She saw Cobb leave and figured it was best to head off as well. Ariadne didn't know what the other guys were going to do, but she couldn't ask them since she had to keep her distance. After she claimed her only bag, she took one last glance at Arthur who was waiting for his suitcase to hover by. Eames was near but didn't look at her and she couldn't find Yusuf. She figured she should just leave.

Being back in LA, she decided to go home. Not as in her crammed Paris apartment, but home as in her grandparent's house. She hadn't seen her them in months, or her sisters for that matter. They would be thunderstruck to see her there, but she knew they would greet her with open arms offering her new wine samples and cheese.

Originally, she lived in a small Ontario town called Perry Sound. Because of family issues, she had to be moved. She finished her senior year at Parry Sound High School and then moved to Los Angeles with Mirra and Jenaya. Ariadne would do anything to go back to Parry Sound for a day.

Lorenzo and Belle Soprano were wine makers. They harvested fruits all day on their enormous vineyard. Originally, they came from wine loving countries. Their love for wine was indescribable and they wanted to teach their granddaughters about it as well. Belle made the wine most of the time and Lorenzo brought his stand to the market and sold the bottles. They made good money; Just enough to raise three granddaughters.

Then Mirra and Jenaya came in mind. They were Ariadnes younger sisters who were identical twins. Unlike her, they were blue eyed like their father but their hair had the same brunette tone. By now, they would be twenty one. Mirra was studying fashion at the Art Institute and Jenaya was in beauty school. Despite being identical, the girls were very different personality wise. Mirra was a lot harder to please than Jenaya. Jenaya smoked but Mirra never tried a cigarette. Jenaya liked boys, but on the other hand, Mirra hated them unless they were gay. Mirra was usually grumpy while Jenaya sister was cheerful.

It was a long, slow taxi ride through the city. Ariadne found herself looking through the window, tapping her nails by the lock. She hadn't been there for months, but she remembered exactly where everything was. The places she and her sisters would go, the movies and even their favorite places to eat. Her eyes were always on buildings but the buildings of LA could never match up to the works of art in Paris. The driver escaped the traffic and brought her to an Italian themed neighborhood. In the far back was the vineyard.

Nothing was different. The house was still surrounded by flowers in the front and covered in vines. An aroma of fresh grapes filled her nose with the "Welcome Home" message. Adiadne stepped forth almost too nervous to knock on the door. She was originally not planning to come here when she left Paris for the Inception so she left her house key in her apartment.

What am I waiting for? They're my grandparents for God's sake! After taking a deep breath, she opened the gate and approached the door. Enjoying the sounds of the birds behind her, she jumped when she heard a dog beyond the door barking. Nobody mentioned a dog in their e-mails.

Belle's voice was approaching telling the dog in Italian to stop yapping. A smile crept on Ariadne's face as she heard the lock click open. The elder who came into view had skin crinkled like a raisin and painted nails the color of strawberries. The dog was a Dalmatian who Ariadne had never seen before.

"Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed as she opened her arms. "You didn't tell me you were coming to visit!"

"Surprise." Said Ariadne nervously.

"Well what are you waiting for? Come in, come in. Lorenzo!" Belle shouted for her husband. "Lorenzo!"

"Che c'e?" What is it? Lorenzo yelled back.

"Arianna è casa!" Ariadne is home!

Ariadnes grandfather came out of the kitchen still in his apron that looked like the Italian flag. He looked the same way he did last time she saw him; shorter than his wife, slightly curved, and still had the thick white moustache. Lorenzo dropped his towel as his granddaughter went to hug him.

"What brings you here so soon?" he asked after kissing her forehead.

"Professor Miles said I could fly back early." She lied.

"Well don't just stand there." Said Belle. "Put your bag down and come into the vineyard. We'll have cheese and wine and talk about your adventures."

When she went outside to the back, she saw there were more than just grapes. Gammy brought out a bottle of wine that she made and poured her granddaughter a glass. The three sat down on the patio table under a white umbrella. Domino, the Dalmatian sat underneath in the shady area.

"So, anything interesting happen?" Belle asked. "Well of course I know interesting things happened in Paris, they always do, but tell me what they are."

Since she couldn't mention the Inception job, she just smiled and said, "Well, sometimes I had class in Notre Dame."

"Beautiful church." Said Lorenzo. "Any men in your life?"

Ariadne laughed, shaking her head. Every time a church was mentioned, the elders would think of a wedding and to have a wedding, the bride needed a groom. "No. You know I don't date."

"You don't like any men in your class?" Belle asked.

"No. Their only friends."

"Speaking of friends…" said Lorenzo. "How is Jules?" Jules Girard was Ariadne's best friend since preschool. They played together all the time as kids and studied together as teens. She even followed Ariadne to Paris to be trained in culinary art.

Ariadne sighed.

"I haven't spoke to her in a long time…" she said. "You see, there was an accident and she had to be rushed to the hospital."

"What happened?" Lorenzo asked going into alert-mode.

"She was stabbed in the eye."

Belle seemed horrified by this as she covered her mouth and rose her eyelids.

"It was an accident. She was working at the kitchen juggling knives like she learned and she missed one."

"Too bad it didn't land on the floor." Said Lorenzo.

"But the good news is she's going to be fine. I haven't seen her since her release but I'm sure she's gonna be missing an eye."

Lorenzo shook his head. "The nerve of people these days. Back in my day, women never tried pulling stunts."

"Times have changed." Said Ariadne. "And she was trained for years too, which is why I'm surprised by this."

"That poor dear." Said Belle. "When you fly back, I'm packing some wine for you to give to her."

"I'm sure she'd appreciate that." Said Ariadne with a light smile. "So where are my sisters?"

"Jenaya and Mirra are both at work right now."

"Mirra got a job?" Ariadne sounded more surprised than when she found out about Jules. "A job she can keep?"

"Well it is a fashion related job." Said Lorenzo. "And she enjoys going to work."

"That's a shock."

"Of course you know why she quit working at McDonalds." Said Lorenzo spreading come cheese onto a cracker.

"I don't."

"She got into a fight."

"I'm not so surprised."

"She got into a fight on the job and quit before the boss fired her." Said Belle. "The nerve of that sister of yours. She digs into peoples thoughts without their permission and when a negative thought about her is picked up she attacks."

"So I heard that she and Jenaya are doing roller derby now." Said Ariadne. "That anger helps in a sport like that."

"Oh yes, they made the state team. " said Lorenzo.

"What's the mascot?"

"Their the California Sailors." Said Belle.

"Now Mirra doesn't use her gift to cheat I hope." Ariadne sipped her wine again.

"I don't see how." Said Lorenzo. "But if you do to one of those games, dress down as much as possible."

A red BMW left the city and entered the neighborhood. The two women in the car were Ariadne's sisters Mirra and Jenaya, talking about their days at work. Mirra was always the driver because Jenaya always had a craving for a cigarette. Despite being identical, they were easy to tell apart; Mirra's hair was long and her skin was deathly pale. Jenaya had short choppy hair dyed strawberry blonde and sun kissed skin.

Mirra's phone went off. "Answer that." She ordered her sister. She never talked on the phone while driving.

"Text from Gam Gam." She said.


Jenaya almost screamed. "Ariadne's home!"

"What!" Mirra exclaimed. "No she's not."

"That's what the text says."

Mirra smiled. Not the 'happy' smile but the 'I know something' smile. She started to chuckle.

"What did you see this time?" Jenaya asked.

"Not the usual desire for sex or money." Said Mirra. "I was having lunch at Olive Garden today and some really hot guy walked in with a ditsy blonde and sat at the table next to mine."

"Rate him."

"He was a solid ten." Said Mirra. "He's what every woman wants; he had a suit, shiny shoes and nice hair. Hotter than the waiters."

"You know it's rude to read people's minds."

The telepath sighed. "I know but when a hot guy appears, you just have to know what he's thinking about." Only her family knew about this ability. This was how Mirra got close to other people. However, it didn't come without its price.

"What was he thinking about?"

"Get ready for this; I saw a memory."


"He wasn't even thinking about the blonde. He told a girl to kiss him, and it turns out that girl was our dear sister. And he told her it 'was worth a shot'." Jenaya laughed. "It gets better; I see another memory of them… walking into a hotel room." Right now, Jenaya had her hand on her mouth muffling back giggles.

"Ari got it on?"

"Well I didn't see any poke-and-run after that. But she was dressed as a secretary and he looked like a boss. So I'm thinking they did. But after being in his head for too long I got a pounding headache and for some odd reason, I was pulled out before I intended to leave."

"Oh my God…" Jenaya was on the brink of tears. "Are you going to read her mind to see if it's true?"

"Once my head stops killing me."