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The wind blew gently through the quiet meadow as the grass glowed from the sun rays above and the leaves danced as they floated to the ground gently.

River sat peacefully under one of the lively trees. She took a deep breath as the breeze blew through her hair. Her eyes remained shut as nature unsuccessfully bothered her. Today was her first day out of Stormcage Facility, nothing could bug her today.

She felt everything around her. The leaves that rested on her body. The wind that flew right through her. The grass that tickled the bottom of her legs. The bark digging into her back.

Suddenly, she wriggled her nose as something soft tickled it. Her eyes slowly opened to see what or who was trying to bother her. When her eyes were fully opened she saw a single rose being held right in front of her. She moved her eyes to look up and a smile spread on her lips.

"Doctor!" she exclaimed as she tackled him onto his back with a hug.

The Doctor enclosed her into his embrace and held her close to him. His arms fit perfectly around her waist and hers around his neck. They laughed as they fell together on the grass. After a moment, River settled on his chest and he kept his arms around her.

"I was starting to think you weren't going to show," River admitted.

The Doctor smiled and closed his eyes as the tranquility washed over him. "Sorry bout that," he apologized sincerely, "you know how the TARDIS is at times."

"Blaming the TARDIS as usual," she smirked.

"How was your adventure with the Doctor?" he decided to change the subject.

"Fun," he felt her smile knowingly, "as always."

"You loved to torment me with your spoilers back then," he laughed, "It may have been fun for you, but it was torture for me."

Now it was River's turn to laugh. She got off his chest to look at him and they stared into each other's eyes.

"Oh please, Doctor," she scoffed, "I know you had just as much fun as I did."

The Doctor smiled as he tightened his hold on River. "I always have fun with you, River."

River smiled warmly at him and they rubbed their noses together affectionately. River re-wrapped her arms around his neck and began to inch her lips closer to his. Her eye lids began to flutter close as she got close to kiss her love.

Before their lips could touch the Doctor decided to speak. "Do you notice something odd, River?"

River's disappointment was over powered by concern. She pulled away and looked at him seriously. He moved his eyes to look passed her and River turned around to see what caught her Time Lord's at attention.

Her eyes grew in fear and she let out a soft gasp. "Doctor," she said carefully, "what's happening?"

The lovers looked around as the leaves that were gently falling mere moments ago decided to change their direction and fly back into their respective trees. River felt the breeze reverse directions and even the flower, which the Doctor had picked from the meadow itself, floated and landed back to its original bush.

"I-," the Doctor stuttered, "I don't know, River."

River looked at the Doctor as the fear in her blood began to rise. It was never something good when the Doctor didn't know what was going on. She kept looking around as the surrounding seemed to move in reverse. She looked back at her Doctor and saw him holding his head tight as his breathing began to quicken with fear. He looked at her with an apologetic stare.

"Sweetie," River placed a caring hand on his shoulder to reassure him, "what's wrong? Are you okay?"

The Doctor held River's head between his hands as he looked deep into her eyes. "River," she could see tears form in his eyes, "I am so very sorry." The tears fell and River held the Doctor's arm gently. "I am so very, very sorry. Please River, remember I love you so very much and I am very, very, very sorry," he apologized.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" she asked once more, but with more urgency, "Tell me, sweetie, why are you sorry? What's happening?"

He caressed her right cheek with his thumb and shook his head sorrowfully. He placed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes, trying to hold onto her as long as he could. He kissed her forehead and rubbed his nose against hers. Then he whispered, "Time's being rewritten."

River's eyes shot open, but before she could look at the Doctor everything began to move faster and the couple was pulled apart by a force stronger than both of them.

"Doctor," River called out for him and before she could call out once more a white light engulfed the whole meadow in its explosion.

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