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Jack's granddaughter finds him, much to Kim's dismay. Jack refuses to accept his granddaughter at first, not wanting to put more people in danger. Review please. Thanks.

My mother and I never saw eye to eye. The beautiful, perfect blonde Kimberly that I could never match up to. As times passed by, and I grew to the rebellious age of sixteen, I refused to even try. I resigned myself to books, sports, and quiet evenings locked up in my room with a laptop opened to Fanfiction. My parents, Kim and Chase, and I lived just outside of Los Angeles, right on the outskirts of the city of Angels. From my window of my second floor room, I loved to stare at the breathtaking skyline, occasionally climbing out onto the forbidden roof when I was sure my parents were asleep. Gazing at the stars, airplanes, and the illuminated Hollywood sign in the distance, I le my imagination roam wild, call me corny, but I was content, free even.

There were days when my mother did get off of her around-the-clock PMS, and acted like a civilized human being. My dad worshiped those moments of peace between me and her. Screaming matches delayed for later. I rarely ever talked to her, but when we did things together, we could find an hour or two where we spoke in a common language and stayed on the same page.

Dad says it's because she worries. Too much, in my opinion. Something happened to her family when she was my age, something they had always refused to tell me, immediately changing subject, or saying,"the past is the past," then telling me to go do the laundry, or wash my car, or some other meaningless work, at least in my opinion.

Today was one of those 'mother-daughter-coexist' evenings. Mom made some hot chocolate for both of us, and we sat together on one of the plush, navy sofas that we bought from Ikea some years ago, looking through old family albums full of pictures of mom as a child, her family vacations, rebellious teen years, college pics, friends, wedding, etc. etc.

"That's my sweet sixteen." She gushed, pointing to a picture of her surrounded by friends dressed in matching, poofy pink nightmares.

I nodded."Wow."

"My mother, Terri planned it," she leaned into me,"your grandmother." Thanks for clearing that up.

She flipped towards the next page, a black and white photo, professionally done, of her, my grandmother Terri, and a man I did not recognize. They were happy, all three seemed to be laughing. My present-day mother was not, she leaned away, pretending to reach for her mug of hot chocolate, but the unshakable sadness in her eyes was hard to miss.

A brush of her arm, and a small scrap of paper fell out of the album. Frowning, I picked it up. It was an address, printed in tiny letters: Jack and Audrey Bauer: 1045 Skyline Rd, West Hollywood, Ca.

I knew mom's maiden name. I knew Terri's last name. I heard 'Jack' being whispered in heated late-night arguments between my parents. Who was he? Who was Audrey Bauer?

Mom didn't notice me tuck the scrap of paper away into my sleeve."Who is he?" I asked, pointing at the picture of the smiling man in the family trio.

Mom put stiffened."Just a man."

My dad entered the room."Sweetheart, she has a right to know."

My mom shot him a stare full of so much anger, he had to look away."He doesn't." She hissed."And he won't."

That did nothing to simmer down my flaring curiosity."Who is he?" It dawned to me."It's Jack, isn't it?"

My mother paled."How did you know?" She fired my dad an accusing glare. He put up his hands.

"I heard you say his name."

"He's your grandfather, honey." My dad said gently.

"Chase!" My mother screamed at him.

I could not understand what was going on."My grandfather?" I whispered in repeat."Why haven't I met him? Is he dead?"

"Yes." Mom spoke as if saying a curse word.

"No." My dad said at exactly the same time.

The two exchanged hard glances. My mother crossed her arms."He's dead to this family."

"I want to meet him." I would beg if I had to. I had zero relatives as it was.

"You will not, Cali." Her voice rose up and up.

"Kim, honey." My dad pleaded with her.

Tears rushed down her face as she pointed at me."I will not do anything, to harm my child! Do you understand?" She screamed at him. So much for a quiet evening.

"I'll find him myself." I muttered."He's my grandfather. What will he do?"

My mother looked panicked."You will not! Cali, I forbid you! Do you hear me? I forbid you!"

My dad rose quietly, and put his arms around Mom's shaking form. Honestly, the woman put the 'hyst' in hysteric.

"Who are you?" I shouted back at her, knowing it was a stupid question."To tell me what I will and will not do?"

"Only your mother!" She cried.

"I'm sixteen, I'm not a child, and I refuse to be treated like one!" She was starting to get on my nerves.

"Kim, darling, lets take her to him. I know Jack would never, never do anything to hurt her." He whispered comfortingly.

"Cali, go to your room." She ordered.

I glared at her."With great pleasure." I hissed."It's better than being down here with you."

I stormed off towards the stares, not missing the heartbreak in her pretty green eyes. Immediately the whisperings began. They must think I'm more gullible than I really am. What kid in their right mind wouldn't stay at the top of the stairs and listen in?

"You know what kind of work he does." Mom sobbed quietly.

I heard movement. Dad must have sat her down on the couch."He loves you." He whispered.

"Because of him my mother is dead. Because of him, I look over my shoulder every time I'm alone, because of him, I'm a nervous wreck every time my child is ten minutes late. I can't live like his." She sobbed again.

Gah I felt like crap. But still angry. Who was this man? Is he a horrible monster? Or a heartbroken man with nothing to live for except for maybe this 'Audrey.' I glanced at the address. West Hollywood isn't that far away from here. I could leave when they're asleep and be back in no time. I'll just drive past his house, no one will even notice. But I didn't want to do it alone.

I was on the phone with my best friend in seconds."No." She said."Cali, dream on."

"Megan." I put on my 'be-reasonable' tone."If you don't do this with me tonight, you'll have to find a new best friend."

"Ha!" She laughed."You've been saying that since the fifth grade."

"Megan." I said again."It's important to me."

I heard her groan."Oh the things I do to put a little bit of drama into my life." She muttered. I grinned."Don't push your luck, Cali, I better be home by midnight." Then she hung up.

"Okay, Cinderella." I muttered at the dial tone.

It was two hours later, after my parents were sound asleep, when I sneaked my mom's cherry red Convertible out of the driveway. I knew how to drive, thanks to my dad, I had a permit, and I was convinced that if I follow all the road rules the cops won't stop me. I pulled up at Megan's house at 9:35, and she hopped into my car, her red hair waving wildly in the breeze.

"Remember, midnight." She punctuated her words.

Her phone had a GPS, and we entered the address. I have only been to the Hollywood foothills once, for some birthday party eons ago, and it felt thrilling to be sneaking out. Higher and higher we went up the hills, with their expensive houses and nice cars, until the mechanical voice of the GPS cried,"Destination ahead."

We stopped in front of a beautiful house. A black BMW in the driveway, lights on in the huge house, illuminating the manicured lawn. I understood why they called it Skyline Road. On one side stood rows of huge gleaming white houses, the other side was a cliff-like drop-off with a short concrete wall that exposed a magnificent view of the Los Angeles city skyline below.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Megan asked.

"You calling your GPS a liar?" I teased.

Megan pulled my hair."Now what?"

I leaned back in the driver seat of the parked car."I don't know. I guess we wait."

Megan moaned. The girl never had enough patience."For what?"

Good question.

"I want to see him. Or her." I murmured.

She grunted."Why not just ring the doorbell."

I stared at her."And have them call me parents? No thanks."

She resigned herself with an agitated sigh, and looked out at the city skyline.

Jack sighed and rubbed his tired eyes, driving with one hand on the wheel. It had been another long day at CTU. Interrogation aftr interrogation. He was exhausted and longed to see his wife, Audrey. It was half-passed eleven, and she called him fifteen minutes ago, telling him she loved him, wondering when he would be home.

He pulled up on the familiar Skyline street, trying to ignore the bright lights, beckoning his eyes, trying to keep them focused on the road. He noticed to teenage girls in a red Convertible, they ducked when he drove by, but it was too late, Jack had already saw them. He thought nothing of it. Just some kids smoking pot or something, trying not to get caught.

He pulled into the driveway and stumbled towards the front door. Audrey opened it and pulled him in before he could take out his keys. She kissed him feircely."I love you." He sighed into her hair.



"That red car, they've been parked there for over an hour, two girls, they keep staring at the house." She furrowed her brow.

Jack shrugged."Maybe they're just impressed. Don't be as paranoid as I am, Aud, you'll hate it."

"Jack, please." She swallowed."I'm worried."

He kissed the top of her head."I'll go see what they want."

She kissed him back."Be careful."

"There, you saw him, now can we just go?" Megan poked me in the arm.

I looked at her sharply."Would you give it a rest?"

"Can we go?" She whined.

I ignored her. The man was blond, he looked exhausted, as if the weight of the world rested on his shoulders. A pretty woman with auburn hair opened the door for him Could that be Audrey? Suddenly, the door opened. It was the man again. He looked right at me, his green eyes piercing into my own. I shrunk back in fear, and I felt Megan stiffen at my side.

"Can we go?" She begged in a whisper.

"No problem." I muttered, searching for the car keys.

The man walked right up to us. I froze. Did he know me? "Who are you?" His voice was rough and husky.

"Are you Jack Bauer?" I asked hopefully.

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose."Depends whose looking for him."

"Cali. Do you know anyone named Cali?" I asked, pathetically."You're my gran-"

He cut me off."My wife tells me you've been out here for quiet some time.

I nodded with a grin."Yeah, yeah we were-"

"Please let me finish." He muttered."I'd appreciate it if you left."

I sat back in my seat with a nod, hot salty tears threatening to spill over my eyes. I shoved the keys into the ignition, feeling Megan's hand on my arm. I wanted to ask him if he cared. But I was too scared. He stood there, like stone, watching me twist the keys."Thank you." He murmured when I started the car. He spun quickly on his heels and walked away gracefully.

I pulled the car onto the road, and drove off as fast as I dared.

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