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Summary: Akemi is taken into the royal firenation family by Ursa. That's where she meets Zuko. They are friends; and are banished together, sent on a journey to capture the Avatar. Problem: Akemi is against the whole thing. Follows the story line. ZukoxOC.


In the fire nation, a young girl stumbled through a dark alleyway through some buildings. She staggered with each step she took, her eyes brimmed with tears.

She stepped out of the alleyway and into the paved road between some houses and a few merchant stands that were vacant. It was barely even dawn.

The girl looked both ways to see if anyone was around. Then, she started crossing the street. She, however, did not hear nor listen to the ground rumbling until it had been too late.

Something trampled over her and pressed her against the paved road, crushing the breath out of her.

A carriage that had ran over her stopped as a woman's yell was heard. The young girl slowly used her arms to slowly sit up, watching as a woman stepped out of the carriage and run to her side. The girl was able to get a good look at the woman's appearance, even if it was dark.

The woman had pale skin that radiated in the small lights of dawn, and long black hair that went down to her upper-back. She had beautiful and radiant golden eyes that held concern looking at the young girl.

"Are you alright?" The woman asked, her voice filled with worry for the poor girl. The girl didn't say anything, but only stared at her with her mouth agape.

The woman looked at the girl's face and she took out a small handkerchief and dabbed her tounge on the tip of it, and placed it against a small cut on the girl's cheek, just below her eye. The young girl squirmed in protest, feeling her cheek sting by the sudden contact.

"I'm so very sorry. You know, you shouldn't wander the streets like this, little one. What are you doing out here when you should be home with your family?" The woman asked kindly, and the young girl froze.

The young girl looked down at her knees, making the woman raise an eyebrow curiously.

The woman's eyes widened as she heard the girl let out a hiccup sound. The girl shook violently, choking back on a few breaths as tears ran down her cheeks and hit her lap, soaking into the fabric of her pants.

"I-I have no family….t-t-they….they're d-dead! M-My home…g-g-gone—and n-no where else t-to…" the girl couldn't say her sentence right, nor could she finish either, because she burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably.

The woman's eyes softened immensely and she took the girl in her arms, embracing her as she sobbed into her chest, the child's tears soaking into her robe. The woman rocked the girl back and forth, stroking the girl's hair in a motherly way while murmuring small words of comfort.

The woman spoke up after the girl stopped crying.

"Since you have nowhere to go, I will take you in my family." The woman spoke softly. The girl looked up, her eyes brimmed with tears and confusion.


The woman smiled warmly. "You've heard of the Royal firenation family right?" The girl nodded. Then, her eyes widened. "Y-You're Queen Ursa?" the girl stuttered in shock.

"Yes, I am actually." Ursa said, rubbing her head affectionately. "Do you want to live with me back at the palace?"

The girl hesitated for a moment before nodding her head, and then burying it into her chest once more. The woman picked the girl up in her arms and carried back to the cart, telling the driver to take them back to the palace.

Ursa looked down at the girl snuggled in her arms. "What is your name?"

The girl looked up. "Akemi…" she said quietly before turning her head back, falling asleep.

Cute prologue! I love Ursa and I think she should not have been banished in the series T.T.

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