That day my life changed Bella/Paul

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Edward left me on that day. I am left alone now and on that day I was confused. On that day, at night I found out that I was a... (If you wanna find please read).

Chapter one - Confused

Bella P.o.v

"No, I don't want you to come with me" Edward's words rang in my head. "You don't want me?" My voice sounded weak even to me. "No." Then he left. I seriously don't know what to feel. But I felt angry, heart-broken and sadness rush through my veins as those words played again and again in my head.

I tried to run after him but I knew he was already out of forks by now because of he's speed. But I still tried to follow him but I ended up sliding down one of the long trees and cried. I don't know where I was now and I also didn't know what time it was either. I knew it was night time. That was definitely true. Then I heard howls and snuffling in the background.

I leapt off the ground and ran. I didn't know where, but I just ran. Before I knew it I was crossing the big "Welcome to La Push" sign. I suddenly stopped. Oh My Fucking God. How come I was here? I was only running for like 10 seconds and it usually took me about 40 minutes to come here. What the hell is happening to me?

Sam P.o.v

{Bring Bring Bring Bring}

Stupid phone, just when I'm getting to relax the phone starts ringing again. I ran up to the phone and there was a frantic Billy on the line." Woods… Bella…GONE!"

"What? Billy okay, okay. Calm down. Now please explain again."

"Well you know a girl named Bella?" - "No…?" - "The one that was dating Cullen?" – "Oh… her… yeah I know her." – "Well, I need you to come here now! I seriously need your help. Apparently she was dragged into the woods by Cullen in the afternoon and no-one's seen her since!"

My eyes widened by the words. Questions were running through my head. Was she changed? Was she dead? "Billy?" Oh, he hung up. With that I ran to the woods, took of my cloths and tied it to my leg and phased. I ran to the woods and caught a scent. It was with a bloodsucker too. I ran along the scent and then saw a girl. I guessed she was about 17 or 18. It was Bella. Then, she jumped up. Wow, that girl freaky. Then she turned to where I was standing. I think she saw me but I'm not sure. But the thing that scared me the most was her eyes were bright purple with a hint of bright blue. By what Billy told me her normal eye color was chocolate brown.

Then she turned and ran! I mean not just that type of ran. She ran like the wind! She was even faster than me and any other werewolves. Werewolves are faster than vampires because… just because. So that meant that she was not a vampire. I chased after her but soon she was out of sight so I just followed her scent.