...Hi guys. So um, yeah. This is Ryoma and Momo's story from my Nine Months universe. You don't have to have read Nine Months to understand it, though. Because THIS happened three years before the events of that story. Sooo... yeah!

I don't own anything~

"The first lucky couple had surprisingly been Echizen and Momo, during Echizen's first year of high school and Momo's second. Not exactly an opportune time in life for them, but they had made it. People had survived worse situations, and they had the compete support of both of their families. Everyone had come to terms with the fact that it wasn't as though the boys knew it could happen. They now had a three year old son."

-Nine Months, Chapter 1

"You really should see a doctor."

Echizen rolled his eyes. He'd heard that line more than once in the past few days, and the more he heard it, the more he did not want to see a doctor.

"No." He replied, not looking Momo in the eye and wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "I'm fine."

Momo snorted. "I may be thick at times, but getting sick every day like this can't be considered fine. It just can't."

Ryoma rolled his eyes. "I'm not going. It's nerves."

Momo sighed as he followed the shorter boy out of the house. "Whatever. This is like, the fourth day in a row we're going to be late because you keep getting sick like this, though. You know that?"

Ryoma made a face. "You don't have to wait for me, Momo-senpai."

Momo frowned at Ryoma as he picked his bike up off the ground. "You know I do. Now, just don't puke on me on the way, okay?"

"I won't. It was nerves, Senpai. I'm fine…"

After Echizen took his place behind Momo on the bike, Momo began to ride. "Since when do you get nervous?"

Ryoma tightened his grasp on Momo's shoulders. "I don't know, senpai. Might have had something to do with starting high school this week."

Momo laughed. "C'mon. Seriously? You've played in the US Open! What's high school compared to that? Don't be a baby, Echizen."

"A baby?" Echizen echoed. "Fine. Stop the bike if I'm being a baby, Momo-senpai."


"Stop the bike." Ryoma repeated, growing irritated. Once Momo came to a complete stop, Ryoma climbed off. "Nervous because everyone knows about the open. They all look at me weird, Senpai. They expect things from me. It's why I didn't come back to Seigaku for junior high. They either treat me like I'm a god, or they tease me. I'm not just regular Echizen Ryoma anymore. I'm Echizen Ryoma, pro tennis player. Who goes to their school. I didn't want to come back for high school either, but you talked me into it. Even knowing that I wasn't allowed to join the tennis team with you guys now. You just don't get it. Now go. I'm walking the rest of the way."

Momo stared at him, his mouth hanging open. "Echizen, I-"

"Go." Ryoma repeated, starting to walk in the direction of the school. "You're already late for practice."

Momo looked shocked. He didn't move from his spot. "Whoa! Where are you going? They'll kill me if I show up without you. They'll ask where you are and then Fuji-senpai will corner and-"

"Should have thought of that." Ryoma said, raising a hand above his head in farewell as he continued to walk forward without looking back.

He continued to walk in silence, frowning to himself when Momo finally gave up and sped up on his bike to pass Ryoma up. He hadn't meant to blow up like that, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He would apologize later.

Truth be told, he had been doing that a lot lately. Losing his cool at the littlest things. Not that he would ever admit it to anyone, but he'd even started crying the night before when Karupin had knocked over his glass.

Something was seriously wrong with him. The only thing he could think of was nerves and stress of going back to a public school after making somewhat of a name for himself. Entering the school gates, he sighed to himself. He was starting to feel a bit ill again, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He took in a deep breath, and began to make his way towards his classroom never more thankful he didn't have to pass the tennis courts to get there. Maybe a little bit of time spent with his head down on his desk would help him feel better before lessons actually began for the day.