nicci hastily compiled and their tongues did battle. A tingle seemed to shimmer down his spine, as her soft hands danced down his back to gripped his backside, pulling him closer and helping to guide his thrusts.

Richard slowed and pushed himself deeper into her with each downward motion. Nicci moaned into his mouth, and whispered sweet words of ecstasy into his ear. Then he felt her tighten her muscles around him and Nicci raised her hips to pull him closer as she climaxed. He felt his legs tense as his own release neared.

He wanted to pull out and spray himself across her flat stomach, not wanting to give her his seed… he wanted to save that for Kahlan, but Nicci's legs tightened and held him to her as she continued to climax, pulling him in as he thrust harder into her, clenching his teeth and groaning in exquisite rapture as he released deep inside of Nicci.

Their moist flesh touched, dripping with the sweat of lovemaking, and her breasts pressed against his hard chest as he pushed himself as deep as possible, soft moans escaping from their lips as they kissed each other. Nicci's hands cupped his rear to hold him to her, keeping his seed from escaping. Richard groaned as he continued to release. With as long as he had waited, his climax was stronger than he had expected, especially considering he was not with the woman he loved. Nicci's moistness just seemed to want to milk him dry.

He heaved a deep breath and relaxed on top Nicci's soft body, as she nibbled on his ear playfully, before running wet kisses down his neck.

"There," she purred. "Now wasn't that just what you needed, Seeker?"

Richard took a deep breath and leaned back, slipping out of her and rolling onto his back next to her on the bed. Yes, he had needed that. Nicci immediately curled up beside him and rested her head on his chest, running her fingers across the scars of the mark of the Keeper.

"Now you're Kahlan has felt your love," she said. "I hoped you enjoyed yourself… because I know I did."

Suddenly Richard's mind snapped with suddenly realization. Spirits, what have I done? He chided at himself. He shuddered, terrified at his betrayal to Kahlan. All he wanted was to give her the pleasure and the touch she deserved, but to do it through Nicci… how could Kahlan ever love him again, knowing what he had just done?

Nicci smiled wickedly, pleased with herself, knowing she had done more harm to the Seeker, than anyway thing else she could have done.

"I can tell you this, Richard," Nicci spoke, almost cruelly, as her warm breath blew across his exposed skin. "Kahlan enjoyed herself… very much."