Who Are We?

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AN: This is in response to the Challenge by Severitus. I just got really bored, and decided to try it out. Not extremely good, and it will end up being only a few chapters (I can't write it all in one, it upsets my creative balance. Yeah, that sounds good. Creative balance.)


"Harry!" Hermione shouted towards me, I just happened to be lagging behind a bit. Well, more than a bit actually.

            "I'm coming, 'Mione!" I shouted back. My carrying bag had ripped on one of the many suits of armor that inhabited the Hogwarts castle. Unfortunately, I had most of my books in the bag at the time (Potions, Divination, Herbology, and Transfiguration. I didn't trust my Care of Magical Creatures book enough to put it in with the others, so I carried it only when I needed it.) so it was taking quite sometime to get them all back in their proper places. Or, atleast to get them positioned in the bag so that I could close it.

            It was turning out to be quite a difficult task. How had I gotten them all in there in the first place? If I could remember that then maybe…

            "I can't believe you still haven't told him." It was Professor Lupin's voice, and by the sound of things he wasn't far off. I looked up to see that my friends had continued without me—some friends—so I quickly ducked behind the aforementioned suit of armor, my bag in hand.

            "Told who what? Really Lupin, you are going to have to start making more sense if you wish to have a constructive conversation." Professor Snape. What was Professor Lupin talking to that greasy git for?

            "You know precisely who and what I am referring to, Severus. It's been fifteen years, don't you think that he has a right to…" Professor Lupin was cut off before he could finish.

            "To what, Lupin?! To know me, to know who. I. Am?!" Professor Snape sounded angry, but then again, he always sounded rather annoyed at something.

            "No, Severus. To know what you are. Though I think that once he finds that out he might be more than interested to know more about you." I felt rather guilty about listening in on my Professor's private conversation, but I didn't have much choice at the moment. If I stepped out I would be in trouble, and I wouldn't learn whom they were talking about.

            "For all I know, he's not even mine. There is just a slim possibility, no more than that." Not even his? That sounds an awful lot like they are talking about…

            "He is your son, Severus and you know it." Son?! Professor Snape, the greasy, slimy, Potions Master had a son?! Oh, the poor kid.

            "Like I stated, there is nothing more than a possibility."

            "Then why didn't you find out the truth before? Why make him suffer with…"

            "Suffer?! I assure you, that boy hasn't suffered! He's a spoiled, arrogant…"

            Spoiled? Arrogant? It sounds like he is talking about…

            "Spoiled? Arrogant? My God, Severus, you don't even know the boy."

            "I know…"

            "You know nothing!" Remus was raising his voice? That couldn't be good, he must be very angry. "You don't know what he has told me, and only me! You don't see the pain in his eyes, the pain put there after many years of abuse!"

            I'm guessing that Professor Snape wasn't comfortable with the direction the conversation was going, because he changed the subject.

            "Can you imagine what would happen if I were to tell him?! Tell him that I am his father, and not the man whom he has believed to be for so long?!" He sounds distressed. Nah…the day Professor Snape gets distressed out of anything but anger is the day the moon breaks in half and comes plunging down upon the Earth. 

            "Have you not seen him, Severus? Have you not seen has he is changing? He is becoming you." Suddenly, something becomes clear to me. I look at my reflection in the cold metal of the armor and hold in a gasp. I see myself, but someone completely different.

            Someone who looks an awful lot like Professor Snape…

            "He will never know! I will never tell him, nor will I tell anyone else!"

            "Have you ever considered, even once, that he didn't have a perfect home life? That he wasn't spoiled? That he wasn't arrogant? Perhaps, have you even considered the fact that he might have been abused? Abused by his anti-Wizard, alpha-Muggle relatives?" Oh God…

            "What are you going on about, werewolf?" It was obvious that Snape had tried to keep his voice steady, but it came out cracked and weak, and it was made perfectly clear that Snape had, indeed, considered the questions in the statement that Remus had made.

            "I'm saying that Harry Potter, your son, needs you. I'm saying that if you don't help him, if you don't help your son, he will not have the chance to die by the murderous hands of Voldemort, he will die by the abusive hands of his Uncle."

            Oh God…


Ahhhh! Sorry, this would have been longer, but it's ten and I have to be off by ten-thirty, and if I don't stop now I never will. I know, I should be working on…the other things I have to work on, but if I keep writing one or two things continually I will get very bored, and will stop writing them.