*The Seeker makes amends. Very hot and heavy R/K fun times!

The Mistake – Part 6 – Righteous Absolution

Kahlan had tried to hold back her tears, but it was impossible. She allowed them to pour out, blinking through them to look down at her love. Her tears were not of grief, but of joy. Richard loved her. And only her, and now… spirits, now he wanted to make love to her; she could tell by the heavy look of lust in his eyes.

"Kahlan… please don't cry," he murmured, looking up at her. "If… if you want me to leave."

"No, my Richard," Kahlan said wiping the tears form her eyes and looking down at the Seeker, kneeling before her. "Stay. I want you to stay."

Richard gave nod, he took a deep breath and looked up at her with what seemed like an endless supply of love. "Kahlan," he spoke tentatively, as if afraid he would say something to upset her. "You may not have confessed me, but I am still yours to command."

Kahlan eased down to her knees and scooted close to him, until their bodies were inches apart. She slowly ran her fingers down his shoulders and touched his arms. His skin was surprisingly warm and moist, with a silky feel to it.

He smiled at her and let her explore him at her own pace. Kahlan's eyes were glued on his chest, as she danced her fingers across his strong pectorals, tracing the curve of the muscles. Her hands dropped down to his abdomen and she rubbed his hard stomach. Hesitantly, with her chest heaving with a burning desire to feel more of him, Kahlan looked up into his warm brown eyes and saw an absolute love reflected back at her that melted her heart.

"Richard," she spoke softly. "You do know I felt everything, right?"

He gave a slow nod. "I'm so sorry about that, Kahlan, I truly am."

"It… it was more like a phantom, but it did render me completely powerless," Kahlan said. "I felt you enter and release…"


"I want to feel that now," she said, letting her hands drop below his waist. "I know you want to make love to me… and now that we know that you are impervious to my confessor's touch, we can finally make love."

His breath caught when her hands began unbuckling his belt. She kept her eyes locked on his and finishing with the belt, she began unlacing his trousers. She inched her mouth closer to his and she could feel the warmth issuing from his breath.

"I want that, my Richard," she breathed with him, their lips barely touching. "That is my command. Make love to me. Show me… prove to me that that night with her meant nothing. The Mother Confessor offers you her body to do what you please. Show her the physical pleasure that I know you've been dying to give her from the moment you first met her running through the forests of Westland from a quad of D'Harans."

"I will obey," Richard said, smiling, brushing her hair away from his face. "But not because you are the Mother Confessor… but because your are Kahlan Amnell, the woman I love."

Richard inched forward and captured her lips in his, as Kahlan pushed his trousers down and grabbed him in her hands. His skin had a velvety feel to it and he was warm to the touch. And hard, so very hard. He groaned into her mouth as she pushed herself closer. His hands fell from her shoulders and began tugging at her top. Kahlan backed away for a moment and held up her arms, allow him to pull it off.

He threw it to the floorboard, and buried his face in her chest. Kahlan moaned as she felt his lips kiss her soft flesh and she could swear that his manhood was becoming even harder in her hands. Slowly, unsure of what to do, she began to dance her fingers up and down its length. Richard groaned and his hands joined his mouth, caressing and feeling her breasts. His tongue came out and licked her nipples and Kahlan arched her back, pushing into him. A exquisite gasp of ecstasy escaped her lips as he sucked her.

Richard's hands moved to her shoulders and he pulled her up with him, as he sat on the bed. Kahlan remained kneeling on the floorboard, before him, and he tried to urge her up, but she stopped, her eyes catching sight of his hardness for the first time. She had felt him when he had entered Nicci and when the sorceress had taken him into her mouth, but Kahlan had not expected it to be so…

"Kahlan?" Richard called, his fingers on her chin, raising her head to look into his warm brown eyes. "Join me on the bed… let me show you my love."

Kahlan took a deep breath, and turned her eyes back to his hardness. Nicci had done it. So if the sorceress had been able to do it, then she could too. Grasping him in her hand, her chest heaving as her cheeks flushed with arousal at the sight of him, Kahlan inched closer and tentatively kissed the tip.

Richard shuddered and groaned her name, brushing the hair from her face as he gazed down at her. She kissed him again, and again he responded to her kiss. She did not know how it was possible, but he seemed to become even more aroused than the phantom impressions she had gotten when he had been with Nicci.

She looked up at him. "Richard… you're… you're harder than with Nicci," she said. "I felt everything… and…"

"Kahlan…," he bent forward to caress her face. "It's because you are the only one who could possible excite me so much. Nicci may have a nice body, but she did not have my love."

"And me?" Kahlan asked, hesitantly, as she rest her head on his thigh, kissing it slightly, feeling the shiver of pleasure that coursed through his body as she did.

"You have both," he declared, and thanks to her powers of perception, she knew he was telling the truth. "You are more beautiful than she is, Kahlan. And what's more… I love you." He smiled. "It's always been you, Kahlan… always."

Kahlan stroked his hardness in her hand and inched even closer, burying her head in his lap. She opened her mouth and took him in. Richard's head rolled back and a low moan escaped his lips and she moved her tongue around him, licking him. She had no idea what she was doing, and was making it up as she went along. But his reaction told her she was doing something right.

She backed up a bit, and began moving up and down on him, taking him barely out of her mouth, then flicking her tongue over his tip before then descending back down. Richard groaned and arched himself forward, one hand dropping to rest on the back of her head as she continued to move up and down.

Continuing for a while, she felt him grow even harder and it was becoming hard to take him more fully into her mouth. She opened wider to try and take as much as she could into her mouth, when suddenly, he was pulling her way and up off her feet.

"If you keep doing that, my Kahlan," he murmured, panting to catch his breath, his cheeks slightly flushed. "I might be done before I've given you what I owe you."

"Oh, sorry," Kahlan blushed. "I really don't know what I'm doing… but was it… was it pleasing to you?"

"Very," Richard said, pulling her up into his arms as he stood and laid her down on the bed. "And to be honest, the best I've ever had, and you're a confessor, so you know I'm telling the truth."

Kahlan's heart pounded with joy when she could sense no lie in his words. She had pleased him more than Nicci had when the sorceress had taken him into her mouth. Richard eased down onto the bed next to her and she felt his hardness brush against her thigh as she spooned up against her, kissing her neck.

She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his moist kisses. His fingers danced down her face and fell to her chest, feeling her in a tender and more loving way than he had felt Nicci, when he had touched the sorceress's breasts. Her mouth opened in a soft gasp as she felt his lips danced down to her breasts, as his hands continued to caress them, his thumbs rubbing her nipples.

Richard's wet kisses continued down her body, and stopped at her navel, licking it suggestively, as if in promised to what was to come. She remembered the feeling of his kisses from when he was with Nicci, but to have them in the flesh, and him doing it to her in person only seemed to intensify her body's response. With each kiss, a thrill ran up her spine and overwhelmed her. She was becoming so aroused that she was positive she was dripping wet.

He backed up and positioned himself near her legs. His hands drifted under the band of her shorts and she readily arched her back to lift her rear, allowing him to remove the last bit of clothing that separated her from him. He flung her black shorts to the ground and returned to her with a boyish smirk, kissing her closed legs, rubbing them gentle.

"Open for me, my Kahlan," he purred into her thighs, and his fingers danced up and down her thigh, sending shivers throughout her body.

Kahlan arched her neck to watch, as she tentatively opened her legs for him. She wanted to she his reaction when he saw her. He leaned forward and rested his chin on her belly, rubbing her sides gently. The scruffy stumble on his face tickled her and she let out an airy laughed. She waited agonizingly as he gently began kissing her, slowly drifting down to her femininity.

Then he was on her, and Kahlan gasped, bucking her hips up. Richard's hands drifted down her thighs to hold her hips, steadying her and he began to tease her special spot with his lips and tongue.

"Spirits, Kahlan," she felt his breath on her exposed flesh. "You're so wet."

"Is… is that okay?" she asked, worried that it wasn't. That she had disappointed me.

He caressed her flesh with his thumb and kissed her inner thigh. "Yes, very…," Richard responded, giving her flat stomach a wet kiss. "You're taste delicious, Kahlan." He kissed her navel, before descending on her again, flicking his tongue and lapping at her, drinking in her essence.

His head was down between her legs for so long that Kahlan wondered if he was going to suffocate, but the rapturous pleasure he was giving her was so great that she could hardly think. It was unlike anything she had ever experience. It felt so much better than what he had done to Nicci, and he stayed done between her legs longer than he had with the sorceress. She felt his fingers begin to touch her and she moaned, pushing her hips up closer to him.

"Richard," she gasped, running her fingers through his thick hair, tugging at him to look up. He complied and raised his eyes, resting his head against her inner thigh.

"Yes, my beautiful confessor?" he asked, looking up at her with such desire that she had to remind herself to breath.

"Is… is this a dream?" she asked.

"No," he said, kissing her flesh. "It's not. Anything else, my love?"

"Yes. I… I want you… inside me… now!" she spoke through panting breaths, beckoning him to come to her.

"As you command, confessor," Richard teased and smiled, slowly shifting and moving up to lay beside her. He turned her onto her side, so that they were resting with their noses barely touching. His hand ran down her arm, rubbing it tenderly, before coming to rest on her hip, his fingers softly kneading the flesh of her bottom. She moaned softly, enjoying the feel of his hands on her, as he leaned forward and seized her lips in a passionate kiss.

Kahlan closed her eyes and eased into him, pressing her breasts against his chest. The sweetness in her mouth as he kissed him left her confused with how to feel about tasting herself. His kissed held such a desire and was so fierce that Kahlan just lost herself in it.

She opened her eyes and looked down, seeing his hardness brush against her stomach, as he pressed closer to her. He cupped her face with his hands and directed her gaze back to his eyes.

"Kahlan," he spoke softly, his warm breath touching her cheeks, as he caressed her face with the pads of this thumbs. "I just want you to know that I have had more joy in this past few moments than in my entire life. I love you so much… and I just wanted you to know that before I take away something that is very precious to you."

"You are not taking it away, my Richard," Kahlan breathed softly, returning his caress, running her fingers through his stubble. "It is mine to give… and I choose to give it to you freely. You are the only man I ever want to give myself to, the only man that I will ever to submit to."

"And Kahlan," he looked deeply into her eyes. Kahlan temporarily lost her breath with the depth of love she saw in his warm browns. "I've never… never… wanted to be with someone as must as I've wanted to be with you. I will never betray you, ever again. You have my word… my oath as the Seeker."

"All I need his your love, and I'll be fine," she smiled at her Seeker, her love.

Richard returned her smile and pushed her hair from her face as he kissed her. They backed away and rested their foreheads together. They shared a breath as they allowed all the guilt and pain that had been shadowing them for the past night and day fade away.

"I'm ready, Richard," she murmured.

Richard nodded, and inched his hips closer. His hands went down and lifted her leg up. He moved one of her legs back and lifted her other to drape it across his hip. Kahlan caught her breath as she felt him brush against her. He looked back up at her and rubbed her arm.

"It will hurt… but just for a moment," he said.

She nodded and took a quick breath. Kahlan placed her hand on his shoulder, while he lift his head, allowing her to placed her other arm under it. He rested his head against her arm like a pillow and his hand drifted down and she let her eyes follow his movements. He gripped himself and directed himself to her. After seeing himself positioned and ready, his tip slightly touching her folds, he looked up her.

"Are you ready?" he asked, breathing heavily. "There will be no going back after this."

Kahlan nodded and pouted her lips, being with him to kiss her. The corner of his mouth curled into a grin as he complied with her demand. As he kissed her, his hand drifted up and gripped her leg that was laying across his hip, pulling it up, opening herself more to him. Then he slowly pushed his hips up to her.

She opened her mouth and a soft breath of air escaped as she felt him push into her. Kahlan closed her eyes to the dull pain she felt. He slowly backed up, and then pushed back in. He repeated the move for a couple thrusts, then began pushing deeper inside her. Kahlan gripped his shoulder and held herself to him. She arched her head back to moan in the ecstasy at feeling him inside her as the dull pain dissipated, replaced by untold pleasure, the likes of which she had never felt before.

It was totally unlike what she had felt that night, alone in the woods as she cried sensing him enter Nicci. This was exquisite and sent shivers up her spine that escaped from her quivering lips in a heavy moan as he continued to thrust back and forth, slowly picking up spread, and driving deeper with each thrust. All the while he kept his eyes locked on her face, looking on her with nothing but love and unadulterated desire for her and her alone. Kahlan could not help but feel that they fit together perfectly, as if they belonged together.

Richard let go of her leg, knowing he was securely inside her, and she wrapped it around his middle, holding him to her. She swayed her hips with his movements, and it increased the pleasure she felt. Richard leaned forward and kissed her breasts tenderly as he continued moving inside her. She gripped his hair, holding him to her breasts and he suckled on her nipple like a babe.

As he moved inside her, he would sometimes push deep and stop, only to wiggle his hips around in a way that only caused her to whisper his name into his ear, and grasp his head.

"Oh, yes, Richard… yes," she moaned, pleading with him to continue.

Eventually, Richard grew tired of the position, and slowly pulled her up onto him as he laid onto her back. He held her to his chest, never once exiting her, as he positioned her. His hands directed her legs into the proper place. Kahlan rested her head in the crock of his neck, as his hands gripped her hips to hold her as he began bucking up into her. They flesh touched and thrived together sending shudders of pleasure down her spine.

She closed her eyes and moaned, basking in the bliss of him inside of her. Kahlan remembered from the phantom touches, that Richard and Nicci had done it in this position, and she tried to recall what it had felt like. Whatever it had, it did not feel like this. She remembered the sensation of how hard and warm Richard had felt then, but he seemed even harder now, his fingers touched the flesh of her bottom in such a way that she had to remind herself to breath.

Kahlan suddenly felt guilty that Richard was doing all the work. She slowly eased back and sat up, placing her hands onto his chest, and gasping as her shifted into a position that only seemed to cause him to push even deeper into her. Using her legs, she slowly pushed herself up, rising above him, and then dropping just as quickly to take him all the way back in. Richard's hands cupped her breasts as her hair cascade down her face as she continued to move above him, obscuring her vision of her beloved.

She huffed and tried to blow the dark strands away, but she eventually had to move one hand to pull it back and tuck it behind an ear. Richard's hands drifted down to her hips to help guide her movements, slowing her down a bit. Kahlan gazed down upon him, seeing pleasure etched on his face. His warm brown eyes looked up at her, milking in the sight of her as she rode him.

Richard gripped her hips tightly and smiled up at her. "Spirits, Kahlan… you're so beautiful… I love you," he spoke between pants.

She leaned down to press her soft body against his hard one and kissed him. He ran his hands through her hair and whispered into her ear. Her eyes rolled back into her head at the suggestion he just made.

Kahlan sat back and eased off of him, hating to remove him from her, but it was required for the next position Richard want to try. And what thrilled her was it was not something he had down with Nicci. Richard sat up and rolled up into his knees, directing Kahlan to lay on her stomach. He grabbed her hips and pulled them up into the air, and spread her legs. She felt him brush against her femininity and then her was inside her.

With a hand on the small of her back, he directed her to lay flush on the bed, as he moved with her, never removing himself. He gently guided her legs together and when she was fully down on the bed, he began moving up and down, his hard abs touching the soft flesh of her bottom, making it bounce slightly as he took her from behind.

Kahlan arched her back, pushing her rear up into him, and rolling her hips to take him as far in as possible. She stretched her neck to looked over her shoulder and watched him as he moved over her. He rested some of his weight on her and his lips kissed her shoulder and he whispered into her ear his undying love for her. Kahlan closed her eyes and lost herself in the bliss of feeling Richard move inside her. They stayed like that for a while, and Richard's hand drifted underneath her to touch her special place as he continued to sway and jerk his hips with each up and down motion.

Richard then slowly backed up, pulling her legs apart and keeping her press up against him. He took her legs in his hands and slowly spun her around. Kahlan used her arms to help, and rolled on to her back, swaying her hips ever so slightly to keep him inside. She spread her legs as wide as possible, as she had felt Nicci do, so she could take him all the way in.

Her Seeker gazed down at her and ran his fingers down her face. She closed her eyes and eased into his touch, as she felt him begin to move inside her.


Richard took a deep breath as he gazed down upon the woman he loved. This was how it should be, being with her, and just her. Never through some one else. He felt guilty for having pushed her into releasing her powers, but he had… and he had not expected to be immune, but Zedd was right, his love for her was absolute. She was his whole world. Without her, he was nothing.

He shook his head, clearing it of those thoughts, and focused on his Kahlan. Slowly, he eased down onto her and cupped her face in his hands as he continued to shift himself around inside her. She had been so tight when he first entered her that he had been worried that he would hurt her when he pushed himself all the way in, but each time he plunged into the depths of his beloved, Kahlan would moan ecstatically and her body would ripple with pleasure. And she would beg him to continue.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not take his eyes off her beautiful face and brilliant blue eyes. Just gazing into her face as she gasped in ecstasy at his ministrations made him groan with pleasure. He found more pleasure in bring her pleasure than the rapturously joy he felt when her inner muscles grip at him as he thrust back and forth inside her.

Kahlan would arch her back and push her breasts against his chest with each one of his downward thrusts. She was so wet down there that it made it ease for him to push as deep as possible. And her responses to his movements were bring him dangerously close to the edge. He forced himself to slow down, wanting to give her the pleasure she deserved before he got his.

He kissed her, running his hand down her face, caressing her cheek with the pad of thumb. "How are you doing, Kahlan?" he asked, panting with the extreme pleasure he felt at being with the one he loved. "Does it hurt? Does it feel good?"

"Oh, Richard," her hands ran through his thick hair. "It feels great, please… oh, spirits, please, continue…"

He grinned and pressed against her as her hands drifted down to rest on his backside, her fingers kneading into his flesh as she helped him push into her. Richard kissed and sucked at the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder as he made love to her.

He moved his hands up to her face and held her to him, kissing her lips, asking her to open for him. She closed her eyes and responded, her lips parting and allowing his tongue in. They continued to move together as they came closer and closer to becoming of one mind and one body. Pulling back at kiss her cheeks and run soft kisses down her neck, Kahlan clutched an hold of him, holding him closer.

"Richard… oh… oh, Richard," Kahlan moaned into his ear. He felt her tightened around him and he knew it was coming. "Oh… RICHARD!"

She screamed his name as he felt her climax. It shuddered through her body and he felt her grow even more wet as she reached sexual release. Richard picked up his own pace seeking to release with her. Kahlan's body warmed and shivered with the rippling of her orgasm, as the heights of her sexually pleasure seemed to seep up from her inner core. He placed a hand on the side of her face as he watched her eyes turn black as she lost control of her powers.

The confessor powers reached out for him, but they rolled over him and sent him into a frenzy as it only seemed to heighten the pleasure he was feeling at being inside her. Kahlan's awareness was soon returned to her and with her hands on his backside, she held him to her as he thrust himself as deep as possible. He locked eyes with her and relish in the sight of her sparkling blues gazing up at him.

Richard groaned and tensed as he felt himself release, spilling his seed deep into his beloved. He had thought his release with Nicci had been great, but this one was more powerful and the orgasm that accompanied it was far more pleasurable. As he continued to spill his seed into Kahlan, he pulled her head towards him and captured her lips with his in a fierce passionate kiss, pushing himself into her, wanting nothing more than to stay inside her for all eternity.

He did not soften as quickly as he had with Nicci, which pleased him greatly, because it allowed him to remain inside her longer, keeping his seed from escaping her womb. Richard knew it was dangerous even to consider getting Kahlan with child while the Keeper was still bent on destroying all life, but at the moment he did not care. He loved the feeling of being inside her, as if, for a moment, he was a part of her.

Allowing some of his weight to rest on her, he sucked in oxygen, his face flush and warm with the extreme climax he had just had. He kissed her shoulder and backed away, he finally slipped out of her and collapsed onto his back, beside her. Kahlan immediately curled up beside him and rested her head on his chest. Their sweaty bodies seemed to mold together perfectly. He ran his fingers down her back, tickling her spine.

Kahlan giggled slightly and ran her fingers across his moist chest.

"That… that was… spirits, Richard," she breathed. "I have no words to describe what we just did. It was so much more than I had ever expected. So much more than what I had felt when you were with her."

Richard kissed her brow and hugged her tightly. "Kahlan, I've never had a release like that, never… in my entire life," he took a deep breath. "Spirits, Kahlan, I've probably just gotten you with child."

Kahlan laughed softly and her breath tickled the fine hairs on his chest. He laughed with her and shifted onto his side to gaze into her brilliant blue eyes. He pushed her dark hair from her face and rubbed her soft brow, wiping away the sweet sweat of lovemaking.

"Well, my Seeker," she said. "If you have gotten me with child, then I will welcome it." Kahlan scooted closer and slightly brushed her silky soft lips against his as she opened her mouth sharing a breath with him. "If there is ever a man I would have wanted to be the father of my children, it is you." She winked. "Consider you're mistake forgiven."

He furrowed his brow. "Really?" he inquired, dubiously.

Kahlan smirked at him and raised an eyebrow. She touched his nose and giggled. "Remember, silly, I've felt how you made love to another woman and now I've experience you making love to me," Kahlan explained. "And believe me when I say this… You gave me such a time that it dwarfs whatever Nicci thinks she got from you… and besides," she winked. "I believe you released more of your seed into me than her."

"I'm sorry about that," Richard lowered his eyes, truly feeling remorseful. "I did not want to release inside of her, but she gripped me and forced me to."

Kahlan caressed his face, running her fingers through his stubble. All he saw was love and understanding when he looked at her. There no longer any bitterness and anger. "As long as you've learned from you mistake," she said, "then I forgive you, my Richard."

She ran her fingers down his chest and danced circles around the scared flesh of the mark of the Keeper, and then looked him squarely in the eyes.

"Now kiss me," she commanded.

Richard smiled. "By your command, Mother Confessor," he teased and leaned forward to kiss her. He felt himself awaken again with burning passion he had for this woman. He backed away and looked down, raising an eyebrow. "Kahlan?"

"Yes, my Richard," she whispered back, curling her arm around him and nuzzling his neck playfully.

He took a deep breath and reminded himself that this was not a dream. "If you're not too tired," he said tentatively. "Would you care for another round?"

Kahlan smirked and looked down. Her eyes grew wide with wonder. "Do I arouse you so quickly?" she looked stunned.

Richard chuckled softly. "With you, Mother Confessor," he said. "It's not that difficult. Spirits, Kahlan, I can look at you fully clothed and become so hard it aches." He leaned closers. "Especially in that white dress of yours."

"Really?" she said raising an eyebrow. "Perhaps I should fetch my white dress and see if that's true." Kahlan made to get up off the bed.

"Oh, no you don't," he laughed, clutching her tightly and spinning her onto her back, climbing up on top of her. "I'm perfectly content with you the way you are now."

Kahlan looked up at him and smiled, it was her special smile. The one he had been waiting to see for what had seemed like an eternity since his foolish mistake. "Then make love to your Confessor, Seeker. Redeem yourself again."

"Oh, Kahlan," Richard replied, smirking, running his fingers through her lush long hair. "I plan on redeeming myself to you for the rest of my life."

"Well, then, what you are waiting for, Richard?" Kahlan smiled back, pushing her hips up toward him. "Start the redeeming!"