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Chapter Six

My heart beat erratically in my chest, sweat dotting my brow as my eyes darted nervously around the room. That dream… nightmare was more like it. I didn't know what it was about it that had me so jittery, but I shut my eyes tightly, struggling to control my breathing and calm myself down.

Exhaling, I glanced over to my clock.


I threw off the covers, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and boldly striding forward. I tripped over the sheets that had pooled on the floor, but quickly righted myself, throwing open my bedroom door. I never slept this late— either I woke up myself, or my mother came in screeching about something or another.

Which meant that something was up.

...That, or my mother had decided to spend her morning doing more useful things. I scratched the back of my head idly, yawning a bit as I padded down the stairs with half-lidded eyes. The house was oddly quiet. I started downstairs, scratching at my stomach as I searched for my parents. I began with my father's office, then the living room, and as I was heading back towards the foyer I decided to give up the search. They could find their own damn selves- and I was hungry.

The kitchen was unfortunately empty as well, meaning I couldn't sweet talk my mother into pouring me a bowl of cereal.

I sighed, shuffling over to the cabinet and snatching down a bowl, getting the box of corn flakes and setting it on the counter.

Interestingly enough, there was a note there.

Draco. Visiting some friends today.

Have fun at your little dance!



I wasn't sure why those words put me in a sour mood.

I could feel anxiety fluttering about in my stomach, and it pissed me off to no end. What had I to be anxious about? It was only Potter. Just Potter. Even if I did seem to have fallen victim to his… infectious personality, that didn't mean I had to start getting worked up over something as mundane as a school dance.

I ate slowly, looking at the clock all the while.

The dance was at seven.

Potter was coming to get me at five.

It was one o'clock.


I growled in frustration, lifting the bowl to drink the rest of the milk, setting it firmly back down on the table once I'd finished.

I was practically an adult! I could entertain myself for a couple hours. No problem. In fact, I looked forward to having some time to myself. Yea. I sighed, walking over to the sink and placing the bowl inside.

It seemed that denial and I were quickly becoming quite good friends.

Just as I'd thought, the next few hours were torture.

I wandered about the house a bit, talked myself out of playing video games, tried to read- got bored, got on my computer and started writing an impromptu fuck you note to my least favorite teacher- got bored, considered going to the pet store and buying a dog to keep myself entertained- decided mum would kill me, dug up my old gameboy games and wandered around in Kanto for a while- got bored, before finally laying back on my bed and staring up at the ceiling.

I was honestly a bit surprised- knowing Potter and his overeagerness, I'd half expected him to come early.


Finally it reached 3:00, and I deemed that a suitable time to begin getting ready.

My shower was extra slow, more because I wanted to kill time than than anything, and the bathroom was filled with steam when I finally stepped out. I glared at the mirror too foggy to show me my reflection, brushing my teeth and running a brush through my hair.

After that I got dressed- I had to be very careful about what I wore. It couldn't be anything that got Potter too riled up, but I refused to look anything less than my best. Eventually deciding on a sweater that complimented my eyes and a nice pair of jeans I removed my suit from my closet as well, folding it neatly and placing it inside a bag so I'd have it when we stopped at Potter's house to change.

I looked over to the clock, the fairly neutral expression I'd been sporting turning into a nasty glare.

3:40. Fuck me.


"Took you long enough."


Potter looked at me, appearing mildly surprised at the words I'd mumbled. I rolled my eyes, stepping out the door and locking it behind me. "Nothing." I tugged the bag I'd put my suit in off my shoulder, content to just carry it until we reached the car. Potter looked a bit rumpled as always, but he had that familiar sheepish look on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm uh- I wasn't late, was I? I tried to be on time…"

I waved his words away. "You were. Shall we?" I led the way to the car, noting that Potter had neglected to lock it as I slid into the passenger seat.

The raven-haired male took his place shortly after, closing the door behind him with a resounding thump.

I sighed when he didn't make any move to begin driving.

Oh, bloody hell. That meant he was going to say something stupid again.

"I… I missed you…"

I looked at him, letting the bag drop to my feet. "...You can't possibly be serious."

Potter chuckled, like I was joking or something. But he started the car afterward, pulling away from the curb, so I supposed I could't complain.

"Steak N' shake, yea?" He said, and I nodded, looking out the window. It wasn't snowing today, and if you were looking very carefully it was possible to see flecks of green between the white on the ground.

No matter how you looked at it, this was a date.

...All right then. I could accept that. A date with Potter. A date, with Potter. A date with, Potter. ...No matter how many times I repeated it, it still didn't seem to sound right in my head.

I snuck a glance to the other teen, taking note of the small smile he seemed to be suppressing as we turned the corner. I didn't know why the sight made me want to smile as well, and I chose not to dwell on it.

Steak N' Shake wasn't that far away, and as we pulled into the parking lot I smacked a hand against my forehead. "Shit," I mumbled, sighing. "Ugh. We have to go back, I forgot my wallet." I cursed under my breath again, rolling my eyes at my stupidity. Honestly, all that time to get ready and I forgot something like that?

"It's- It's okay," Potter said, and I turned to him, giving him a look that said 'you can't be serious'. I swore to all that was good and holy, if Potter offered to- "I can pay for you."

"Why?" I snapped. He had better tread very carefully with his answer.

"Well because… this is a date, right? So I just thought-"

"Are you comparing me to a female?"

"What? N-no! Of course not! I was just… just…"

"Whatever." I pushed open the car door, stepping out and glaring at the ground. Perhaps I was overreacting.


But I couldn't help tell myself that I was definitely ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.


Potter laughed again, staring down at his food. He had the warmest expression on his face, a gentle flush tinting his cheeks, and when he finally lifted his head to look at me, I really saw it, for the first time.

My breath hitched.


It took me a second to realize I was standing. Potter was looking at my with concern, and I frowned, taking a breath and turning. What on earth… was wrong with me?

"Draco, what's wrong?"

I stepped away from the table.


"Just… give me a minute," I mumbled. I turned, locating the bathroom and walking briskly towards it, pushing open the door and stumbling inside. Thank god it was empty- I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't. I stepped over to the sink, blinking hard at my reflection on the dirty glass.

I glared, hands clutching tightly to the porcelain as moments passed, hardly any air escaping from my lips as I tried to see.

But I just… couldn't.

The door opened.

I straightened, fixing my face into something more normal


Potter frowned, a confused look coming over his face. He scratched the back of his head, taking a step forward. "Why what?"

I inhaled deeply, leaning back against the sink, letting my head fall forward. I just couldn't accept this. And it frustrated me more that I didn't know why than anything.

"Why do you… like me, so much?"

Everything went silent. And it registered that a public restroom was perhaps not the best time to be talking about this, but I was desperately curious, I wanted- needed to understand. I couldn't do anything else until I did. Potter was staring at the ground now, fiddling with the front of his shirt.

I just wanted him to say something.

"Why?" I repeated, weakly.

He inhaled deeply.


I held my breath.

"I used to really hate you, Draco Malfoy."

I froze.

"In middle school… and even the beginning of Freshman year. I thought you were the rudest, meanest asshole I'd ever met. You might not remember, but I moved into the district in seventh grade… when I first saw you, you were making fun of my only friend at the time."

I blinked, frowning. I had no idea what Potter was talking about… then again, my middle school years weren't exactly at the forefront of my memory.

"I thought you were a bully. And I wanted nothing to do with you. But… you seemed to be everywhere. No matter where I went or what class I took, you were always there. And the more I watched… the more I started to seek you out myself. It was obvious that the only reason you bullied people was because you wanted some sort of acceptance. And if you had stayed that way, there's no doubt that I'd still harbor some animosity towards you. But…"

Potter took another step forward.

"The more I watched, the more you changed. It was the middle of ninth grade, I think. Suddenly it was if your entire demeanor was different, and yet the same. You were still mean, but it was like you'd made up your mind to start doing what you wanted, instead of what people wanted you to do. You laughed more. But only ever around your friends.

"Do you- do you remember, the homecoming committee? We were on it together. One day you and Blaise stayed later to put up decorations after everyone had left. I realized I'd left my jacket in the school, so I'd gone back to get it and… you- I don't really know how it started, you probably remember better than I, but you and Blaise had decided to race across the gym in your socks.

"And watching you slide and trip and fall, and laugh and snark your heart out I… I fell in love.

"I kept trying to catch you as carefree as you were then, but it was rarely possible. I… started to wonder if you'd ever smile like that, for me. But you… no matter what I did, you never noticed me. I even worked extra hard so I could get into the same classes as you, but I never had the courage to really talk to you…"

I was staring. I was sure of it. My mouth was open, eyes wide as I listened to Potter speak, watched him walk closer to me with every breath, hands clenched into tight fists. It didn't… make any sense. I remembered- the events he spoke of, but to- to have feelings for someone for that long and to never… to never say anything, never do anything, perhaps I would understand. But to never give up? What would he have done if I'd said no, when he asked me to Snowball?

Would he have been as stubbornly persistent as he was now?

"Th-that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," I managed, though my voice came out too shaky for my liking.

He was right in front of me, now.


I raised up a hand to push him away- or was it to draw him closer? Regardless, he caught my wrist. I turned my head to look at the contact, my brows drawn together as my brain tried to comprehend everything that had been said.

My heart, it was beating so fast…

At the sound of my name on his lips again I looked back at him, unsurprised to see his face growing closer to mine.

I couldn't have pulled back, even if I'd wanted to.

But then, Potter pulled back, searching my eyes with that powerful gaze of his, and I had to look away.

"...We should get going," I said, and the raven haired male released me.



We exited the bathroom together- something which I dearly hoped no one had questioned, and as promised, Potter paid for both of our meals.

His house was even closer to Steak and Shake than mine had been- I calculated about a fifteen minute distance between where I lived and where he did.

Not that it mattered.

It was nearing the 6:30 mark, which meant that we'd need to move quickly if we wanted to be on time. And I was quite adamant that we were so. The lines got ridiculously long if you didn't arrive early, and I had no desire to wait that long. I made sure to get my bag from the car, looking up at the relatively simple looking house as we stepped up the driveway.

"Sirius?" Potter called as we went through the garage door, and I looked around as I got my first glimpse of the male's house.

It… wasn't quite what I was expecting. It wasn't bad either, and the slightly messy interior had, perhaps, a homier appeal than the impeccable rooms my mother and father insisted on. I was in the middle of inspecting a portrait in the hall when my hand was grabbed.

"Sirius! There you are. I'm back- we've gotta leave soon though. Um- this is Draco."

I was tugged forward until we were standing in front of a slightly scruffy looking man, who was looking at me with such a warm smile that it was like we'd met before. I couldn't help but wonder just what Potter had said to this man regarding me.

"Hello," I said after a moment, remembering my manners.

"Ah, so I finally get to meet the infamous Mr. Malfoy. Harry's told me a lot about you," the man said, and I heard Potter cough in embarrassment.

That only made me more curious.

"Yea uh- we've really gotta get changed."

I was tugged forward again, and wondered if like me, Potter was worried about being humiliated by his parents. Er- godfather. He babbled a bit as he showed me to the stairs, explaining how he'd moved in with Sirius after living with his aunt and uncle up until middle school. We stopped in front of an open door, and after a moment of looking back at me Potter stepped inside, flicking on the lights.

"This is my room. You can— um— get dressed in here. I'll use the downstairs bathroom."

I nodded, folding my arms across my chest.

He stood there in the doorway for a moment longer, before darting back out, padding down the carpeted hallway.

I turned to the full length mirror (who knew Potter'd be the type?), exhaling softly. Quite honestly, I was sort of… nervous. I'd been to dances before, of course, mostly with Pansy, but with a few other girls as well. I'd never cared enough to be anything but slightly disinterested but casually polite, and this feeling in my chest…

I shook my head.

Opening the bag I packed, I placed it on the ground beside me. Toeing off my shoes, I pulled out the white ones that sat on top of everything. I unbuttoned my shirt, letting it drop to the ground, my pants following soon after.

It was getting harder and harder to convince myself that my feelings for Potter were completely platonic. I could admit that he was… attractive, on some levels, but there was only so far I was willing to go. I frowned, continuing to dress and staring apprehensively at my reflection.

What are you afraid of?

I looked away, choosing instead to look around Potter's room a bit.

It seemed pretty typical, a few bookshelves in one corner filled with what appeared to be fantasy novels and self-help books. His bed had plain red sheets with a yellow comforter, and there was a bin on one side that appeared to be stuffed with old toys. A few posters had been attached to the wall, using copious amounts of duct tape. I couldn't wait to see his reaction when he went to remove them.

I pulled on the blazer, straightening it carefully and doing up the buttons before looking at myself in the mirror. My hair was impeccable— as always. The white suit contrasted rather nicely with the lovely green tie I'd chosen, and the silver shirt. Breathing deeply, I reached up a hand to adjust my collar— then stopped myself. This was just Potter. No need to get too spiffy. He might get too excited. Brushing a few hands down my front, I breathed out, turning towards the door.

I heard Sirius say something from downstairs, but couldn't make it out. There were footsteps afterwards, and then silence. Moving back down the long hallway from Potter's room, I placed a hand on the railing, unable to help myself from wanting to watch Potter's reaction.

Sirius wasn't there— I wasn't sure where he'd went— but Potter was staring at me from the bottom of the stairs.

His eyes were opened wide in a vulnerable stare. Lips parted slightly, his hands had clenched into fists, and after a moment he swallowed convulsively. I stopped on the last step, straightening my tie in an absentminded sort of way. "Well?" I asked.

A blush lit up Potter's cheeks. "Draco… Draco, you look wonderful." He spoke so earnestly, so fervently, I was a bit taken aback. I met his eyes briefly, before averting them and moving down to stand by him.

"Yes, well, that's nothing new." I inhaled a bit, reminding myself that this was only Potter after all, before turning to face him. "You are… presentable."

He wore a black suit, one that actually fit him, unlike all his other clothes, which seemed a few sizes too big. A green shirt completed the look, as well as a bright silver tie. I cleared my throat, slipping my hands into my pockets and opening my mouth.

"I've got the camera!"

I turned as Sirius re-entered the room, the words I'd meant to say dying on my tongue. A brief look of disappointment flashed across Potter's face, but it was gone before I could truly confirm it. The eccentric man waved his hands together, holding up the digital camera and smiling.

"Now get together you two," he instructed, turning it on and waiting for us to obey. I stole a glance over towards my date, hesitating only briefly before moving closer. An arm snaked around my waist, but I didn't have time to get properly upset about it. "Say cheese!"

I smiled brightly.

The flash had me blinking to clear my vision, and Sirius was staring down at the screen with a fond expression. "…Lovely. Oh Harry, you're so grown up now! Why, it seems like just yesterday—"

Potter groaned, grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards the door.

"Come on. If you let him he'll go on for hours."

I laughed a bit, turning and waving at his Godfather as we left.

"Bye kids! Don't do anything I wouldn't do." That last line was followed by a wink that had me worried.

Potter's narrow walkway looked just as it had when we came in, and I sighed at the thought of my shoes getting all wet and ruined.

Oh, well.

"What do you think of him?" Potter asked me, seeming to be walking directly behind me. I turned a bit, to face him.

"He's definitely… interesting."

Potter laughed. "Haha, yeah, that he is."

"Sort of reminds me of—woah!"

My foot skid instantly out from under me as I stepped on a patch of ice, arms pin wheeling to regain my balance. I had a brief moment of startled panic, when I was pulled back against something warm, and I sagged against it, pouting freely.

"Wouldn't want your suit to get dirty," Potter said cheekily.

I shoved his arms away, continuing forward and being careful to watch out for any other slick spots. "Oh fuck off."

I was glad once we finally reached the car. I'd left my clothes in the house, which I was valiantly trying to convince myself hadn't been done purposefully. Because that would entail that I wanted to come back here with Potter, after the dance. And I certainly did not. Still, I said nothing.

"What were you going to say?"

I blinked. "Hmm?"

"Before you lost your balance and almost fell flat on your face."

"I did no such thing!"

"Yeah sure. So what were you going to say?"

I huffed, crossing my legs. "Your Godfather. He reminds me of Mr. Lupin. He teaches the mythology class, I think?" Harry nodded, beginning to pull down the street.

"Yeah, we have him over for dinner sometimes. Him and Sirius are great friends."

I wrinkled my nose, turning to stare out the window. "That's… weird."

"No it's not," Potter protested.

"Yeah, it's weird."


"Harry. It's weird."

I lifted a hand to emphasize my point, and Potter caught it with his right. I glanced over, watching as he laced our fingers together. I frowned for a moment, looking from the linked appendages, to his nervous expression.

I turned back towards the window, idly tapping my fingers against the back of his hand.


The dance was lit up with multi-colored lights, flashing across the room in a way that was bordering on annoying. An annoying pop song was playing, and almost everyone was paired up on the floor, grinding against one another in the most revolting way.

At the back of the room, there was a table serving drinks, and I saw a few trays with cookies on them that were most likely disappointing. Mrs. Weasley hadn't been able to make any confections for this dance, from what I'd heard, and everyone knew she was the only person who could make them the right way.

Potter shifted next to me, drawing my attention.

I looked over at him, quirking an eyebrow.

Despite what I'd said earlier,Potter did clean up nicely. I wasn't sure how he did it, but he'd managed to tame those wild locks of his, and now he looked… half decent.

"Um… drinks?"

Oh, no. He'd devolved into one word sentences. Instead of voicing this I nodded, striding over to the table and taking a paper cup from the top of the tower. I was glad no one seemed to take much notice of us coming in, even though I could feel a few stares on us from various places in the room. That was to be expected, though.

The mother behind the punch bowl smiled at me cheerfully. I gave her my cup, and she filled it half way (stingy bastards). "Couldn't find dates then?" She asked cheekily. My lips parted, offended. With my looks, was that honestly the only assumption she could come up with.

"For your information, he is my date," I drawled, jerking my thumb in Potter's direction. He coughed a bit, but managed a tentative wave at her when I looked over to him. Her eyebrows raised in surprise, but she said nothing else.

I couldn't help the smirk that curled my lips.

As we were walking away, I linked my arm through Potter's. "I think I'm beginning to like this."

A chuckle tumbled past his lips. We walked to one side of the room, pausing to take a sip of punch every now and then. It had far too much sugar and tasted strongly of medicine, but it was better than nothing.

Potter placed a hand at the small of my back, guiding me towards a wall, gently. I looked over to him, wondering if he had felt my involuntary shudder. It was so… strange. It was strange, right? I turned away, moving the last few feet on my own so he'd stop touching me. I leaned nonchalantly against the wall.

"Some party," I commented dryly.

Potter laughed, "Yeah. S'too bad they don't have any dart guns." We shared conspiratorial grins, at that. It was only a bit difficult to hear over the booming music, and I hoped they would play something half decent sometime before the night ended.

"This is a terrible place for a date," I informed him. He looked over to me, brow furrowing. "This was your idea, after all."

He rubbed the back of his neck, a ghost of a smile appearing on his lips. "It's less about the date… and more about what it symbolizes, Draco."

I frowned. Before I could ask what he meant though, he stepped closer, pinning me to the wall with his presence. My mouth ran dry. I licked my lips quickly, eyebrows raising as he leaned towards me. It was all very strange. We weren't close enough to kiss, but he was slowly invading my personal space.

"Draco," he said again, and my eyes met his. His expression was serious. "Do you believe…"

He trailed off here, as the song abruptly changed to something soft, slow. His eyes wandered towards the DJ, and that gave my heart that had started beating rapidly time to slow down. My eyes had widened— I hadn't told him of my dream, had I?

Potter stepped away, looking a bit abashed. I crossed my arms, regaining my composure.

"…Would you like to dance?"

This elicited an eye roll. I shot him a look, moving out onto the dance floor impatiently. Honestly, why did he even bother asking? He knew what my answer would be. This whole ordeal was beginning to get really, really old. Potter seemed to be intent on milking the time he had with me dry, for he wrapped an only slightly shaky arm around my waist, the other one grabbing my hand. His palm was a bit sweaty, but that didn't stop the now familiar warming sensation from coursing through my body where he touched. I'd long gotten over attempting to figure out what it meant, simply settling the matter by saying that Potter just had too much body heat to go around. My date swayed us gently to the music, and though I was the taller one he took the lead, looking at me pointedly until I hesitantly laid my free hand on his shoulder. I could tell he was nervous. He never let go, however, his grip around my waist seeming to tighten as the irritating slow song that was playing hit a swell in the music.


He released my hand, placing his now free one around me as well, pressing the palm flat against my skin. He moved the other hand, the fingers dancing against the back of my shirt and forcing me to inhale as I called for control of my mind.

Here I was, slow dancing with another male in plain view of everyone in the school… and… it seemed I really didn't care.

How strange.

Potter was staring at my face with the strangest look in his eyes, and I quirked one eyebrow slowly, wondering what he could be thinking. His face seemed to be looming closer to mine, causing the male's cheeks to burn a dark red. Idly, I wondered if he were going to attempt to kiss me again. It took me a moment to realize that I was the one moving closer, and as soon as I noticed I froze.

Why? Why did he have this… dizzying effect on me? He was close enough now that I could feel the ragged breaths escaping his lips, pouring against mine in a sinful way that caused my eyelids to lower.

Honestly, what was I doing?

I stiffened, the hands around his shoulders going tense with realization.

After a moment I began to move back, positively mortified with my behavior. I was stopped, however, by Potter's suddenly firm grip, causing my eyes to float to where his were staring intently at me. "Draco…" He didn't say anything more for a few seconds and I frowned, watching as his eyes dropped to my lips and back up again. "Can I… kiss you?" The question made me frown slightly, even as the implications behind it made my cheeks warm.


He closed his eyes briefly, inhaling and exhaling, before opening them again. He stopped us in our motions, and I moved my hands from where they were on his shoulders, my fingers falling down slightly until they were just below his collarbone.

"Not… I mean, I don't want you to say yes just because you have to," Potter told me, his fingers digging into the flesh at my waist.

I wasn't sure if he was aware of it. But, such an outrageous request… that would require me actually admitting that I… I looked away, my head falling slightly. Now that I was no longer staring at Potter I could see the confused stares, the jealous glances of the girls, the disgusted glares of the jocks, the disapproving looks of the teachers… did I really want to deal with this?

"Draco I… I— love you."

My eyes snapped back over to his and I froze, not sure how to take the confession. Of course, I should have been expecting it, but just hearing the words was… "I have for four years now," Potter continued, appearing to grow more nervous with each word. "I… Even if you don't return my feelings, I just wanted to let you know." The raven-haired male flushed then, his head lowering. The whole situation just seemed too cheesy but… if he had the courage, then …

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I suddenly snapped, voice sounding entirely too loud for my liking. The music that was still blaring drowned it sufficiently, however, and I resisted the urge to flinch as Potter glanced up. "Kiss me." A slow, almost burning sensation seeped into my flesh as he turned entirely too bright green eyes towards my face, and I wondered for a moment whether I was going to regret this.

But then Potter's lips were pressed against mine in a way that stole my breath, and he was moving his tongue in slow circles, languidly lapping at the inside of my mouth as if it were the sweetest candy, and my eyelids fluttered shut. An embarrassing little whine tumbled from my throat and I clutched tightly at his shoulders, pressing closer as our mouths moved together. It was entirely too warm, suddenly, and I dimly thought I might have been far too near the raven-haired male, feeling his hands caressing my hips in a way that was almost innocent. I heard Harry release a groan, and I knew my cheeks must have flushed darkly, the sound causing an embarrassing reaction deep in the pit of my stomach.

And then I pushed away from him, taking in an only slightly shaky breath as I struggled to calm myself. It would do no good to give the audience I was certain was watching that kind of show, and if he kept kissing me in such a fashion, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to control myself. Once I was thinking correctly again, I risked a glance at Potter's face, biting my lip at what I found there. He was staring at me, and while this wasn't anything new there was a sheen of possessiveness in his eyes that were darkened with arousal, and I wondered how one kiss could affect him so. Not that I was much better, I supposed.

"…Lets… lets get out of here."

He seemed to like this suggestion.


"Talk dirty to me," I panted, grinding my hips harder against Harry's. Now, now he could be Harry. He inhaled deeply as soon as my breath hit his ear, the arm around my waist tightening.

"W-what?" He asked in between the absolutely wonderful things he was doing to my neck, and I let out a little moan, that only seemed to excite him further. My hands moved to the buttons on his shirt, undoing them as quickly as I was able, under the circumstances. He was wearing far too much clothing.

"Like—ah! Like you did in c-class," My words melted into a groan that turned into his name as I felt his thigh press firmly between my legs, my head falling back onto the wall behind me. Harry shrugged his shoulders compliantly so I could slide off his shirt after unbuttoning it, and once that annoying business was done with I attacked his lips once more, drawing forth from them a startled whimper. "Say what you did before," I breathed in the space between our mouths when we parted, and ground my hips against his thigh in an attempt to get more friction. He moved his hands down to the front of my white slacks, fumbling to undo them and causing me to hit my head against the wall in frustration.

"You mean that you taste good?" He asked a bit breathlessly, letting my pants drop to the ground. The black boxer briefs followed shortly after. He curled a hand around my erection and my hands snaked up to his hair, tangling in the thick black strands as my eyes shut. He was mumbling into my ear, the hot breath and filthy words causing me to bite my lip. "Gods Draco," Harry whispered, and I almost melted at hearing him say my name in that tone. It was warm. He was warm— I could hardly breathe.

My back was hitting the sheets of his bed. Harry followed shortly after, his body pressing against mine. He seemed to have lost the black dress slacks along the way, and for that I was grateful.

I hooked a leg around his waist, pressing our lips together. Our tongues collided, and I drew his into my mouth, sucking hard. The kiss was sloppy but I didn't care, more concerned with grinding my hips against his. God I needed more. I needed more.

But Harry pulled away, catching his breath and staring down at me with a look of wonder.

"…Draco, are you—"

I cut him off with a glare, panting to catch my breath. "If you ask me if I'm sure, I am leaving right now."

"…Right then."

His hands were all over me, as if he wasn't sure what he should explore first. I quickly grew impatient with everything that didn't ensure we were as close as possible.

He prepared me with a blush I was all too familiar with. I would have been embarrassed as well, but I was too busy clenching around his fingers, impaling myself on them with my eyes half-lidded, focusing on the feeling. The wanton moans couldn't have possibly come from me. My eyes flew open when he crooked the appendages, pressing in up to the knuckle.

I thought I would snap.

He added another finger, brushing against someplace inside me that yanked a cry from my throat.

"Harry please I can't just— ah! More I need more, I need you I—"

Hopefully I wouldn't remember what I had said in the morning. But I stopped all semblances of speaking when I felt the head of his cock line up with my entrance. My legs were spread entirely too wide for my liking, my chest heaving as I tried to calm myself. But all I wanted was him inside.

"Fuck— move, fuck please fuck me— hard— fuck—"

He let out a groan, his head falling forwards, and he thrust inside with one quick snap of his hips.

My mouth fell open in a silent cry, eyes squeezing shut at the pain.

Of course, it hurt. He suddenly felt much bigger than I thought, stretching me wide and almost breaking me open— But I couldn't be bothered to care because he was there, and he was panting and trembling and all I wanted was for him to move dammit—

I didn't realize I'd spoke these last two words aloud until he obeyed. Potter started out slow, chewing on his bottom lip as if he were restraining himself. He rocked his hips, moving deeper and deeper inside with each thrust forward. Breathing softly on the side of my neck, his fingers wrapped around my prick just enough to make my toes curl.


His breath caught, and suddenly he was thrusting in earnest, the new pace making my mouth run dry and my head spin. My hands scrambled for purchase around his back, as I arched into him. And I was glad that Sirius didn't seem to be home— I would have been completely humiliated if anyone had heard the noises I made. It was so deliciously wonderful, and when Harry snapped his hips forward so hard I saw stars I thought to myself, why on earth hadn't we done this sooner?

I allowed another groan to tumble from my lips, swollen from kisses. Potter tensed, his rhythm growing a bit sporadic. I felt a hand under my legs, behind my knees. He lifted the limbs, placing them over his shoulders and exhaling shakily at the new position

"Harder," I breathed. He complied.

Potter kept mumbling my name into my ear, the broken moans turning my insides to mush. He dragged a hand from my hip upwards to run a calloused thumb over my nipple, the contact dragging out a startled gasp.

He moved faster.

"Gods Draco so long— I've waited— so tight— I aaahhh—"

I pressed my hips back, clenching tightly around Potter inside of me. Mostly to get him to shut up, but the sounds he made were nice too.


The feel of something tracing lightly over my side woke me.

Blearily, I blinked my eyes open, a bit stunned to see Harry's face so close to mine. I was three seconds away from punching the bastard and demanding to know where I was, when the night before flashed into my mind. I paused.

…Since he had done a more or less satisfying job I decided not to hit him, relaxing my muscles and meeting the nervous look in his eyes. "…Good morning," I said to him, as if we weren't lying in bed together and we'd just met somewhere on the street. He seemed rather surprised by the greeting, and hesitated. After a moment I narrowed my eyes, moving a hand to snap my fingers in front of his face. "I said good morning."

Harry paused, the hand at my waist stopping and gripping the bare flesh there possessively. "Oh! Um… good morning. You're not… upset, are you?"

I rolled my eyes, dislodging his hand and sitting up. My ass hurt something fierce… but I was otherwise no worse for the ware. In fact, I felt rather relaxed.

Stretching languidly I directed my gaze towards the ceiling, falling back onto the pillow beneath me and hardly noticing the lazy smile that took over my lips.

"…If I were upset, you'd be in a lot of pain. Come here." I turned my head towards him, making the command rather pointless as I scooted closer. He seemed to be rather dumbfounded with the entire situation, so I placed a hand at his collarbone, tangling our legs together. We both smelled like sweat and sex, but it was easily ignored for the feel Harry's flesh against mine.

After a minute of shocked silence I felt an arm around my waist, and allowed my eyes to close contentedly.

But only for a moment.

"All right, that's enough cuddling for the day."

I sat up again, throwing the covers off and swinging my legs off my side of the bed. Harry got up with alarm, looking over at me. He turned terribly red as he took in my nakedness, but I couldn't for the life of me imagine why. At least- not after last night.

"Draco? What- where are you going?"

There was a slight limp to my step, but I ignored it in favor of searching for clothes. I remembered vaguely haven taken off my pants in the hallway. I found a shirt and threw it on, noticing a bit belatedly that it didn't seem to belong to me. Well, it would have to do. Now for some clean pants…

"Do you know how absolutely livid my father is going to be once he realizes where I spent the night at?" I commented off handedly, moving over to a dresser that looked promising and rummaging through a few drawers.

Harry followed me with his eyes. "…Oh! Right, of course you'll need to get home…" He stood, watching me with a slightly amused expression on his face as I finished dressing completely in his clothes. The sheet was wrapped around his waist and I crossed my arms, waiting a bit impatiently. He didn't seem to understand what I wanted, though.

"Come on, get dressed! It's already…" I glanced over to a clock on the side table, frowning at the time. "Eleven o'clock! Father's going to be furious."

He paused. "…What do you mean?"

I slapped a palm against my forehead. Really, he was too thick. But there was a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes, so I decided to have mercy on him.

"Father has yet to properly meet my new boyfriend."

His jaw dropped. I resisted the urge to laugh, because I knew this was a delicate situation that needed to be handled with care. In other words, I'd need to talk quite slowly so he'd understand. "You— you're serious?" He asked, all widened eyes and raised brows. And standing there in Harry's bedroom, for the first time I decided that yes, whole situation could finally be labeled A Good Idea. And maybe I would keep him around, perhaps as more than an acquaintance.

"Yes yes, you've seduced me. Took me out to dinner first and everything. Though I'm warning you, you'll never be rid of me now."

I was jumped.

Harry's arms wrapped around me, pulling me close and squeezing. Before I could comment on this behavior-I'd said that was enough cuddling for the day thank you very much— he buried his head in my neck, huffing and inhaling deeply.

"I wouldn't want it any other way."

I sighed, patting him lightly on the back. Touching him anymore than that was dangerous, because he was completely unclothed, and his skin was all golden and if I thought about it anymore I was going to end up embarrassing myself. I wanted to smile but thought that might encourage him too much. Instead, I placed my hands at his shoulders, pushing him away.

"You're sweaty."

"I love you."

"Take a shower."