RPF Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on the public personas of celebrities, not the actual people themselves, nor is it a reflection of them. It is my belief that the people we see in interviews are just as 'made up' as the characters they play, and it is that 'character' that is being written about. Let me reiterate that this is a work of fiction; I don't claim to know anything about the actual people, including their opinions, habits, and inclinations, and no harm was intended or profit made by writing this.

A/N: (12/2010)

This thing turned out to be a bit longer than I initially expected. Anyways, this little fic was created by my firm belief that Tom Felton (and maybe even Dan Rad, as well) is a secret Drarry shipper. I mean, really, does anyone else listen to the things that come out of his mouth? And he and Dan are constantly touching each other. Or it may just be that I'm an obsessed fan girl who's looking for things that probably really aren't there. But y'know, I'm sure that's the case for most of us in the Drarry fandom, so I'm not too worried about sounding insane. Enough about that, though. Much thanks to Songquake for beta-ing the first chapter! Any typos you happen to find in here are entirely my fault.

A/N: (04/2011)

First let me apologize for taking so darn long to update the story, guys. I thank everyone who has showed interest in the story and encouraged me to just finish and upload it. The comments I received for the first chapter alone are staggering and I have no words to describe how happy each one made me. And believe me, I really needed every bit of happiness they brought.

About the story. As you can probably tell already, Dan and Tom are pretty OOC. I based the Tom and Dan in this fic on how I imagine them to be in my head. It was only until after the story was finished that I thought I should probably see a few of their interviews to get a better feel of their personalities and realized that the Dan and Tom in my fic are very dissimilar to the originals. By that point it was far too late to go back and change everything so I didn't bother. I look forward to one day writing a fic that captures their true personalities much better (that won't come for a very long time, though).

It's pretty much the same for the other cast members (Rupert, Emma, Mathew, etc). Everyone is pretty similar to their canon/fanon HP counterparts, and I'm sorry for apparently lacking imagination.

The rest of the story hasn't been beta-read, so do excuse any grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and typos you come across. If you point them out to me I'll make sure to fix them. Better yet, if anyone would like to actually beta read the entire thing I'd be very grateful.

Chapter 1 Notes:

1) Fic: The Sacrifices Arc by Lightning-On-The-Wave (I like this fic a lot, though for some reason I never manage to finish it

2) Fic: Underwater Light by Maya (If you haven't read it then I suggest you get your hands on it because it's really freaking awesome.)

3) Fic: Punishment by Cheryl Dyson (this is one of the hottest fics I have ever read)

4) Author: Lomonaaeren (she's written some of my absolute favorite fics)

Other Notes:

1) Bottom!Draco: Were you able to tell that I really don't like the whole top vs. bottom obsession in slash? Because I really, really don't. I honestly don't see why they both can't top and bottom.

2) Robbie is Hagrid, Michael is Dumbledore, and Joanne is J.K. Rowling

Chapter 2 Notes:

1) I have no idea if Dan was homeschooled or not. Bad research on my part, I know. It fit with the story, though, so I went with it.

2) I actually quite hate this chapter. So much is going on it and I feel I rushed through it too quickly.

Chapter 3 Notes:

1) Rupert is Ron, Emma is Hermione, Ralph is Voldemort, and Jason is Lucius.

2) This is quite possibly my favorite chapter. Probably because it was so much fun to write.

Chapter 4 Notes:

1) Kuber-Ross Model: It's meant to be funny. Sorry if it offends anyone.

2) Americans vs. Canadians: Dan isn't racist, he's just being dramatic.

3) Monty Python: A British surreal comedy group.

4) Bonnie is Ginny

5) Dan and Tom don't live in any particular area. I know I could have looked it up and did a bit of research, but I didn't find it very important to the story. Also, I was lazy.

Chapter 5 Notes:

1) The idea for Tom's costume was inspired by artwork created for the fic "And Then There Were Three" by Amy, a (fabulous) Harry/Draco/Snape fic. Google it.

2) Mathew is Neville and Devon is Seamus

3) I was reluctant to put actual lyrics in the story because 1) I normally don't like it myself, and 2) I'm not convinced I'm a good enough author to pull it off. Sorry if it irritated anyone.

Chapter 6 Notes:

1) Closer by Nine Inch Nails is the ultimate sex song.

2) I'm not very fond of the smut scene in this chapter. I considered just taking it out, but UST without eventual resolution, no matter how small, kind of sucks. Um. Yeah. Hopefully it wasn't too bad.


I had so much fun writing this little story.

Thanks so much for reading this little experiment of mine, everyone. I truly hope I didn't disappoint. Reviews and constructive criticism are, of course, very much welcome. Well, 'til next time. Bye!

~Reiko K.