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Chapter One

It was a snowy, cold winter day.

The air was freezing, and the wind was blowing around half melted snowflakes, most of them ending up on my face. Crystalline icicles hung from my eyelashes, I was sure, and my nose was freezing. The boots I wore did nothing to protect my feet from the snow on the ground, and even pulling up my scarf didn't assuage the wind currently blowing down my collar. In short, I was having an awful, horrible, rotten Tuesday morning. Combine this with the fact that I was definitely not a morning person, and you had a very grumpy Malfoy.

I'd missed the bus and had to walk to school in the blistering weather, which caused me to be even more bad-tempered than normal. My blonde, usually perfect hair was all tangled and mussed, and wet, and I hated it. Just from these simple factors, I could already tell that something simply awful was going to happen today. Upon finally entering the school I was greeted with a rush of lukewarm air, and I slowly yanked the scarf from around my neck.

"Good morning Draco!"

The voice came from a freshman and so I ignored it, stomping (elegantly) over to my locker and tossing my effects inside, careful that it remained neat. I did have standards to live up to after all. I could hear a few girls tittering in an irritating fashion somewhere behind me and rolled my eyes— as if constant whispering over me would gain my affection. Honestly, the ninth graders had so much to learn. Grabbing the things I'd need for my first class I shut the locker in front of me, strolling down the hall with a practiced grace that would have made my father proud. Glancing around my poorly structured school made me scowl— whoever's idea it was to put up flyers about the annual snowball dance needed to be smacked. Hard.

It only made it harder to dodge girls who were hoping to find some sucker that they could drag along, so they could say they had a date.

As if I'd ever give them the satisfaction of being in my presence.

With an expression I managed to turn into only slightly irritated, I stepped into my first period class. AP Government, the only class besides Chemistry I had with a teacher that was tolerable. Extremely boring, but tolerable. One of the few people I considered a friend was in that class as well, and I took my normal seat next to her just as the bell rang.

"What happened to you? You look like you trudged all the way here in the snow." She said while quirking an eyebrow— a habit she'd picked up from me— probably referring to my rather windblown look. I shook my head, opening my folder and taking out the essay that was due today without looking at her.

"Pansy, your powers of observation continue to serve you well," I murmured as the teacher began the tedious process of taking attendance. He no longer had to call out our names, and for that I was grateful. It gave me the opportunity to rest a bit after the walk here. It had taken me twenty minutes to get to the school from my house, and I couldn't help but be angry that my father wasn't home that morning. It wasn't his fault that I'd overslept, but if he'd been there at least he could have given me a ride…

I sighed, and allowed my eyelids to close, my head drooping forward slightly. Pansy seemed to realize that I needed a moment to myself, so she simply busied herself with taking out her essay, reading over it and checking for any errors. This was why we got along. She knew when to give me my space.

It was too bad that due to certain circumstances, I would be keeping conversation to a minimum for the next five days.

Sometimes I really hated my mother.

A soft sigh parted my lips and I stretched lightly, arching my back in my seat. The first thing I was going to do when I got home— even though that was still almost eight hours away— was take a nice, hot bath. That sounded perfectly appealing.

I turned my head to the side and glanced out of the window, idly looking over the lucky students in the row closest to it. Most of them had their heads down, stealing a few more precious moments of sleep before Binns began class. One of the seniors, however, wasn't sleeping. It wasn't this that I found strange though; it was more of the fact that they seemed to be staring at me rather intensely. I gazed back with a curious look on my face, raising one eyebrow and waiting for an explanation. I recognized the student as Harry Potter, not exactly popular in my particular circle of friends. He tended to hang out with those in the regular courses— as if my parents would stand to see me taking anything less than honors all year round. I never ceased to wonder how he was able to get into one of the AP classes, but decided not to question it. It wasn't my business after all, and seeing as I didn't want anything to do with him, I didn't bother asking.

He blanched the moment he saw me staring back at him, turning quickly around towards the window, as if that would somehow make me forget the oddness of his actions.


I rolled my eyes, turning back to the front as Mr. Binns finally stood, ambling over to the dry-erase board and grabbing a red marker.

"Before you turn in your essays, I'd like to quickly go over—"


Allowing myself to get lost in the lesson I slumped slightly lower in my seat, while still retaining the posture that I always kept up. Long, tedious lessons on the government of Britain were just the thing to make me forget about my crappy morning.

As soon as the bell rang signaling the end of class, I bolted out of my seat, not bothering to toss an explanation back to a dumbfounded Pansy. She would understand everything all in due time, anyway.

"Hey Draco, did you do the chem. homework?" Theodore, a mildly annoying male that I spoke to on occasion asked me when I stepped into the hallway.

"Yes," I blurted, before quickly turning away from him, worried that he'd ask more questions. It was rather difficult to keep dodging people as I made a beeline for my next class, but somehow I managed, breathing rather heavily once I arrived. At least everyone in AP Lit had the sense not to ask any questions.

Taking my usual seat I exhaled slowly, attempting to calm myself. This wasn't that difficult. And by not talking to anyone, I avoided any and all complications— ones that my mother had undoubtedly thought would occur.

It was a bit odd though. The senior sitting next to me seemed to be pinning me with a rather cold stare, and I frowned, sending her a sideways glance. She realized that I'd caught her, and quickly whipped back around to the front.


I avoided mostly everyone for the rest of the day, and even opted to sit by myself at lunch, for reasons I couldn't tell the limited number of people I consider my friends about. I actually thought that things were going rather well, and smirked to myself rather blandly before forcing it to drop. This didn't mean I was any less angry at Narcissa.

It was at lunch, in fact, that everything just went straight to hell. People were beginning to get a bit upset that I'd been pretty much ignoring everyone and everything since the day before, but I had good reason. I'll admit that it was my fault for getting into the situation in the first place... but what was done was done, and there was no taking it back now.

I was going to win, dammit.

I was sitting quietly, ignoring the dull roar around me that were my classmates, when I heard it. Footsteps. Someone had the audacity to walk over to me during my private lunch session, and because I was feeling less tolerant than normal I turned to glare at them, saying very clearly with my eyes 'Leave, or you shall soon find yourself without your head attached.' Apparently, my visitor took my silence as the go ahead to stand there like an idiot without saying anything.

Harry Potter, had come up to me, during lunch, and was shifting uncomfortably, a blush lighting his cheeks as I continued to glare at him.

The lunchroom had gone silent, which seemed to make him even more nervous.


If he was going to interrupt my lunch, I wanted him to at least pay for it— severe humiliation seemed only fair. I could hear the whispers starting up now, mostly having to do with the social status ladder and how it was completely illegal to have someone like him speaking to someone like me. I, for one, thought they were wrong. It was completely illegal for anyone to speak to me, unless I felt like speaking to him or her as well. And there weren't many people who fit into that category. Really, it wasn't my fault that everyone was so damn annoying.

"D-Draco..." Potter finally began, crossing his arms as he attempted to hold up his façade of bravery. He was obviously embarrassed, and was obviously attempting to make himself look confident and composed.

It wasn't working.

After another moment of him not speaking I rolled my eyes, letting out a breath.

"Spit it out, Potter," I said impatiently, tapping my fingers against the table. At the sound of my voice he seemed to come out of whatever daze he'd been in, and he met my eyes. I glared back into his, my eyelids narrowing.

"Will... will you..."

God, what could possibly be so hard to say that he wouldn't quit stammering

"Will you go to Snowball, with me?"

My eyes widened and I stared at him in horror, just as the lunch room exploded into a frenzy of half shouts and furious whispers.

I gritted my teeth.

My left eye twitched.

I clenched my fists…

And I said yes.

Right now, I was seriously beginning to regret my… impulsiveness. I was sure I could feel a nervous tick coming on as Potter stared at me incredulously, before the stupidest grin came over his face and he clenched his hands into fists, performing a dumb little 'Yes!' motion with both of his arms.

I had never wanted to die more in my whole life than in that moment.

"Really?" He squeaked, before almost choking and pounding a fist against his chest, clearing his throat, "I mean—uh— really? Awesome!"

I think I was growling— I couldn't really tell— because Potter glanced at me oddly for a moment before shifting uncomfortably, noting everyone staring at the two of us with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

"…So— uh— is it all right if I sit with you?"

"…Yes." I snarled, angrily pushing aside my tray to make room. He didn't seem to notice my fury and plopped down next to me, too close for comfort. Much too close for comfort.

He twiddled his thumbs nervously under the table as I glared at him, before glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes a few times.

The room seemed to come back to life and I pretended that I couldn't hear my name pop up in every conversation.

"…So— uh—"

I cut him off, unable to handle this any longer. A growl escaped my lips, that would have been embarrassing if not for the look of absolute terror in Potter's eyes, and I placed my hands on the bench, leaning close.

"Listen. The only reason I agreed to go with you was because of some idiotic bet I made. I would never have agreed to this if not for the fact that I have to agree to everything. Once this dance is over, I will go back to pretending like you do not exist, like the way things should be. Am. I. Understood?"

My nose was practically touching his in my anger, and a light flush was dusted across his cheeks, though I wasn't sure why. He was supposed to be scared, not flustered. His eyes flickered down, fixing themselves on something just below my nose, and I quirked an eyebrow, wondering what on earth he could be staring at.

I let out an irritated sigh upon realizing that he was quite fixated on my lips, leaning away from him.

He glanced around in an almost nervous fashion, swallowing thickly.

"…So, you have to say yes to anything?"

I glared at him angrily and he held up his hands, holding back a smile.

"Just asking, sheesh. Don't worry, I wouldn't take advantage of a situation like that… much."

My glare grew deeper as he chuckled, and I found myself relieved when the bell rang. I stood immediately, snatching my unfinished lunch from the table and dumping it in the garbage on my way out. Everyone in the cafeteria gave me a wide berth as I went, watching me with confusion, awe, and horror. I'm positive I saw a few girls who were actually crying

The day didn't get any better from there.

All through my classes people were staring, rumors flying, all of them equally ridiculous. They went from claiming that I was gay— which I suppose under the circumstances might seem likely— to saying that Potter and I had been secretly dating for a while now, and had just decided to 'out' ourselves. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, if Potter didn't look so deliciously smug throughout the whole ordeal. Needless to say, by the end of the day, I was thoroughly pissed off. Even more so than I had been when the day began, which was saying a lot. So by the time the last bell rang, I was looking forward to grabbing my backpack, and catching the bus home.

I didn't normally ride— my car had been totaled in an embarrassing accident weeks prior, that was entirely the fault of my idiotic father.

"Hey, Draco!"

I sighed as the voice interrupted my thoughts, forcing me to turn, though I did not stop my fast-paced walking to the double doors that meant my salvation.

"What could you possibly want now?" I said, sounding a bit exasperated.

Potter smirked, tossing a set of keys up into the air and catching them, watching me smugly.

"Want a ride?"


This was going to be the longest five days of my life.


"So, where do you live?"

The irritating boy asked casually, and I tapped my fingers impatiently against the door of the passenger side, wanting to get home and be done with this infuriating person already.

"It's down the road, just turn left once you get outside of the parking lot," I stated matter-of-factly, staring out the window. Looking at him only re-ignited my flames of anger, and I was trying my hardest to calm myself down.

"You all right? You look like you're about to blow a blood vessel."

He wasn't helping. With an irritated sigh I removed my jacket, no longer needing it now that we were out of the cold.

"I'm fine," I spoke, turning my head slightly to face him. There was a sort of dazed expression on his face and I quirked an eyebrow, frowning. "What?"

He blinked at the word before blushing, turning and hastily inserting the key into the ignition, starting the car as he ran a hand over the back of his neck.


It was silent as he pulled out of the parking lot, which I didn't mind, as it was preferable to actually speaking to each other. This whole thing was beginning to grind quite heavily on my nerves, and I sighed lightly, running the backs of my fingers over my throat as I lost myself in thought. It was bad, right? I had agreed to go with another male to snowball, which was sure to tarnish my reputation for the rest of forever. Really. I spend my entire high school career trying to get people to fear me, and it's all ruined in just three minutes during lunch. If some jock even dared to try and harass me, they'd have hell to pay…

A loud honking noise snapped me out of my reverie and my head whipped forward, noting a large, blaring semi coming right at us.

Potter and I seemed to register this startling information at the same time, and we screamed, the other male yanking the wheel furiously to the right, barely managing to swerve out of the way.


"I'm sorry I—"

Then the car was sliding, his hands fumbling to gain control and I grabbed hold of the wheel, attempting to maintain my composer as I yanked harshly, steering us directly into a large snow bank. We were both jarred by the impact but otherwise no worse for the wear, and we sat there for a moment, calming our breathing, just staring out of the windshield. I was positively frozen, fingers rigidly clenched around the steering wheel as I stared ahead of me, imagining what would have happened had we not gotten out of the way in time. And then Potter just let out a sigh of relief, as if the whole thing was one big joke.

It was then, I think, that I snapped.

"What the hell was that?" I shouted, turning narrowed eyes to him. He seemed to shrink into his seat, pulling nervously at his collar.

"It was an… accident?" He weakly defended, offering me a smile.

"An accident that almost got us killed!"

I can't even believe

"Look, I'm sorry okay? I was… distracted!"

I gave him an incredulous look, my hands clenching into fists.

"You were distracted?"

I was pretty much snarling my words at this point, completely turned around in my seat so that I could glare at him more efficiently. My hair was disheveled from the crash— something I resented him for— and I furiously swiped stray strands away from my face, growling in aggravation.

"What could have possibly been distracting you—"

I would have continued, but my mouth was otherwise occupied.

Potter yanked me forward, so hard that I had been awkwardly pulled from my seat, my hands fumbling for leverage as his lips attacked mine rather insistently, becoming bolder with every second. His hands were all over me, running through my hair, down my back— any place he could reach— and I felt an involuntary shiver run down my spine as I attempted to get my bearings. I was balancing precariously on my knees, attempting to find someplace for my hands that Potter wasn't already occupying. His lips were insistent and unrelenting, little gasps escaping his mouth that I did my best to ignore.


I was not enjoying this.

I was not.

I was glaring at him as hard as I could which he would have noticed if his eyes weren't closed, and when I felt his tongue swipe eagerly across mine I jumped in surprise. My hand fell against the steering wheel with a bang, before sliding off due to lack of purchase, landing embarrassingly against the front of his jeans. Potter tensed, hips bucking into the contact as I attempted to undo my mistake.


I felt my cheeks heat up as he broke the kiss, panting against my lips, and I threw myself towards my seat, my back slamming against the passenger door. I didn't care though, and brought a hand to my mouth, breathing heavily.

"You— I— what the fuck?"

Potter blushed, combing his hand through his black, unkempt hair as he attempted to return his breathing to normal, pointedly avoiding my eyes.


After several moments of neither of us speaking I whipped around, fumbling with the door handle before squeezing myself from of the car, the door caught between the built up snow. Once I was outside, I began to walk angrily down the street.

The nerve of him.

How dare he have the audacity to press his lips to mine— after almost killing me! And even if the situation had been different— who does that?


I glanced over my shoulder, noting him running after me, and turned forward, wondering idly if I'd be able to outrun him.

"Draco— wait!"

I would do no such thing.

I continued walking, rubbing at my arms in an attempt to warm them, but apparently I was moving too slow, as next thing I knew a warm hand was grabbing at my shoulder, and I jumped, whipping around.

"I'm sorry I… I just— I don't know what came over me."

I gave him a cold look, my arms planted firmly across my chest.

The hell he didn't know. He kissed me! He actually kissed me! I don't care how effeminate I may look— I'm not gay dammit!

"Look, I promise I won't try anything again," He continued, his whole face a deep crimson color. Good. He deserved to feel mortified with himself. "Please, just get back in the car. It's— it's freezing outside."

…He did have a point.

And it seemed to have begun lightly snowing as well, which was doing nothing to help my jacketless self warm up. I exhaled deeply, flashing my eyes upward, wondering if whoever was up there thought this was some sort of sick joke. I certainly wasn't laughing. Potter was watching me rather nervously and so I decided to stand there just a little longer, to increase his embarrassment, before the cold finally got to me, and I started back over to the car. I ignored him as I squeezed back inside, my fists clenching and unclenching in my lap. Just because I was allowing him to drive me home, didn't mean I had to enjoy it.

I heard the driver's door open and close, and there was a slight pause, before the car started up again. Potter backed out of the snow bank— luckily there weren't a lot of cars coming down the street. The silence was definitely awkward this time as we moved along, and I could see Potter squirming in the seat next to me, sneaking glances every few seconds.


"Keep your eyes on the road," I mumbled, crossing my arms rather childishly. A deep blush spread across his face and he whipped his head around, forcing what he probably thought was a convincing looking scowl.

"I wasn't— it's just— I—… sorry."

Really, what was this guy's problem?

"It's just that I… I… ugh, never mind."

Dammit. I can't stand it when people do that.

"Just what?" I asked with a hint of aggravation in my tone, tapping my fingers impatiently against my arm. We were nearing my house now, I noted, and I frowned slightly, wanting to figure out why this irritating teenager had cut himself off.

"I said never mind," He resisted, his fingers gripping just a bit tighter on the steering wheel. I growled lightly, shaking my head.

"No, you can't do that, its— stop here."

He glanced over, slowing the car to a stop in front of the house I'd specified.

"As I was saying, it's unbelievably aggravating."

Potter didn't say anything, his brows furrowed stubbornly as he waited— probably for me to get out of his car.

"What were you going to say?" I asked again, angrier this time, turning towards him.

"Drop it."

"What was it?"



"I really like you, okay!"

The outburst caught me by surprise and I blinked, unsure how to respond. What did you say to something like that? I mean… I'd assumed he was attracted to me from that completely inappropriate and uncalled for kiss, but really, we hardly knew each other.


"I have for years now— you have no idea. Do you know how hard it is to be in lo— to like someone who doesn't even know you exist? Every day, watching everyone fawn over you— everyone. I've memorized your schedule every year since high school began, I know things about you that no one else even cares about— like how you tell everyone that your favorite color is green but it's actually silver, you love Mexican food, you can't stand when people ask stupid questions, you're cold all the time— even in summer, but you always forget to bring a jacket, you like eating cough drops even when you're not sick, you're favorite animal is a ferret, and that you always pick all the croutons out of your salads, and for some reason you really really hate cats, and I've waited for I don't know how long for you to notice me! I just couldn't take it anymore— I… I didn't actually expect you to say yes, when I asked you to Snowball… but I figured it would at least get your attention."

Potter was staring at me, when he finished speaking. He looked angry and desperate and entirely frustrated, and I was sure the only expression on my face was… shock. I was a bit… dumbfounded, to say the least. Was it possible, that he could have felt… like that for so long, and I hadn't even noticed? I was usually quite perceptive about these things, I…

I didn't know what to say.

"…I… oh."

The silence that followed was beyond awkward. Potter had turned away from me, his head falling against the steering wheel, and I simply sat there, attempting to remember how to form words.

I think I might have been blushing— I could feel my cheeks burning— and I cleared my throat softly, turning my gaze towards the glove compartment.


Why did I feel so… warm?

"I… thanks for the ride."

I turned, opening the car door with less haste this time, pushing pale strands of blond away from my face as I considered what to say. What did one say to something like that? Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't coming to mind. It was strange knowing that someone knew so many insignificant details about me… not even my 'friends' knew that much information. All they knew was the carefully preened, carefully presented Draco that everyone else was privy too. I wasn't aware that anyone would bother looking deeper. What was the point?

The walk up my driveway seemed much longer than it actually was, I may or may not have been walking slower that I normally did. That still didn't stop Potter from rolling down his window.


I paused in my steps, glancing over my shoulder in an attempt to look nonchalant. It must have worked better than I thought it did, for the other male still seemed flustered, running a hand through his already tragically messy hair as he prepared to speak.

"Could I… drive you to school tomorrow?"

Of course.

Rolling my eyes I continued the short journey up to my front door, shaking my head at his annoying persistence.



The next morning, I was feeling particularly evil.

I had had plenty of time to think over Potter's words, considering them and wondering over the possibility that it was all some elaborate hoax— then deciding he wasn't nearly smart enough for that, and now, I was finally ready to accept it. So Potter had a crush on me, so what? So did many other people at that school— maybe none of them were boy's, but that wasn't the point. The point was, there was no reason for me to get so worked up over what was a regular occurrence. I would go to Snowball with him, drink some punch, leave, and move on with my life.

My parents weren't home this morning— not unusual— so it took me less than five minutes to get out of the house, perfectly fed with a poptart and a piece of toast. Standard eating material on a normal morning. I was half hoping that I would miss my ride, but when I opened the door, backpack in tow, there was Potter sitting on the curb in his black Cobalt. I let out a slight sigh, taking my time down the driveway before climbing gracefully into the car.


Time to test just how much power I had over the other male.

Ah, the joys of living life as a villain.

I'd worn a pair of particularly tight jeans today, simply to gauge Potter's reaction. Of course, I couldn't test that until I was out of the car, but good things came to those who waited. Not that I would enjoy the result— other than the thought of him suffering— I'm not gay after all.

"Morning," He said to me in muted tones, sipping at a cup of coffee that I frowned at.

I really couldn't stand the stuff… far too bitter for me. I quite enjoyed my sweets, thank you very much. Potter allowed a slight smile to part his lips but otherwise stayed silent, putting the car into drive and turning around, beginning the ten-minute ride to the school.

And the ten minutes of what I hoped to be extremely entertaining fun.

I wasted no more time then, humming lightly just to get his attention before reaching a hand to my throat. I ran the backs of my fingers over the pale flesh in what I knew must have looked like a real gesture— I did it all the time. In fact, I'd been doing it just before that semi honked at us the other day, which I took into careful account while planning my moves this morning. The touch was light and made me resist the urge to shiver, and I allowed my fingers to linger on the hollow of my throat as I forced my eyes to continue looking out the window.

There was no reason to check— I knew he was looking.

"What do you suggest we do about the rumors," I murmured, taking that moment to glance back over to Potter. He was, predictably, staring at my throat— but he snapped his head forward as soon as I turned.

"Er— what? The… oh! You mean the rumors about us?"

I rolled my eyes, crossing my legs impatiently and aiming a glare at the other male.

"Of course."

Obviously. What other rumors would I be talking about?

He shifted in his seat, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel as he presumably thought about the predicament. When I grew impatient with waiting, I schooled a carefully neutral expression onto my face, staring blandly out the front window.

"I think it would be best if we simply pretended to be dating."

The car jerked sideways into oncoming traffic and I snapped forward alarmingly, cringing as we narrowly avoided a car and swerved back into our own lane.


"I'm beginning to doubt your abilities as a safe driver," I snapped, settling back down into my seat. I could hear him fidgeting and when I looked over, I was sure that his whole face had turned into a tomato— or something similarly colored— it was entirely red. I raised an eyebrow slowly, wondering why in the world he appeared to be so flustered. This couldn't all be from that one little comment could it?

"Sorry, you just… caught me off guard."

"I seem to do that a lot," I muttered, more intrigued than angry by this new discovery. Honestly, Potter was positively… infatuated with me. I'm positive I've never had a single conversation with him— what did I do to deserve this? Why couldn't he like someone more suited to him… like that Susan girl, or perhaps Lavender. Though she could be a bit of a bore sometimes, they definitely seemed more his type. Cheerful, cute, and female. I was none of those things, and didn't ever plan to be. In all honesty, I didn't have much of an interest for anyone at our school at the moment, but I figured that was because most of the women were air headed morons. Pansy was an exception, but I could never see me dating her. I was positive that the right person for me would come along eventually— but until then, I had more important things to worry about.

Potter did not fit into that equation.

When we finally pulled into the parking lot I was even more irritable than I had been yesterday, and I exited out of the car quickly, snatching my bag from the backseat.

"Wait, what did you say?" The raven-haired male called, jumping out of the front seat and almost tripping as he struggled to get out of the car. "A-about dating?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Honestly Potter, pay attention. I said we should pretend to be d-a-t-i-n-g." This time I spoke slowly, in ways his underdeveloped little brain could understand. It was quite simple, really— my friends would likely steer clear from me for a bit while adjusting to this information, which was what I wanted, for the second any of them got wind of my little 'bet', they wouldn't hesitate to manipulate me. Somehow, I sensed Potter was too noble for that. In addition it would keep those bloody females away, which I was always eager to do.

Really, it was the best solution.

"Oh," He mumbled, stepping up to my side as I walked into the school. The winter air was just at that temperature to be aggravatingly cold, and I was eager to feel the little heating that the establishment offered. Suddenly I was stopped just short of the door, by a hand jerking at my arm.

I scowled back when I was almost taken off balance, something that caused Potter to release me with a chagrined look.

"Don't you think we should— er— hold hands, or something?"


If I had realized he was going to get all sickeningly sweet over it I wouldn't have made the suggestion. But he wore such a hopeful face that I sighed, not wanting to make the poor boy cry. Not this early, at least. With a swift motion I extended a pale hand towards him, growing impatient when he merely stared at it dumbly.

"Well?" I hissed, feeling my fingers begin to grow numb because of the chill. And then he seemed to understand, for his face grew a stupid grin that he quickly covered with a cough, before snatching my hand in his, warming it and sending a slight shock through my body. I ignored, it figuring it was probably from the sudden change in temperature. He twined our fingers together with a happy little sigh, which caused me to roll my eyes.


Had the boy no shame?

Preparing myself for what was to come, we stepped side by side into the school.

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