The Fire And His Light


Fire. Light

The two components that couldn't be separated. The fire brings the light, and the light is a part of fire.

Yeah, like Lucy and Natsu.

Natsu was just like a blaze. He create the light more shining. He needs light to prove that he was a blaze, not just an ordinary fire. He was blazing, he want to show his heat and his light.

Natsu's POV

Lucy. Just thinking about her name made my heart beats so fast. My cheeks feels hot. And I know I'm blushing.


Uh-oh, that's her voice. I must hide this blush as fast as I could. "What's up, Luce?"

"Ummm… I was just thinking, how about we celebrate your victory to became an S-class mage? That's sound good, right?" Lucy give her genuine smile.

"But you promise, you treat me food, 'kay Luce?" I smile widely.

"Okay, I don't mind. But don't you dare to make my purse empty because of your stomach's need, okay?" She was frowned when she say that. To be honest, she was hurting my feeling. Not too hurt, really.

"Hey, you're hurting my feelings, Luce."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." She smile sadly. Good, now I'm feeling guilty.

"I'm kidding, Lucy."

She smiles so brightly. Her eyes glimmering with softness and love. Love. LOVE?

Does… does it means that she loves me? I can't stand on it much longer.

"Sorry, Lucy. I must pick up Happy from Charle's house. See ya!" I waved my hand at her and grinned, showing my dragon slayer's fang.

"Be careful, Natsu!" Lucy waved her hand at me, like I did. Her cheeks redden. But… I can't stare on her face much longer! I'm going crazy! So I ran, until I can't saw her.

Shit, I can't hide this feeling.

I think…

I think… I love you, Lucy.

End of POV

Fire. Light.

He didn't want to separated from his Light. Yes, his Light…

His Light…

His Lucy…


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