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Flashback: During the Invasion of D-Reaper

Takato Matsuki, a 10 year old boy with crimson eyes, blue hoodie, and gray short with a very imaginative mind stares in shock at the TV while listening to the news of what is happening right now in Shinjuku. His mother Mie Matsuki, is busy preparing for their last dinner in Okinawa before moving to their new house. His father Takehiro Matsuki, is with his son watching the TV with his son. A red dinosaur with black markings and a hazard on his chest called Guilmon is seen sleeping while dreaming of bread and muttering, "Guilmon Bread".

Takato: Dad do we really have to move to Shinjuku? Look at the destruction the D-Reaper is causing to the city and the surrounding area!

Takehiro: It can't be helped son, we already bought a bakery in that area and we need to make money to support our family.

Takato: But I am gonna miss Okinawa.

Takehiro: I know son, I will miss this place too, but we need to start being responsible and make money for us instead of living in grandpa's house.

Takato: I understand.

Mie: You both have the time to watch TV and talk, but not be able to help me with dinner!

Takato & Takehiro: Coming Mom/Honey.

Takato walks up to Guilmon.

Takato: Hey Guilmon, wake up it's time to eat. *nudges Guilmon on the shoulder*

Guilmon: *snores*

Takato: Oi Guilmon wake up, there's Guilmon Bread if you do.

Guilmon: (hears the words "Guilmon Bread") *wakes up and in a flash arrives at the dinner table* YAY! Guilmon Bread!

Takato: *sighs* You never change. (thinking) I need to take care of the D-Reaper before we move into Shinjuku.

After eating, Takehiro is busy cleaning the dishes while Mie is upstairs getting ready to leave. Takato and Guilmon are watching the news on Shinjuku's status.

Guilmon: Takatomon that D-Reaper is not a digimon and it looks dangerous.

Takato: I know Guilmon, that's why we have to stop it. I have a plan.

Takato walks up to his dad and explains his plan to his father while Takehiro listens and nods.

Takehiro: Takato your plan is fine and all, but you forgot one problem.

Takato: What's that dad?

Takehiro: Your mother. If she found out you went to go fight she would be in hysterics... and I would be at the end of her raging wrath (anime sweat).

Takato: But I have to help those people in Shinjuku! Not to mention those Tamers aren't exactly winning against the D-Reaper either.

Takehiro: Ok I trust you Takato, just be careful. Ill handle your mother when she finds out and we will meet you on the boat to Shinjuku.

Takato: (hugs dad) Thanks dad. Come on Guilmon we got a city to save and one bad monster to destroy!

Guilmon: Can we have a bread break first?

Takato: *anime falls* NO guilmon! We just had dinner. So come on!

Guilmon: Ok...

Takehiro: Tell you what guilmon, if you can bring Takato back to the meeting point safely, Ill make you the biggest, tasty guilmon bread just for you.

Guilmon: YAY! Ok Takatomon let's go!

Takato: Thanks Dad. Nothing gets a digimon moving like the promise of food *laughs*.

Takehiro: *laughs with son* Just be careful alright Takato?

Takato: I will be. Don't worry.

Takato and Guilmon run out of the house and to the beach.

Takato: Ok boy, You ready?

Guilmon: Let's Do it Takatomon!

Takato: Bio-Merge Activate!

Guilmon biomerge to...


Takato: Let's go Grani!

A red and gold dragon-like flying object flies towards them and Gallantmon jumps on it.

Gallantmon: To Shinjuku we go!

Author's Notes:

Takato and Guilmon have Grani in Okinawa which will be explained in later chapters.

The title doesn't fit the story until later on in the chapters.

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