Sing it Up !

I love this song so here we go, hope you like it. ! Cece and Rocky forever !

Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up !

" Cece , where are you" said Rocky as she looked at the old park. She's been walking for a hour and no sign of Cece yet.

" CECE, COME ON GET OUT HERE WE NEED TO TALK. IT'S ME ROCKY" yelled Rocky as she looked around hoping the red head would walk out of her hiding place. Hiding place that's it! Rocky ran behind the swing set and stop in front of a giant old oak tree.

" Cece are you up there" asked Rocky as she looked up the tree.

" Go away" said Cece from up the tree.

" No , we need to talk. If your not coming down I'm coming up" said Rocky as she started to climb the tree. She was afraid of heights, she hated being up so high but it was for Cece.

" Rocky , Stop get down you hate being up more then three feet." said Cece as she swung down and stop Rocky from going up anymore. They where nose to nose and Cece was blushing.

" We need to talk and if this is the only way then damn my fear's your more important then they are." said Rocky as she looked at Cece with fire in her eye's.

" Look, let's just forget it. It never happen I never sang that stupid song." said Cece as she dropped to the ground and started to run home. Rocky was in the tree all alone and she was four feet off the ground one to many for her liking. Rocky started to climb down slowly , she thought she had it. She kept repeating to in her mind I think I can ,I think I can. But she lost her footing and started to fall.

" AHHHHHHHHHH" yelled Rocky as she fell off the tree.

" ROCKY" yelled Cece as she ran to her best friend. Cece stop in front of Rocky and looked at her friend on the ground crying.

" Oh my god Rocky are you okay, wait don't answer that it's stupid of course your not your crying" said Cece as she kneel to the ground to look at her friend. Rocky was crying and holding on to her right arm.

" You , you came back" cried Rocky as she looked at Cece.

" Duh, I love you of course I'd come back can't have you broken can I " said Cece as she rolled her eye's. Rocky was grinning like she won the lottery.

" Umm, your arm is broken why are you smiling" asked Cece as she tilted her head to the right.

" Because you came back and that you just said that you love me." said Rocky as she slowly sat up.

"I , I, I did just say that huh" said Cece as she looked shocked. Rocky nodded her head and grinned.

" Yeah, you did and I have to tell you something" said Rocky as she looked at Cece.

" Tell me later we need to get you to the hospital " said Cece as she pointed to the ambulance coming there way.

" How" said Rocky as she looked confused.

" I text my mom saying you fell out of a tree. Now just relax everything will be okay I got you babe" said Cece as she had a look of confidence on her. Rocky nodded her head and leaned on Cece for support. It was nice being call babe by Cece and having her take care of her. She hope she could tell Cece she felt the same way, that she loved her too.

Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up ! Shake it up !

I got the song from Kim Possible so the drama. I was looking threw all my old song's and I found it. So I was thinking it would be cute to wright a song fic for that song. Hope you like it.