Don't Put The Blame On Me

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: Luffy is caught in the middle of a fight between a group of bandits and bounty hunters and gets drugged while trying to escape. The person who saves him wants Luffy to rest and Luffy does as well but at the same time he doesn't.

Pairing: Mihawk-X-Luffy (Seriously I DID NOT see this one coming)

Warnings: Rated M for language, a syringe, intoxication, sexual themes, mild sexual content, mild yaoi & possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

L.J.V.: "Oh wow. I gotta give it to ya, Buggy."

Buggy: "Huh, what's up?"

Rikku: "What'd he do Vivè?"

L.J.V.: "He's been sitting here pretty much since I started watching all of these. And though he's had a few nosebleeds and even passed out at one point, he's still a trooper."

Rikku: Turns to the clown. "Wow, I had no idea."

Buggy: Starts to have a heroic glow. "Y-you just noticed how great I am?" (*o*)

L.J.V.: "Don't get overexcited, Buggy…" (-./-\

"Ah, that was so good." Luffy sighs in content again as he pats his stomach. "That should tie me over until lunch."

Minutes ago he was eating at a really fancy restaurant. After his fifty-seventh plate Luffy wrote on a napkin "I O U Treasure" before getting up and leaving the food paradise.

Tilting his head to the side Luffy tries to remember which port Thousand Sunny is docked at, or to more precise, which way the port is.

His crew had come to this island to restock on certain provisions and Nami thought that it would be best for everyone to venture out so long as they were close to the port. The last part was mostly for Luffy and Zoro since they have a knack for getting lost; well one does while the other gets into needless trouble.

By the way, this is a really busy city. The buildings are really tall. There are a lot of stores on either side of the streets and people are bustling down the roads.

Two dogs and four cats run around Luffy, making him stumble on his feet a bit and he tries not to get bitten or scratched before they take off somewhere else. He lets out a sigh before taking another step so he can make his way back to the right port. Just when he thinks that it can't get any more crowded, it does. Without warning everyone that had just been inside the stores simultaneously comes out like clockwork and makes the crowd much thicker.

Poor Luffy; he's being crushed against a few people and roughly pushed out of the way by another person. His feet are getting stepped on and he can't really see where he's trying to go from all of the tall people rushing past him, not to mention that he has to put a hand on top of his head just to make sure that his hat doesn't get damaged in the sudden rush.

Trying to look passed the flood of people he sees an imaginary light suddenly shine down on a dark alley with the "Hallelujah" song playing somewhere in the background, meant for his escape.

He looks around for a bit to try and see where the song is playing from but after a few seconds he just shrugs his shoulders, ignoring it. 'Yosh, now if I can just—'

Luffy ducks his head under someone's passing arm but because he does he accidentally steps on another person's foot.

"Hey! Watch it!" the victim says in an angry tone.

Luffy doesn't get the chance to apologize as the man quickly walks away. Dodging another unintentional assault, Luffy squeezes his lithe body through two heavy set of people before he can clearly see the alley. It's right there, about six meters away.

"Look where you're goin', stupid kid." A blue-haired male pushes Luffy out of the way.

Luffy makes a face at the man before he turns his attention back to the alley. Crud, that blue-haired bastard pushed him another meter back. Damn jerk.

'There's way too many people blocking my escape route. Ah forget it. I'll just force my way through.' Luffy takes a deep breath before he maneuvers his way through the flock of people: he side-steps his way between an older man, a hefty woman, two chattering girls around his age and a really tall guy. He then leaps over a few kids playing with a bouncy ball and rushes his way pass a group of tourists.

'Yes, I'm almost there.' The path to his destination is clear as he's sprinting onwards. Suddenly a huge man at least four times his size just stops in front of the alley, blocking his way.

'I don't have time for this.' Instead of stopping or going around his sudden obstacle, Luffy continues to sprint forwards. Just as he's about to collide with the man he slides under him, going in between his legs and finally reaches the dark alley. He stops himself by crashing into several trashcans but that isn't important at the moment. What is important is that he finally made it into the dark alley that the mysterious, invisible light was shining on, away from the hordes of people and he can finally continue to look for the port so he won't get into trouble.

Several mice come out from the overturned trashcans and out of nowhere the cats who were chased by the dogs earlier come out and start to chase the poor rodents.

The lost captain pays no mind to the commotion as he gets up from the ground and dusts his green cargo-shorts off a bit before straightening his white, short sleeve hoodie while looking around. There's nothing too spectacular about this alley. It has narrow walls, a few trashcans and crates on either sides and the pleasant alley aroma of waste, piss, alcohol, and other non-mentionable scents wafting through the air. The one thing he does notice is that there is no dead end. In fact the back of the alley actually turns to the right.

Luffy starts to walk to the back of the alley but he turns his head to look at the busy street. He can either go back to find Sunny through the crowd of people or find out where this mysteriously path leads.

Get mildly abused. Follow the mysterious path.

Lots of people. New adventure.

Crowd. Adventure.

A bright smile is on his face as he secures Boshi on his head. "Yosh, time for a new adventure."

Turning his attention back to the new road with the unpleasant stench, Luffy starts his mission to see where this will lead him. There's a faint sound in the distance but Luffy can't make it out. Shrugging his shoulders, he keeps walking until he sees a fork in the alley. Hmm, he can either go to the left or the right or he can follow Nami's voice that somehow got stuck in his head all of the sudden.

'Zoro, Luffy... don't you dare wander off too far. We didn't come here to amuse you idiots and I don't want to get a search team looking for you morons because you don't know your directions, especially you Zoro. If you guys get lost then you'll have hell to pay, got it?'

Ignoring his navigator's angry voice, he picks up a pebble and tosses it in the air. The miniature stone hits the filthy ground and lands closer to the left road. With his new heading, Luffy trots towards the left path, excited for his soon-to-be new adventure.

After a few seconds, Luffy's excitement starts to fade as a pout slowly comes upon his face. Maybe he should have listened to Nami's voice that got stuck in his head and turned back to the hoard of people to find Sunny. But does he really want to go through all of that again? His feet being stepped on, him being shoved, people fussing at him, getting caught in between hefty people and having to wait for one of them to move so he can walk, and chancing Boshi to get ripped?




'Nah.' He shakes his head and that bright smile comes back to his face when he sees light at the end of the alley. Luffy starts to jog so he can make it to the end faster.

During his jog, Luffy jumps over more overturned cans, a pile of wood, lots of trash that had been ripped open from what looks like multiple cat fights, and some giant medal thingy. Reaching the end of the surprisingly long alley, Luffy comes to an abrupt stop and has to regain his footing. Once he's alright, he stands up straight only to feel something hot whiz pass the right side of his face. Automatically he turns to his right to see a circular hole in the building right next to his face, instantly recognizing it to be a bullet. Why is he being shot at? He didn't do anything to anyone.

Turning his slightly irritated attention back to the front, Luffy completely ignores the fact that there are about a dozen people fighting each other holding guns and swords in hand, as he starts to yell at them for almost shooting him. "Watch where your aiming next time! You almost hit me!"

Everyone immediately stops and looks at the now blinking teen. Where did this kid come from?

Luffy takes a closer look and sees that the guy with blue hair from earlier is here, as well some other creepy looking guys. "Ah, it's you!" He points at the blue-haired jerk. "You're the jerk who pushed me earlier!" He looks to his left then to his right and notices that everyone is looking at him, unconsciously dropping his hand in the process. "Eh?"

"Rick," A red-haired male calls to the blunette, "—isn't that the kid that's worth a pretty penny?"

The blue-head male named Rick lowers his gun and continues to stare at the perplexed teen. "I think you're right Clevis."

A man on the opposite side from Rick taps his partner's shoulder and whispers. "Isn't that Monkey D. Luffy? The kid that's worth 300 million?"

Just as the question is asked, Luffy's wanted poster flutters by. Someone throws a knife to pin the bounty to the wall on the left side of Luffy's face, matching the identity.

"Sure is boss."

Rick turns his attention to his previous foes. "What do you bandits think you're doing?"

Luffy tilts his head to the right and crosses his arms as he watches the men in front of him. 'Bandits?'

Bandit Boss takes a few steps towards Luffy and places the dull side of his sword on his right shoulder as he replies. "What do you think? I'm gonna collect his bounty… or maybe even sell him at Saboady, Bounty Hunter."

'Bounty Hunter?' The rubber teen tilts his head to the other side. 'Bandits and Bounty Hunters fighting over me. So cool.' It'll be really interesting to see the two sides fight while he, for the first time, sits out of it just to watch. Ugh, he should have brought some popcorn with him so he could really enjoy watching them fight. Oh well, it'll still be fun to watch.

Luffy tunes out the arguing and gun shots as his eyes widen a bit in realization about the situation he's in. 'Ah crap. If I get into any trouble then Nami's gonna get mad at me. I should just get back to the ship.' As soon as Luffy takes a step back, another throwing knife whizzes pass him, barely touching the scar under his left eye and he instantly stops.

"Where do you think you're going, Straw Hat Luffy?" The guy known as Clevis starts walking towards the teen.

Luffy sees a punch coming from the corner of his eyes and ducks under the attack. He then sweep kicks both of the bandit's legs, making the bandit fall. When he gets back up, he dodges to his right, avoiding a barrage of light yet deadly knives that impale themselves into the wall behind him. Moving away from the cramped space the young captain ends up being in the center of the fight. Well, he can't avoid it now.

"My, aren't you a sweet little thing." The Bandit Boss is right behind his prey. He wraps his right arm around the young pirate's neck and tightens his hold before two of his lackeys grab each side of the kid's arm, holding the young man in place.

"Gah, get off!" Luffy twists and turns for a few seconds before he's able to loosen his left arm. Finally getting it free he elbows the man who was holding it square in the chest before he punches the bandit holding his other arm in the chin. Not stopping there, he forces himself out of the grip before turning around and punches Bandit Boss behind him.

The young captain is only able to take one step forward before he becomes completely immobile. Looking down, he sees that his feet is covered in something white. "What… is this?" He continues to struggle against the white substance before the guy named Rick walks up to him.

"I guess that bandit bastard is right," Rick dodges both of the wanted teen's fists before catching them, placing them in one of his hands and tightly grips the kid's face. "—you really are a pretty thing."

Luffy tries to jerk himself free before he feels a thick, sticky substance flow all over his hands. "W-what are you doing? Let me go!"

"You are not in the position to try and tell me what to do, Straw Hat. Do you know why?" He feels the struggling pirate trying to jerk his head free once more before he tightens his grip a little. Moving his hand from the teen's face, Rick places it within the raven locks before gripping the roots tightly.

Luffy doesn't pay any attention to what the man is saying as he continues to struggle against the taller man. "Get off!"

Rick pulls the boy's head back and sees a glare thrown his way. He ignores the look as he keeps speaking. "It's because you're caught. Even if you manage to get out of this, there's no way for you to get away from me."

Getting his hands free from the man's grip, Luffy uses his temporarily stuck hands and hits Rick across the face, sending the man a few feet away from him. He ignores the slight sting on his scalp from when the jerk pulled some strands out after he sent him flying.

"Damn it, what is this?" Luffy tries to pry his stuck limbs from each other but it seems that the white substance is really strong. He looks down and tries to pull his feet free but notices that it's just as bad as his hands.

"Jeez Rick, you're slipping." Clevis walks around Luffy holding something sharp in between his fingers.

*"Gomu Gomu no Batter!" Even with his hands stuck together, Luffy is still able to stretch his arms and being able to do so, he's able to attack anyone that dares to get close to him.

Clevis dodges the next attack and sneaks up from behind the teen as Rick appears in front of him. Once again, the blunette catches Luffy's hands and holds both of his wrists together. "Shut up, the brat just caught me off guard, but he has a lot of power behind these scrawny arms."

"Damn it! Let go!" This is not the best situation for him to be in. Not at all. How is he supposed to fight these bastards if he's stuck?

All of the sudden Luffy feels something sharp pierce his neck and feels something cool shoot into his body. As that happens, he thrashes around his assailants in order to free himself, even after the item is none to gently pulled out from his neck, making him wince a bit.

"Oi Clevis, did you use that already? I thought you were gonna save it for a test subject." One of the bounty hunters says before he shoots a bandit in the chest, not really caring if his opponent is still alive or not.

"Straw Hat is the perfect test subject." Letting go of the boy's hands Rick takes a few steps back as Clevis walks around and stands next to his partner, watching how Luffy's eyes are trying to focus and how his breathing is starting to become irregular.

"What… did you…" The white, sticky stuff on his hands and feet slowly start to disappear. He's finally able to separate his hands from each other but it doesn't really help at the moment since his vision is getting blurry. Once the white stuff is gone, Luffy tries to take a step but only stumbles on his feet and his stomach is lightly churning. Shaking his head to try and get rid of his nausea, Luffy starts to run towards the two but falls instead. The feeling of nausea disappears only to be replaced by dizziness.

"You see," Rick starts as he kneels in front of the rubber captain. "—the reason why no one has ever escaped from me is because everyone gets stuck, literally speaking."

"Yeah, Big Rick here, ate the Sticky Sticky Fruit, making him the Glue Human. The glue that he makes is as hard as steel, ya see. No one is able to break his glue." One of the bounty hunters gloats.

Luffy pushes himself up to his knees. "Gomu Gomu no Pistol." He throws his arm out but it doesn't stretch. Obsidian eyes widen in confusion as he looks at his non-stretching arm before anger comes to him when he turns his attention back to the bounty hunters. "What did you do to me?"

Clevis and another bounty hunter picks the distraught pirate up by his upper arms as Rick takes a step and caresses the teen's scarred cheek. "I think I'll have to agree with those damn bandits this time."

Luffy jerks his head away from the bounty hunter. "Don't touch me!" It really doesn't help that he can't properly see right now. Damn it.

Clevis ignores the teen's protests but has to tighten his hold on the arm from all of the struggling that the kid's doing. "And what exactly would you agree with them about?"

The rubber pirate is not one to stop fighting, even if he is immobile at the moment. He lifts his right leg to try and kick the jerk to his right away but the man sees this coming and places his left leg in front of Luffy's, locking it in place. Clevis sees the situation and does the same with their captive's other leg, securing it in place.

"About making him a slave, but I think that I'll keep him instead of selling him to Saboady." As Rick places his thumb next to his bounty's mouth Luffy turns his head and bites down hard, instantly drawing blood on the intruding appendage. He yanks his bleeding limb out of the teen's mouth. "Tch, damn brat."

"Get off!" Luffy continues to struggle against their hold until his vision gets even more blurry. He doesn't even realize that his shirt is being unzipped. Coldness starts to run through his blood, causing him to feel weak. He doesn't like it, he doesn't like this feeling. He's sure he felt it before but he can't remember when or why because of his dizziness. "What did… you do to me!"

Rick runs his fingers across Luffy's chest, feeling the soft skin tense under his fingers. Turning his attention to look around, the blunette notices that all of the bandits either fled or is on the ground dead or unconscious; he doesn't care either way. Looking back at his prize he continues to rub the skin.

"Ain't he soft Rick?"

"Ah, he is. I can just imagine all of the thing that I can do to him." His callous fingers reach the pirate's taut stomach, feeling each muscle involuntarily twitch under his touch.

"Let go!" Luffy continues to struggle against the three. Damn whatever the thing was that's making him feel weak. He should easily be able to knock these bastards off from him.

"Aren't you curious about what was injected in you, Straw Hat?" Rick asks as he lets his eyes trail over the taunt torso. This lithe body has a lot more to offer then he gave credit.

Luffy momentarily ceases his struggle but glares at the blue-haired bastard in front of him. Even if he can't move his limbs like he wants to, he won't give them whatever it is that they want from him without a fight.

Rick let his eyes roam back to the teen's face before he pats the top of his head as the other two on the pirate's sides tighten their grip on his arms. "That's a good boy and as a reward I'll tell you what went inside that nice body of yours." To emphasize the last part, he brings his hand down to the teen's crotch, squeezing it and is delighted when he sees the kid's eyes instantly clench shut. "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine."

Luffy opens his eyes in utter confusion, momentarily forgetting about his predicament. "Metha-what? Is that even a real word?"

Clevis and the other man chuckle at the boy's confusion as Rick smiles and continues. "It's a drug created by some sick bastard, but the two things that you have to worry about are you being the guinea pig for this experiment and whatever you feel happen to you," Rick moves his face closer to the pirate, "—is what you are going to do."

"Hey Rick, don't forget that this particular syringe has sea-water in it."

Luffy's eyes shoot open from hearing the last comment. "WHAT!" He then resumes his struggling only to feel the bastard put more pressure on his groin.

"Don't worry Straw Hat, it won't kill you. All it does is make sure that Devil Fruit Users like us aren't capable of using our abilities for a few hours or that's what the theory is anyways." Rick nods his head towards the other two and they both let the young male go.

"Alright guys," Clevis says as he walks away from Rick, "—let's clean up this crap."

Luffy tries to catch his breath before he staggers backwards and falls on his bottom. His vision is not blurry but now its doubled and he sees two of the blue-haired bastard in front of him. He tries to get himself up but his body isn't listening to him at the moment.

"Having a hard time, Straw Hat?" Rick asks smugly as he kneels in front of the teen and rubs his palm against the teen's crotch once more.

"Stop it!" Luffy lifts his hand and throws a solid punch at one of the Ricks that he sees, however his fist goes through the illusionary one. When he tries to pull his arm back the older male grabs it and pulls him close, making him sit in the bastard's lap.

The bounty hunter puts his mouth on the intoxicated teen's neck and starts to kiss on it. He lets his chapped lips roam over the creamy skin before his tongue starts licking it. From licking, the bounty hunter starts to suck on the skin, loving how soft it really is.

Luffy squeezes his eyes shut when he feels a harsh bite. "Stop it, you… sick bastard." Remembering that one of his hands are free Luffy places it on the middle of the man's head, gripping the blue locks tightly by the root and tries to pull the man off from him.

A low moan comes from Rick's mouth. "Now I know…" He stops touching the teen as he pulls his head up and a smirk goes across his features.

Trying to catch his breath from the previous assault, Luffy glares and questions the older man. "...What?"

"I'm gonna keep you since you already know what I like."

Confusion runs across his features as he sees a weird gleam in one of the older man's four eyes. Damn, everything is still too blurry. "What are... you talking about…?"

Putting his mouth back on the soft skin, Rick licks and sucks hard on Luffy's neck as he puts more force to palm the teen's groin causing the kid to bite down hard on his lip. He looks up to see the pirate's face. "So, you like it rough too, eh?"

Luffy tries to get the man's head away by pulling his hair again but instead of getting the result he wanted, the sick bounty hunter lets out a louder moan.

"Pull harder, Straw Hat…" Rick whispers against the teen's neck before he continues to suck on it.

At this point Luffy is really confused. 'Aren't people supposed to get away from pain?' He let's go off the bastard's hair and he tries to pull his trapped arm away from the freaky guy. "Let… go of me!"

Rick ignores the teen again and pushes him on the ground with his weight as he continues to suck on the young man's throat while putting more force into palming the younger's crotch.

By now, Luffy's vision is extremely hazy and he wants to yell at the man on top of him to get off but his mouth isn't working. A surge of coldness followed by heat goes through his body after another second or so and he feels himself losing consciousness.


Everyone turns their attention towards the screaming bounty hunter only to see him on the ground in his own blood and a man holding a sword behind the new corpse.

Clevis pulls his knives out and throws them towards the new figure, watching as they quickly make their way towards the bastard only to have them repelled back towards him. He's lucky to dodge his own weapons but the two behind him aren't and they're impaled in their lower torso and legs, crying out afterwards.

Turning his attention back towards the swordsman, Rick gets off of the drugged body, knowing that he's won't be moving any time soon, and walks towards his partner. "Who the hell do you think you are, starting a fight with us?"

The new comer pays no attention to the bounty hunters as he turns his attention to the unconscious pirate on the ground and sighs. "You're more trouble than you're worth Straw Hat…"

Inside of an average looking inn, on the third floor is a decent sized room with beige walls and set of olive green, heavy curtains closed to keep the sun out at the moment, a closed door leading to the restroom is on the far right, an empty desk in between the two large windows that has a straw hat on top with a chair neatly tucked in place, and there is a full sized bed on the left with a olive green comforter and pillows that happen to be currently occupied at the moment by a sleeping pirate.

Letting another sigh out, the short hair male walks over to the wall by the bed, watching as the young pirate finally comes to. 'I don't know why I even wasted my time with him…'

Luffy slowly open his eyes and has to blink a few times, trying to adjust to the new surroundings before he sits up on the bed. 'What happened?' Putting a hand on his face he tries to remember, however nothing but blurs are coming to him and he shakes his head. Looking around the place, he finally sees that he's not alone in the room.

Hold on. Of all people, why is he here? "Y-You! You're that hawk guy, huh? What are you doing here?"

Mihawk crosses his arms over his chest. "You're very rude to the person who saved you."

Luffy gets confused again as the mild heat from earlier starts to creep through his blood. "What are you talking about?"

"Of course you wouldn't remember." Pushing himself off of the wall, Mihawk starts to make his way towards the door. "You're nakama should be arriving here within the hour or so."

Completely tuning out what was just said from the older pirate by accident Luffy's body temperature continues to drastically increase. His body then starts to move on its own. 'What's going on?'

As soon as Mihawk opens the door something flies pass him and slams it shut. Looking back, he sees that the object is the kid's outstretched arm as the younger pirate is starting to make his way near him. Inspecting closer he notices that teen's eyes are different than they should be, they're more dilated and the boy seems to be sweating a little.

'Why am I moving?' Luffy takes another step and sees a few blurs before he quickly closes his eyes, trying to get his vision back. 'I need to lay down.' He opens his eyes and he can see just a little better but his vision is still somewhat blurry. 'I'm still dizzy.'

Mihawk can see the boy struggling with his eyes. He must not be doing as well as he thought. "Lie down, Straw Hat. You need to rest."

Does Mihawk care about what happens to Luffy should anything happen? No, not really. He knows that the boy can take of himself, he just doesn't want to hear unnecessary talk between the boy's grandfather at his next meeting —which he'll most likely miss if he wants to keep his nap schedule— or by his crew.

Going back to the door, Mihawk pulls at it once more only to have it slam shut once again. When he turns, he sees that the rookie pirate is right in front of him with his head down low and it seems like his breathing is a little harder than before. It must be because of what happened to him earlier. "Go get some rest."

"I know… I need to…" Looking up, Luffy grips both of the swordsman's arms and presses himself against the older male.

Narrowing his eyes, Mihawk sees something flash in the kid's eyes. "Let go of me and lie down."

'Body, get off him!' Even though he's yelling at himself his flesh isn't listening. Instead he moves his arms to the older man's shoulders, jumps up, and places his knees on either side Mihawk's hips to keep himself from falling. 'What am I doing? Why can't I move myself?' Luffy tries to get his body off and away from the swordsman but his limbs do not budge what so ever. After a few failed attempts he comes to the conclusion that for some reason his body just won't listen to him. "I… can't…"

Mihawk doesn't move as he's pressed in between the door and the overheated rubber teen. The boy can't move? What reason is he not able to move away from him? "What do you mean?"

Luffy looks at the man's neck and slowly licks his lips. 'No. Get off of him body. Get off!' Descending his head down Luffy places his soft lips against Mihawk's exposed neck and murmurs against it. "…Help … me…"

Mihawk turns his gaze to see the teen's pleading eyes before the latter licks the front of his throat causing the man to close his eyes as he takes a breath. Alright, so the boy isn't able to move his own body which means that Mihawk will probably have to get him off and keep him here until his crew comes. This boy is very troublesome.

Not satisfied with this, Luffy's body continues to move on its own as one hand touches the revealed chest and his hips slowly start to thrust forwards, looking for contact. "Please… stop me…"

This isn't like Luffy one bit. He should have total control of his body, so why doesn't he now? And begging is the last thing that he wants to do but unfortunately he doesn't know what else to do. Exactly what is going on with him?

The Shichibukai's concentration is slightly disturbed when he feels Luffy's member make contact with his own and not to mention the constant kissing and licking on his neck. Mihawk takes another approach to distract himself from the situation. "It seems that this is the doing of the drug within the syringe."

Luffy's eyes widen at that and he hopes that his body will stop, even for a moment, but unfortunately it doesn't. The most that he does is talk in between giving the neck in front of him attention. "How," kisses the side, "—do you" sucks on the flesh,"—know" licks the skin, "—about that?" The tip of his tongue licks up the swordsman's Adam's apple, leaving a small trail of saliva on the skin, before he presses his lips to it. Soon after, he starts to lightly nip the smooth skin as he moves his mouth to the left side of the man's neck while his hips continue to slowly move forward. He can feel his member rubbing against the older man's crotch. Luffy knows that he needs to stop whatever he's doing but his body refuses to listen to him. He just continues to lick, kiss, suck and nip the man's neck as his body is getting a lot hotter.

"Does it matter, Straw Hat?" Now it's really hard to ignore his body when the teen is rubbing himself right against Mihawk's member but he's able to control himself.

Finally able to stop himself, Luffy takes a slow breath and quickly gets off of the man but that seems to be the only thing that he can do at the moment. His body still isn't listening to him. The only good thing is that his vision isn't blurry anymore.

"Go lie yourself down and sleep. You will not rid yourself of it otherwise." Mihawk instructs.

Luffy nods his head and tries to turn around so he can walk to the bed and finally rest but his feet don't turn at all. Instead, his legs decide to give out and he drops on his knees in front of the swordsman before placing his hands on the man's hips. 'What the hell am I doing?' Fingers from both hands move to unbuckle the belt, undo the button and unzip the pants before he uses his right hand to reach in the trousers to take out the older man's semi-hardening flesh. 'WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!'

Mihawk has an impassive look on his face but he is really surprised about what the rookie is doing to the point where he's almost immobile. No one has ever had the balls, guts, or whatever you want to call it to do what this boy is doing and, frankly, it never even crossed his mind for anything like this to even happen, except for that one time, but it didn't happen like this.

The rookie brings the warm flesh to his mouth. 'I hope I'm not going to do what I think I am. Damn it body, STOP!' Opening his mouth, Luffy gives a slow but long lick against the head of the penis. "Please… help me…" The rubber pirate continues to slowly lick and kiss the length from the tip to the base and back up. His lips kiss the tip of the head once more before he takes in half of the flesh into his mouth, running his tongue over it while he uses his right hand to gently knead the shaft of said limb.

After one whole minute of absolute silence other than the sounds that the boy is making with his mouth, Mihawk grabs him by his hair and pulls him up to his feet.

"I'm begging you… please… stop me…" Luffy's body has already betrayed him but now his voice is starting to as well. His whisper is full with lust and the fact that he's begging does not help the situation at all. If anything, it's making it a whole lot worse.

Mihawk closes his eyes and sighs before taking a step away from the door. He grabs Luffy by the arm and turns their position around before slamming the teen against it. "None of this is my fault." He sees a questioning look in the kid's eyes before desire comes back and the swordsman presses himself closer to the younger male. "I won't stop you either." With that, he presses his lips against Luffy's.

To be continued...

L.J.V.: "Sorry guys, I know that the end was kind of blah."

Buggy: "Wow, I did not see that coming. So, what is Methy-whatever it's called anyways?"

Rikku: "It's MDMA"

Buggy: "What?"

L.J.V.: "In short it's called ecstasy. It's a no-no drug actually and yes I know that what I explained is not how it works. I was just looking for something with a lot of letters and that popped up. Do you know that there are 29 letters in that word?"

Rikku: "Wow, really?"

L.J.V.: "Yep, that's a bloody lot of letters. Okay so I'm gonna let you guys go since I'll also be working on 'In the Mirror' (really gonna try to make this a heartbreaker. Sorry guys) and the sequel to 'Wait, You're Not A Masseuse!'.

Oh and if you're wondering what the * is for, then um... yeah. Don't know if Gomu Gomu no Hammer is actually a real(ish since One Piece itself is fictional created by Eiichiro Oda-sensei and not a historical event that actually happened even though I would love to meet someone from the OP world in real life rather than my imagination... sorry for the ramble) attack or not. So the * is just because...

Until next time, take care of yourself.

~Le. Jester. Vixen.