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Summary: Akemi, one night, is taken into the royal firenation family, and over time she and Zuko become best friends. However, when they are banished together, sent on a journey to capture the Avatar, a small problem arises...Akemi is against it, and suddenly must come to terms and endure challenges that may test their friendship. Follows storyline of seasons. ZukoxOC


In the cold, dreary night in the fire nation, a young girl stumbled through a dark alleyway and through some buildings pitifully. With each step she took, she staggered more and more clumsily as her eyes continued to brim with tears. Whatever that may have happened was unknown, but it affected her to the point of being unable to stand up straight and walk forward without tripping from exhaustion. She breathed as if her life was on the line and was being chased.

The little girl stepped out of the alleyway onto the glistening paved road between some houses and a few merchant stands that were vacant. It was barely even dawn, and she was all alone...this didn't seem to look very good for her in this situation. They looked both ways to see if anyone was around, shrinking back against the alley's wall just in case. A few minutes strolled by before she started crossing the street. However, amidst her staggering she did not hear nor listen to the ground rumbling over her whimpers of despair until it had been too late.

Something trampled over her and she was pressed against the paved road, crushing the breath out of her. Thankfully she had tried to dodged and was successful, but she had still had gotten ran over regardless to a degree.

The carriage responsible slowed to an abrupt halt by the sound of a woman's yell that was heard. The young girl used her arms to slowly sit up, wincing at the bruising that would be apparent, and watched as a woman stepped out of the carriage and hurried to her side, and the girl was able to get a good look at their appearance despite being dark out.

She had pale skin that radiated in the small lights of dawn that filtered over the horizon of one of the small buildings, long black hair that went down to her upper-back, and also had beautiful, radiant golden eyes that held concern towards the child. The girl knew that her eyes could not compare, as her eyes were more of a dull, olive shade in comparison, The girl fidgeted and her messy black hair shielded half her face and the tear stains that were fresh.

"Are you alright?" The woman asked, voice filled with worry for the poor girl, who didn't say anything in response. She continued to stare at the gentlewoman, mouth agape.

The older of the two examined the younger's face. She then took out a small handkerchief and dabbed her tongue on the tip of it and placed it against a small cut on the girl's cheek, just below her eye that was still bleeding. The young girl squirmed in protest at the feeling of her cheek stinging by the sudden contact, but continued to say nothing.

"I'm so very sorry, my child." She gently wiped away the blood stains on her cheek in a gentle, maternal manner. "You shouldn't be wandering the streets like this at this time...what are you doing out here when you should be home with your family?" She asked kindly.

Suddenly, the little one froze. The woman raised her eyebrows in curiosity and awaited an answer. The only response she got, however, was the young girl looking down at her knees. The woman swore she could see the small body starting to shake, but she dismissed it as her imagination initially.

The woman's eyes widened as she heard the girl let out a hiccup sound. So she was right...she was starting to cry. The girl shook violently and choked back on a few breaths as tears fell more down her cheeks and hit her lap as they dripped off her chin, soaking into the fabric of her pants.

"My family….t-t-they…m-my home…is g-g-gone—and n-no there's nowhere else t-to…" the girl stuttered, and couldn't even finish her sentence because she then burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. The woman's eyes softened immensely and she took the girl in her arms without a second thought, embracing her as she sobbed into her chest, the child's tears soaking into her robe. She rocked the girl back and forth, stroking the girl's hair in a motherly way while murmuring small words of comfort. Despite not knowing the girl, her heart ached for the child.

She continued to sit on the side of the road with the girl and the only sounds that could be heart was the muffled crying as the child buried her face deeper into the adult's robes. Finally, when the cries settled and all there could be heard was sniffles, the woman pondered, and weighed her options. As she got a good look at the girl, she spoke up after the girl stopped crying.

"Come with me." The woman spoke softly, lifting the girls chin up so she could see her face. "You will not be out without somewhere to stay."

The girl looked up, her eyes brimmed with tears, who is sad but now is downright bewildered at the offer, and now she herself was sure she was just hearing things...


The woman smiled warmly. The girl suddenly then did a double-take as she saw the woman's face for the first time in detail, along with her very aristocratic wardrobe that she donned, even as late as this hour with no one else to see her and her eyes widened.

"Y-You...You're...Q-Q-Queen Ursa." The girl stuttered, who suddenly felt more inadequate being in her presence.

"Yes, I am." Ursa said, patting her head affectionately. "Now, come along. No child deserves to go without a family." She wasn't sure how she would get her husband to let the child stay, but there was something about the girl she didn't want to turn away from and abandon now. She waited for the girl, who hesitated for a moment before nodding her head indecisively as she was unsure whether or not this was a dream. She decided to go with burying it into her chest once more and forgetting about her worries and fear...and the horrible event that transpired a while ago.

The woman picked the girl up in her arms and carried back to the cart, telling the coachman to take them back to the palace.

During the ride, the coachman was racking his brain wondering why the queen would allow such a small peasant child in her carriage and take her to the palace. He sighed and leaned back, muttering, "Well, I thought that child seemed familiar...she's that one soldier's kid..." He flicked the reins and urged the horses to pick up the pace. "Wonder how the firelord is going to react at this. I don't imagine he'll take too kindly to having a random kind in his palace."

Ursa looked down at the girl snuggled in her arms. "What is your name?"

The girl looked up. "My name's...Akemi…"she said quietly before turning her head back, falling asleep. The girl felt at peace.

As the girl fell asleep, Ursa looked out the window as the sun came up over the horizon. She wondered what would happen next, especially if she was going to convince her husband to allow her to keep the child given that she felt enormous pity for them. It was then she noticed a large trail of smoke rising in the distance near the edge of the walls of the fire nation capitol.

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