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Herald of the Void

By Nim Maj

A Lolcron of Zero Challenge Response Fic

Chapter 1: Coming of the Storm

It had failed.

As the enemy army swarmed over his position, victorious cries shouted into the air, it felt its' power fading away to nothingness.

The Price of failure.

It could still hear its' God's curse echoing in its' body. The God would return with the True punishment. Abandoned by his army and God, it could only wait in oblivion for his God's return.

Finally drained of energy, nothingness overtook it.

Van Grothe's Rapidity swiftly swallowed up the world of Medusa V.

But without power, he was not aware of the Warp storm's arrival.

It did not even register the green portal opening up underneath it, sucking it up and transporting it to another universe entirely.

"My servant who exists somewhere in the universe! Oh Divine, beautiful and powerful familiar spirit! I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart! Answer to my guidance!"

An explosion, once again. Her heart fell as she expected yet another failed spell. As the dust cleared Louise Valliere carefully peeked out at what she had summoned. A tall and thin, black metallic body resembling a human skeleton with armor, its skull like head blank and uncaring. A black staff with a clear glass tube near the bottom, blades fanning out below that and at the top, lying down face up in the middle of the crater. "This... is my Divine, beautiful and powerful familiar?" Louise whispered to herself.

"What is that? Some kind of golem?"

"Hah, its not even working!"

"A broken familiar! Louise really is a Zero!"

This was enough to snap Louise out of her stupor. "I just made a mistake! I'll get it right!"

"Nothing less from Louise the Zero! A result that meets everyone's expectations!"

"Shut up!" Turning to the advising teacher Louise asked, "Mr. Colbert!"

"What is it?"

"Can I try summoning again?"

"I can't allow that."


"This ritual is one that decides the mages entire life. Trying again as blasphemy against the ritual itself!"

He gazed at her with a serious stare."Whether you like it or not, this creature has been chosen as your familiar."

"But I've never heard of an inanimate object as a familiar!"

"It is still your familiar. Maybe if you bound it as your familiar it will wake?"

Seeing nothing left to do Louise lowered her head and closed her eyes. She resigned herself to what she had to do. Lifting her head and beginning to chant, "My name is Louise Francois Le Blanc de la Valliere, Pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual and make it my familiar." Kneeling down she kissed it on the forehead of the skull-like face.

Power surged through the body. Magical power. It jerked the body up, awakening dormant systems, flowing through the robotic body, into the programming, as it sought to bind the Necron Lord to the caster.

Ancient fail-safes and hardwired programming were detected, and the magic installed an explanation that would ensure the obedience of the familiar to the new master.

Only one race could command the loyalty and unfailing obedience of the Necrons.

Their Deceivers. Their Betrayers. Their Masters. Their Gods.

The C'tan.

As the golem-like familiar rose up with sudden, jerking movements slowly growing smoother, Louise finally realized how tall it was, almost twice her height, but not standing straight, the armor and curve of the neck looking like it hunched over. It stabbed its staff into the ground, and looked around, its attention eventually focusing on the pink-haired mage.

"Orders...master." it rasped in a loud metallic voice.

Feeling irrational fear at the... construct of death and destruction before her, she couldn't help but stutter in surprise, as no other familiar actually spoke back to their master."W-w-what... who are you?"

Gazing at the young god(dess?) before him, he was silent a little while before answering, needing to know the best way to answer. The C'tan Louise Francois Le Blanc de la Valliere was obviously in human form, surrounded by humans, so perhaps using the human designation of him was appropriate.

"Necron... Lord... Herald... of... the Storm."

Author's Notes:

Okay, this had to be written. I thoroughly enjoyed Iceblocks' Lolcron series. I even look forward to the next chapter. But I felt strongly enough about the way he did it that it inspired me to write this out. Obviously this is going to be different. Hopefully lots of humor, if a bit dark, mostly for us as we can see how the misunderstandings pile up.

Herald of the Storm is not Lolcron, and did not meet up with the Angry Marines. He was instrumental in the Fall of Medusa V campaign (waged in Europe by tabletop players). I will only be using canon abilities, both tabletop and Dawn of War (up to Soulstorm). Explanations will abound, as well as educated guesses as to the extent of the Necron's abilities. In other words, I will include it if there is a reasonable and possible explanation, or if it appears in canon.

I will also try to tone down any 'original' events just for story purposes. All things that will happen have to have some explanation in canon of the Familiarverse, but also with known elements. I will try not to introduce enemies out of nowhere unless there is a likelihood of their actually happening.

Herald of the Storm is equipped with a Phase Shifter, Phylactery, and a Veil of Darkness that is inactive now, but can be turned on later. (A combination of DoW and tabletop rules and Necron technological capability). The Phylactery will be important soon. Please also note, that Herald is not in need of repair. He's getting all the energy he needs from holding the Staff and the Staff's power generating capability right now and then some for his internal batteries.

I am writing for my own amusement but reviews will help me update faster as I work better when I know others can enjoy my ideas. If I see you liking this then it probably will update fast (relatively).

Anyway, that's all for now! I will try to answer any question in the next update.