Note: Written for the Halloween challenge on peoplespalace:

Ghost Stories: Triana's Turn: The Soul-Stealer

"One night two Mord'Sith, yet to attain the honored rank of Mistress, were given guard duty on the ramparts of the People's Palace. It was a dark, lonely night, but they were brave and eager to prove themselves.

As they watched, one facing south and the other north, they felt the cool air shivering through their braids, an ominous chill, and one Sister drew her agiels.

The other asked, 'What is it?'

'Don't you feel it?' said the first. 'Something wicked this way comes.'

The second Sister could feel it, too—a faint raising of the hairs on the back of her neck, an itching in her palms, a longing for her agiels…

She waited, but there was no enemy she could see.

Until, from far away, there was a glimmer of white—"

"A Confessor!" Garen gasped, hand over her mouth.

Triana frowned, angry at being interrupted. She was telling this story, not Garen, who had barely qualified as a Mord'Sith only months ago, and who annoyed her almost as much as Cara did.

Cara sat across from Triana in the circle, Dahlia clinging tight to her hand, face even whiter than usual. Triana felt a small twinge of satisfaction that she was scaring Dahlia, at least.

Next to Triana, Denna leaned back at her ease, a little smirk on her lips. Triana scowled at her. Denna pretended to be so fearless. Really, she was just jealous of Cara, who was Lord Rahl's favorite.

Then again, everyone was jealous of Cara.

"Yes," said Triana, not without an inward sigh. "A Confessor. She seemed far away, but then the Mord'Sith turned around and there she was, one hand outstretched—"

"That would never happen," objected Cara. "How would a Confessor get into the People's Palace?"

"She was disguised as a servant girl," Triana said impatiently.

"But the Mord'Sith attacked before she could Confess them, right?" Dahlia asked urgently, eyes wide. "Right?"

"No," said Triana, very annoyed now. "The Confessor grabbed one of the Mord'Sith around the throat and devoured her soul, and then she told the Mord'Sith to kill her Sister, and they fought, and they both fell off the battlements and died tragically, and Lord Rahl was really angry, but the Confessor disappeared and no one ever knew she even existed."

They'd made Triana so angry she'd finished the story in a rush, instead of building up the proper atmosphere, the tragic pathos of how everyone thought the two Mord'Sith had killed each other, deserted their post, committed suicide…how the Confessor took not only their lives and their souls, but their honor.

She pouted, and thought about smothering Cara with a pillow.

Dahlia was frowning. "But if no one ever knew, how did you?" she objected.

Triana rolled her eyes, and Cara gave Dahlia a quick, 'hush, it's okay, baby' kiss.

Denna leaned forward, and maybe it was a trick of the light, but her eyes seemed to glitter strangely. "Okay," she whispered, "My turn…"