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Chapter 5

Time skip to Monday.

Takato wakes up from his slumber before he has to deal with the wrath of his mother again. He quickly get off his bed and walks to the bathroom with a towel and a toothbrush. He does his morning routine and when finished heads back to his room. He goes into his drawers and picks out some black jeans and crimson sweater. Finally he straps on his head the crimson and black goggles. He sees Gigimon all pooped out from last night. Takato chuckles to himself. "Must've been all that food he ate last night." Takato pats his partner on the tummy and Gigimon rolls over with his tongue sticking out and stays asleep in that awkward position. Takato sweat drops at his partner's way of sleeping and questions it but dismisses it as nothing important. He closes his room door softly behind him before walking downstairs to greet his parents who are busy preparing the day for his dad is busy kneading bread dough while his mom is preparing all the supplies.

"Good morning mom and dad." Takato says to his parents. "Morning Takato." They both greet back. Yoshie looks at her son and hands Takato his bagged lunch for the day. "Thanks Mom." Takato says to his mom as he exits the bakery while saying bye to his parents. He walks outside and towards the direction of Shinjuku High.

As he arrives in school, he notices Rika at the front door with her friends. He walks towards her and greets her, "Good morning Rika." Rika looks at the idiotic goggle head sighs and waves back. "Morning." Kazu and Kenta snicker at the exchange and teasingly say, "Rika I didn't know you had a thing for new transfer students." Rika tenses up and glares at the two numskulls with eyes showing you-are-dead-meat-if-you-continue-. Both Kazu and Kenta gulp and back off. The bunny sitting on Henry's head adds, "Chill out queenie, it's not like they hit the nail on the coffin." Henry sighs at his digimon's antics and shakes his head. "Terriermon…." (AN: Terriermon: YES! My debut! (does a happy dance) Woohoo I start it off with a tease to Ms. Queenie yes! Rika: That's it I'm making rabbit stew for breakfast lunch and dinner! Terriermon: Ahhh! Me: (sweat drops) Ok back to the story.) Rika glares evilly at the bunny digimon. "Renamon would you like rabbit on a stick for dinner tonight?" Rika asks her partner. "That would be lovely Rika." Renamon replies back with a smirk. Terriermon pales and silences himself.

Takato looks at the group and smiles. He then walks past the group but gets blocked by Butch and his two friends. He sticks an arm to block Takato's path to going inside the school and glares at Takato. "Who gave you right to talk to the Digimon queen?" His two friends snicker at what is unfolding. "I was just saying good morning." Takato replies. Butch feels anger by Takato's innocently admitting he can talk to the Digimon queen without his permission. "Listen here bub, you need my permission before you get close to the Digimon queen you got that?" Butch states to Takato. "Well she is my friend and friends say hello and good morning to each other right?" Takato asks innocently.

Butch is beyond pissed he thinks this guy is mocking him so he grabs Takato's shirt and the school grounds silent until someone yells, "Fight!" All the students around the school grounds crowd around Takato and Butch and yell, "Fight Fight!" Rika sees the commotion and decides to find out by walking towards Butch. She sees him and asks, "Alright Butch what the hell did the new guy do this time." Butch stares at Rika's beauty and yells, "This punk thought he could talk to you without my permission." Rika looks at Takato and then Butch and then gets pissed. "Drop him down Butch now." Rika commands Butch. "But he talked to you without my permission!" Butch complains. Rika by now is seething with anger but controls it. "Butch how many times do I have to tell you, I talk to who I want and whenever I want." "Nobody needs permission from you or anyone else got it?" Butch nods and drops Takato down where he recomposes himself.

Rika ends the conversation and walks away before the students crowding around start yelling, "Boo…" "Butch is a whimp." "He's the Digimon Queen's wiener dog!" Butch gets angry and takes his anger on the target of his embarrassment: Takato. He swings a right jab towards Takato's face… SMACK! All the students are shocked at what they are witnessing.

Rika turns around to the smacking sound and notices Takato has his hand blocking Butch's fist and Takato has a grin on his face. "Enough is enough." Takato says to Butch. Butch still shocked by the exchange, pulls his fist back and backs off cautiously. Suddenly, Ms. Asaji and the principal appear in the midst. "What is going on here!" Ms. Asaji yells. All the students crowding disperse and run for the entrance to the school before the bell rings and not wanting to get caught in the commotion. She stares at Takato and Butch in the center. Henry steps up and explains the situation to Ms. Asaji and the principal analyze the situation and sigh. "Butch was all like GRRRRR and then he threw a punch at Takato!" "Takato was like, That is not going to happen buddy! "So he stops the fist with his hand." Terriermon summarizes. "Terriermon…." Henry sighs.

Ms. Asaji stares at Terriermon and rolls her eyes at the playful digimon's emphasis on the skirmish. "Anyways Rika and Henry get to class before I mark you both tardy." Ms. Asaji states. Rika and Henry quickly obey the order and run towards their homeroom. Ms. Asaji then looks at the two other students, Butch and Takato and says with finality. "There will be a warning this time for the two of you." "Do not let it happen again or consequences will be enforced understood?" Ms. Asaji says to the two boys. Butch and Takato nod their head and run towards their homeroom. Ms. Asaji sighs and walks back up to the school with the principal.

Takato reaches his homeroom and opens the door before being bombarded with cheers from the students inside excluding Rika. Takato shocked at the amount of attention just blushes with embarrassment and walks towards his desk. He sits down and waits for Ms. Asaji to appear. Rika sighs "Is something wrong Rika?" Takato asks. Rika's eye twitches with irritation and turns around saying, "You stupid goggle head, you almost got suspended for doing something stupid." Takato realizes the mistake he almost made and says, "Sorry. But I didn't start it." Rika turns around and says, "Whatever." Ms. Asaji returns to the classroom and the bell rings signaling the end of homeroom.

First Period: Math (Devil of all subjects)

Mr. Tobiro welcomes all the students entering the class and takes his seat in the front of the classroom. "Okay class, I will partner you up with someone and you have 30 minutes to solve this equation together." The class groans in agony. "Takato Matsuki and Henry Wong." Takato looks up hearing his name called and looks towards the direction of the other guy called. "Rika Nonaka and Ryo Akiyama." Rika slams her face to her desk and Ryo smiles at Rika. "Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa." Since both numskulls are sitting next to each other they give a high five. –Skips the other students names- Mr. Tobiro calls out. "Takato recognizes Henry as the guy with the bunny digimon on his head. "Aww man we're stuck with the newbie Henry!" Terriermon exclaims to Henry. "Terriermon…" Henry reprimands his partner. "Fine fine." Terriermon says with a huff. "Please sit together with your designated partners." Mr. Tobiro commands. All the students move towards their partners. Takato walks and waves casually to Henry. "Hi, I'm Takato nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too Takato, I'm Henry." They greet each other. "Hi I'm Terriermon thanks for asking." Terriermon says with sarcasm. Henry sighs. "Ignore him."

Mr. Tobiro hands out the mathematical problem they will be solving to each pair. "Akiyama if you dare touch, think, or speak like a pervert," "I will castrate you." Rika warns Ryo. Ryo smiles and says, "It's ok wildcat you just have to embrace me and all your problems will disappear." Rika glares at Ryo and slams her head on the desk. "Do you even know how to solve this math problem?" Rika asks Ryo as she points it out on the handout Mr. Tobiro gave them. Ryo smiles innocently and says. "Nope." Rika slams her head down again and gives up on the math problem. "We're doomed."

Takato and Henry manage to solve their problem with Henry's genius mind. "Henry you're good at this." Henry nods at the compliment and picks the handout and their answer sheet and passes it to Mr. Tobiro. He then walks back to his desk and Terriermon jumps down from his head. He looks at Takato curiously and points at the goggles on his head. "Hey newbie why do you wear those?" "They are so lame…" Henry bops Terriermon on the head with his fist. "Terriermon…" Terriermon plays dead and closes his eyes. Takato smiles at the comedic exchange and asks, "By the way Henry why do people seem to respect your group so much?" "I hear people murmuring about how pretty Rika is and how smart you are and how gorgeous looking Ryo is."

"Well Takato… Rika, Ryo, Kazu, Kenta, and me are part of the Tamer Guard." Henry says to Takato. Takato looks around curiously until he spots Rika and stares at her dilemma with Ryo. Rika notices someone staring and stares back at Takato before glaring back. Takato yelps, and looks away. "Okay what the hell is goggle head staring at me for." "Is there something on my face?" Terriermon smirks at the staring exchange and nudges Takato on the ribs. "Sneaky sneaky newbie." Terriermon teases. "I-t-ts not what you're thinking!" Takato has his hands up defensively and blushes at the tease. "I saw you staring at queenie." Terriermon smiles mischievously. "Terriermon…" Henry sighs and bops his partner on the head while Terriermon plays dead again. "What is the Tamer Guard?" Takato asks Henry. "Basically since Hypnos was shut down, when a digimon biomerges into our world, we five have jurisdiction at the highest order to discontinue what we are doing and eliminate the cause with our digimon. "Interesting…" Takato ponders. "I'm guessing Henry and Rika were part of the group of digimon who fought against D-Reaper in the past."

Suddenly a loud beep beep echoes from the D-Powers of Rika, Ryo, Kenta, Kazu, and Henry. "Sigh looks like a bio mergence just came up." Henry says to Takato. The aforementioned five students get up from their seats and run out of the classroom with the school cheering them on before uniting with their digimon. They run and follow the signal from their D-Powers which leads them to Central Square Shinjuku. The students all crowd around the TV that was turned on to a news channel to try and catch a glimpse of the action. Takato meanwhile slips away from the classroom without being noticed and runs out of the school building and heads for the bakery.

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To be continued…

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