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Chuck and Sarah vs Jealousy

Sarah pulled into the Buy More parking lot. Stepping out of her Porsche, she locked the door and then made her way across the lot. She walked inside and looked around for Chuck, seeing that he was at the Nerd Herd desk she made her way to him and as Sarah was making her way to Chuck all of her attention was focused on him, but given all of her spy training and instincts she was still able to notice everything and everyone around her. She saw a pretty brunette, who she thought she saw somewhere before, walking past her and out the door. Shaking off the déjà vu feeling she walked up to the Nerd Herd desk.

"Sarah!" Chuck exclaimed, exciting about seeing her.

"Hey Chuck," Sarah said before pulling him down to her by his tie, giving him a soft kiss, and when he tried to pull away she pulled him back down to give him a deeper kiss.

Chuck smiled as Sarah sighed in contentment, "What are you doing here? Not that I'm complaining in any way mind you,"

"I should hope not. I just came to see you, want to go to lunch?" Sarah asked.

"Well let me check with the manager to see if I can leave," Chuck smirked and went to find Morgan.

Sarah leaned back against the counter, not seeming to be focusing on anything but she was really listening and watching out for anything. She didn't want to take any chances after she just got Chuck back. She heard Jeff and Lester talking in the background. She wasn't really interested in their conversation until she heard Chuck's name.

"It's just not fair man," Lester whined.

"I know, he has Blondie, so why does he get all the action?" Jeff griped.

"Exactly! I mean take that brunette chick that was just in here, she was practically all over Bartowski. It's always brunettes though; maybe there's some sort of genetic flaw in their DNA that makes them drawn to him. That Jill chick he had in college, the deli girl…." Lester's voice trailed off. Sarah shut them out, not wanting to hear what else they had to say and went to find Chuck again. So she missed what Lester was going to say next, "They just don't compare to Blondie though, he only has eyes for her just like she only has eyes for him and anyone can see that."

Chuck walked up to Morgan and before he could say anything Morgan interrupted, "You want to know if you can go home to be with Sarah? Say no more, go ahead. Spend some quality time with your leggy Valkyrie,"

"I was just going to ask for lunch, but thanks for letting me go home early buddy," Chuck said to Morgan.

"Eh, I'd be remiss if I didn't abuse my managerial power for my best bud and his smokin' hot leading lady. Go home. Enjoy the day. Bye Sarah" Morgan said clapping Chuck on the back and walking off seeing Sarah come up behind Chuck.

Chuck turned around and picked Sarah up spinning her around making her giggle, and when he set her down he pulled her close to him kissing her deeply.

When he pulled away Sarah was slightly stunned, "What was that for?"

"I'm just excited. We have the rest of the day to spend together and then there's the dinner with Ellie and Awesome tomorrow." He said and then a serious look came over his face, "I've just learned the hard way to not take anything for granted, so I'm grateful that I can still spend time with them and with you. I almost lost that and I never want to lose a chance to just be with you,"

Sarah's eyes filled with tears and she wrapped her arms around him, running her hands up and down his back. "I never want to lose that chance either. I was so scared that I had lost you,"

"Well you brought me back. You saved me. You always save me, my very own angel" Chuck said before tilting her head up and kissing her deeply. He held it for a few minutes before pulling away, "Now let's get going before they try to rope us into doing some work," He grabbed her hand and ran with her out of the door and to her Porsche, Sarah giggling the entire way. He opened her door for her and then ran to his side to get in. She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek before starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot to go home.

"Thank you so much," Ellie told the cashier as she paid for her bagel. She grabbed the bag and walked out of the door, she looked down at her purse and dug around for her car keys. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and bumped into someone. "Oh I am so sorry, I wasn't watching…." She trailed off. "Allie? Allie Evans?"

Allie looked at her, "Ellie Bartowski? Wow, how've you been?"

Ellie smiled, "Thing's have been good. I'm pregnant,"

"Oh my gosh, congratulations!" Allie exclaimed.

"Thank you. So how have you been?" Ellie asked.

"I'm good, just in town for a visit." Allie said.

"That's nice," Ellie said and then she looked down at her watch. "Well I don't mean to run out on you like this, but I've got to get to work. Here's my number and call me sometime. It was nice seeing you again," Ellie said writing down her number and handing it to Allie.

"It was nice seeing you too Ellie. I'll get in touch with you soon," Allie grinned and then walked away from Ellie. "The closer I get to Ellie, the closer I can get to Chuck," she said to herself.

Later that day in Casa Bartowski/Walker/Grimes

"Oh God Chuck that feels so good," Sarah moaned her head falling onto the arm of the couch.

Chuck grinned from his spot at the other end of the couch, "I've been told I have magic hands,"

"Yes you do," she moaned again when he hit a tight spot, "I am so lucky to be able to keep you all to myself," She grinned leaning up to look at him.

"Because of my amazing foot massages or witty banter?" Chuck asked switching to her left foot.

"The whole package of course," Sarah smiled at him. She started tensing when he got near a certain spot on her foot. "Oh I hope he doesn't notice" she thought.

Chuck was grinning on the inside because he did notice she would tighten up when he passed a certain spot on her foot, "It's amazing," he said.

Sarah crinkled her brow in confusion, "What's amazing?"

"Just how much I love you and how much I learn about you each and every day. I mean I've known you for almost four years now and I am still finding out things about you," Chuck said grinning a mischievous grin.

Sarah smiled warily, "Like what Chuck?"

Chuck laughed at her look, "Oh nothing much really. Just like how you're trying so hard to hide the fact that," he paused for a few seconds until his hand was in the right spot, "you are ticklish," and his hands went wild on her feet. She squirmed and giggled and laughed so hard. Chuck laughed right along with her, knowing that she could probably get out of it if she wanted, but she was having fun too.

"Okay okay, stop I give. Please. I give. Uncle, uncle!" Sarah half scream half laughed. Chuck finally let her go and she collapsed back onto the couch in exhaustion still smiling.

Chuck moved over to her side and lay down beside her, brushing the hair that had fallen out of place back behind her ear and she wrapped an arm around his waist. "I love you Sarah Walker,"

"I love you too Chuck Bartowski," she said grinning as he moved closer to kiss her, she started sliding her hands up from his waist to his shoulder. When she reach about midway on his side, she stopped and right before his lips touched hers she tickled him. He went rolling off the couch laughing and when he landed with an "Oomph," she looked over the side in concern. "Chuck, are you alright?" she said before yelping as she was pulled off the couch on top of him.

"I'm fantastic," Chuck said. "Can I have my kiss now with no tricks this time?"

Sarah narrowed her eyes, "No tricks from you either mister,"

Chuck laughed, "Scout's honor," Sarah grinned and then lowered her head to kiss him. He brought his hand up to her to him. Without breaking the kiss Sarah managed to get up off of Chuck and back onto the couch while pulling him on top of her. She wrapped one hand around his neck, into his hair, and the other rubbed up and down on his back. Chuck ran one hand up and down her side while the other was supporting him so he wouldn't crush Sarah. Sarah pulled back from the kiss to catch her breath and tugged him down on top of her. "I don't want to crush you," he said.

"You're not. I just like to feel you, it helps me to know that you are really here," Sarah said. She wrapped her arms around him tight and breathed in his scent. She lightly kissed the side of his neck all the way up to his ear and then back down again to the collar of his shirt.

Chuck's eyes closed and he lightly moaned and tried to push himself off of Sarah. She held on tight and he pulled back far enough to see her pouting, "I've got to get up before I ravish you right here and now," he said.

Sarah smirked, "And that would be a bad thing how?"

"There is no right answer to that question so I'm just going to do the smart thing and not say anything at all," He kissed her again, sliding his lips over hers and licking the top of her lips with his tongue. When he felt her mouth open under his and her arms loosed from around him he fought against his natural instinct to deepen the kiss and moved off of Sarah and stood up.

"Using your powers of seduction against me like that is so not fair Chuck Bartowski," Sarah pouted and crossed her arms over her chest.

"And using yours against me is?" Chuck countered and smiled when she looked sheepish. "I just don't want to get something started and then be interrupted. We can still cuddle while we watch the movie,"

"Fine, but I get to pick it out and no grumbling about my lack of knowledge about popular sci-fi movies either," Sarah said.

Chuck rolled his eyes but grinned, "Alright you can pick out whatever you want, I'll go make some refreshments," He gave her a quick kiss and then went to the kitchen to get some popcorn and soda.

Ellie turned the key and opened the door to the apartment, having got off her shift early she beat Devon home. Just as she closed the door, the phone rang. She went into the kitchen to answer it, "Hello?"

"Hey Ellie, it's me Allie. Did I catch you at a bad time?" Allie said.

"No no. I just got off from my shift at the hospital," Ellie said. "So how are you?"

"Oh I'm fine. I've just been really busy with work and things, so it's been hard trying to find time to spend with friends and family," Allie said.

"I know what you mean. With Devon and me always working these crazy shifts we've barely had time to spend together, let alone with anyone else, but I think it's finally starting to settle down a bit though." Ellie replied.

"Well that's good. How's Chuck doing?" Allie casually asked.

"He's doing great, in fact I was planning on eating out with him this week," Ellie said.

Allie smiled, this was her opening, "So I was thinking that maybe if we all had time that we should get together some time to catch up,"

"Well come to dinner tomorrow night with us then," Ellie said.

Smirking Allie answered, "Are you sure? I don't want to be imposing on you guys,"

"Oh you wouldn't be imposing Allie, we're old friends after all," Ellie reassured her.

"Well I will most definitely be there then. I can't wait to catch up with the both of you," Allie gushed.

"Devon and Sarah will be there too. Well of course you know Devon, but you'll get the chance to meet Sarah. Chuck is crazy about her," Ellie said, remembering how Allie used to have the hugest crush on Chuck and everyone knew it but him. "Sarah's crazy about Chuck too. They are so in love with each other," Ellie said, but Allie didn't hear her. She was thinking about what to wear so Chuck would notice her, to take his attention away from this Sarah person.

"Aww, that's great. I can't wait to see you guys again," Allie said with fake cheer in her voice. "Listen I have to go, but give me a call later about when and where I need to meet you guys and I will see you there. It was great talking with you Ellie. I have to go. Bye," Allie hung up. She frowned and thought, "Chuck has a girlfriend. Well we'll just see about that. I'm sure I can change his mind about being with someone other than me tomorrow night," She then grinned and went over to her bed to flip through the yearbook and looked at pictures of Chuck.

Chuck was laying on the inside of the couch with his head up on a pillow while Sarah was laying beside him with her head laying on the same pillow and his arms wrapped around her.

"Aww, that is so sweet." Sarah gushed.

"Sarah, this is a cartoon… How can anything be sweet?" Chuck said.

"It just is okay. How can you not find the fact that she loves him despite what he's done and looks like sweet? She sees what's inside of him and that's all that matters to her and even though he's pushing her away because of it, she still loves him. So it's sweet okay." Sarah said.

Chuck just smiled and shook his head a little and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. He saw his phone lighting up, with a text, on the table beside the couch, he reached over to answer it. Hey Ellie he texts back

Hey Chuck, there's someone else coming to dinner tomorrow night so I thought I'd let you know Ellie answered.

Oh okay Chuck sent and when she didn't send anything else after a few minutes, Are you going to tell me who it is?

Just an old friend. Talk to you tomorrow, going to get some rest after my long shift. Love you. She sent back.

Alrighty then? Love you too he sent and then set his phone back down on the table. "Someone else is coming to dinner tomorrow," he said.

"Oh really, who is it?" Sarah asked.

"Ellie wouldn't really say, an old friend of hers I guess. Then she said she was going to bed" Chuck said.

"Hmm, well that's nice I guess," Sarah said. Seeing that the movie was ending she rolled over in his arms, "I think I need to go to bed too, care to join me Mr. Bartowski?" she smirked and stood up.

"I'd be delighted to Ms. Ba-Walker," Chuck said before standing up and scooping her up in his arms. She squealed excitedly as he carried her to their room.