A/N: I have been having this dream lately and I just had to get it out.

The Blessed

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom far, far away. This kingdom was wealthy and happy. One reason this kingdom was so happy was because of the Royal Family that ruled over the the small kingdom. It was known to everyone that the Royal Family was blessed by the gods. At birth, every child born to the King and Queen would receive two guardian angels. One angel would be an archangel sent to protect the child. The other would be there to care for the child, and teach them as they got older. But, when the child grew and married, the angels would leave and go back to paradise.

Our story begins in this kingdom when King Romulus and Queen Helen gave birth to a daughter Princesses Risa. On the day of her birth, as well as the births of her fore fathers and so on, there were two balls of light that came into the Queen's room the moment one of baby gave her first cry. When the lights flashed and disappeared there stood two angels.

The first and angel you would describe as a looking young and child-like with a cuteness that rivaled any young girl's while still keeping features that defined some masculinity. Angels were known to be slightly androgynous. He had fair, yet sun-kissed skin, with beautiful, radiant red wings. His short, spiked hair looked to match his wings in texture and color. His eyes were of deep ruby that showed all the love he had for the world and everything on it. The youthful angel had a certain innocent beauty to him that made you was to love him and be loved by him. He wore a white long sleeved tunic with read stitched patterns on the bottoms of the sleeves and collar with a white vest, a red sash, like his eyes, on his waist, with white pants and white boots. He stepped forward first and bowed to the Queen and her baby and introduced himself as Daisuke Niwa, but with a smile that warms hearts he lifted his head and asked to just be called Daisuke. The queen just wanted to hug the adorable child until his companion spoke up.

The other angel was indeed very good looking in deed. The dark angel was wat people would cal an arch-angel. all developed where the other was cherubic. He had features that most men, and women, would be envious of, but at the same time made them yearn for the angel. His pale, luminous skin contrast greatly with his magnificent, elegant black wings. His hair and eyes were the color of pure dark amethyst. Hes eyes sparkled like the dear jewels they rivaled, and told of valor, spirit, capability, and benevolence. His beauty was that of allure, yet you could feel the power he was capable of releasing. The raven angel had on a black sleeveless tunic and vest that had amethyst stitching on the left side from top to bottom, a amethyst sash on his waist, with black pants, and black boots. He stepped forwards after Daisuke and introduced himself as Dark Mousy or simply Dark with an only slightly suggestive smirk that made the Queen blush lightly.

The angels explained their duties to the new mother and her husband and the rest of the staff that were present. The same as every generation. They were there to ensure the safety and over all welfare of the child until her wedding day. That day their duties would be over and they would go back to paradise.

A/N: The dream I had was actually much simpler and I wish I had gotten it down while it was still fresh in my mind. I just decided it will come in later. So please give me a little feed back. I want to make this story the best. And short. This was suppose to be a one-shot but I guess that's not possible now.