Written for legendland.

Under His Spell

"This isn't you," the Seeker begged, eyes dark and wide and skin a map of pain. "Kahlan, please—you can fight this, I know you can."

Even helpless and in chains, the Seeker of Truth remained confident, ready to die rather than to give in to Kahlan's Lord and Master, Darken Rahl.

Abstractly, she admired that determination.

"Kahlan," he went on, as she circled him, the hem of the white dress she still wore brushing against the cool stone. "Remember the first time we met—I saved you from a D'Haran quad, and you nearly killed me? Zedd named me the Seeker, and you told me you were sworn to protect me with your life. On your way to find me, you lost your sister—all because of Darken Rahl, the tyrant who slaughtered and enslaved your people!"

Kahlan made an impatient noise at that. "I remember I thought that once," she said. "Lord Rahl showed me how wrong I was. You will learn, Seeker, that my Master desires nothing but peace, throughout all three territories."

"It's a spell! This isn't real, Kahlan—you can fight it, I know you can!" The desperation in the Seeker's tone was palpable now. "And my name is Richard, Kahlan," he added, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. "I love you. You love me. Just—unchain me and we'll go and find Zedd and he'll fix you, and everything will be the way it was."

He looked so sincere, his heart shining out his eyes—for a moment, she was arrested by the sight. For a moment, Kahlan wondered what it would be like to give in.

To flee with the Seeker—Richard—and fight the ultimately hopeless battle against Lord Rahl and his armies. To wake every morning to that smile, that "I love you" as casual as breathing.

But then, the Seeker wanted the Wizard to 'fix' her. Kahlan didn't need fixing. She felt more whole than she ever had. She had a purpose. She had love. She had victory.

She had everything.

"The Confessor," Lord Rahl said smoothly, stepping up behind Kahlan and putting a possessive arm around her waist, "is mine."

"NO!" the Seeker cried, thrashing futilely in his chains.

But Kahlan, turning in Lord Rahl's embrace and pulling him down to her for a lengthy kiss, paid Richard Cypher little attention.

She had a man worthy of her love and her service now, and he wasn't the Seeker of Truth.