A/N- Let's face it, these two were the most badass companions EVER. And they both wound up on Gallifrey... (at least, we think they both did) so what happened to them? I may explore the idea of a Leela/Ace partnership more extensively, because together I think the two of them could probably take on the whole universe...

They stand, back to back, circling slowly as an army of Daleks- literally an army- approach, smooth and silent and confident in their mission. Arcadia is all but lost, the Time Lords driven back... but two women are here, behind enemy lines and facing certain death.

The young woman in the leather jacket swallows hard and hefts the rocket launcher she's holding. Aim for the eyepiece... Cans of nitro-9 hang from her belt, heavy, but not heavy enough. They won't make it out of this... but if she has anything to say about it, they're going out with a bang.

Behind her, the tall, dark girl in furs wields a pair of knives, empowered by the Hand of Omega, one tucked into her belt, and a staser is in her free hand. She suspects this is what oncoming death feels like for the hunted... but she will never die in fear.

"Are you ready?"

The little-girl-that-was from Perivale glances over her shoulder at the Sevateem warrior and grins.


And that day, two hundred Daleks were slain after Arcadia's fall.