This is your warning! RAPE, non-consent, Karofsky is very cruel. I want to give this drabble a slight OOC warning because while he's an ass, I don't see his canon character being this evil. Maybe because in my other story he's not a bad dude and I had to get this out of my system? Who knows. Anyway, here is a glimpse into the psyche of a seriously messed up person.

I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry that I hit him, shove him, trip him, and psychologically fuck with him.

I'm not sorry that I take advantage of his insecurities and loneliness despite him having a vibrant enough personally that draws in people in.

He feels sorry for me. He pity's me. I can tell, you know. As much as he is terrified of me, he feels empathy for that poor little closeted faggot David 'Hamhock' Karofsky. Me. And I hate that.

It's why I had to break him. I picked his cherry, raw and hard. I still remember how high I had his ass in the air, him trembling beneath me and whimpering like a pathetic virgin. As for telling him that he's vile, and ugly - he needs to hear that. I know Kurt is gorgeous but he can't know it.

Honestly, he was asking for it. The opportunity to own him was practically given to me on a fucking silver platter. I waited for weeks, driving the two hours to Dalton to follow him home when I was sure he would be alone for the weekend. It was perfect because I knew Finn had a game that night – I would have too, but when that fag almost got me expelled I was suspended from all sports. Yeah. I knew he would be arriving to an empty home.

The new house his dad bought was big, real big. No one would hear him begging or crying. He should have known better than to beg, I had no choice but to shove my cock down his throat to get him to shut up. It would have been nice if he was more reciprocal, all that squirming he was doing made he have to smack him around. I think he enjoyed those smacks, every time I laid one on him a rosy red color would appear. It was beautiful against his skin, especially knowing I was the first one to explore his body so thoroughly.

But please remember, I am a gentleman. I was careful not to come inside him, just on his face and chest. That is what faggots are supposed to look like, right? It was so obvious he was a virgin, really, I did him a favor. When I was finished he lay there, like a rag doll that I was done playing with. He closed his eyes but I noticed the steady stream of tears running down his cheeks, but everyone knows Kurt is just a melodramatic princess.

Aside from the bruising, he will be just fine. I even pushed a finger up him when I was done to check if he was bleeding – he wasn't. Like I said, I'm a gentleman, always treating the ladies and lady boys with respect. I'm not worried about him talking. This is our little secret, just between him and me. Because he knows if he does, I won't be such a gentleman next time.

Yeah, not sure where that story came from. Please remember if you're ever assaulted it is NEVER your fault! Reviews are noooice. Pretty positive this is a one shot, unless people want more.