Back to the Start...

A black-haired boy wakes up form his bed as he walks out from the room. He then enters his room and grab a towel as he walks out again.

The boy then reaches a door as he twist a knob but failed. He then knocks it as he said, "Anybody inside?"

"It's me, uncle!" a girl's voice is heard. "Wanna join?"

The boy is shocked as he said, "Never mind. I'll go downstair."

The boy then walks abit as the door is opened. He then turns around to see a girl covered in towel.

"Mizuki, how long have you been inside there?" the boy asked.

"I don't know," the girl replied. "Fifteen minutes?"

"Ani, wait!"

They turns around to see a girl in blue pajama runs toward the door.

"Whoa," said the boy as he blocks the door wiht his right hand. "Queue first."

"But I was here a minute ago," said the girl.

Mizuki nods. "She's right."

The boy sighs. "Fine, you first..."

The girl smiles as she kisses him at his left cheek before enters the bathroom.

The boy looks at the door as he said, "At least she is still Rina..."

"What did you just said?" Mizuki asked.

The boy turns away as he quickly said, "Nothing."

He is now at the table, enjoying some breakfast (French toast) that had been served on the table. Mizuki and another girl sits across him. On her right is a boy. The boys are wearing white shirts and green trousers with a dark blue tie while the girls are wearing white baju kurung (Malay's traditional clothes) and a bright blue clothes below.

The girl, Rina appears as she sits beside him. She then grabs the toast and starts put it into a hole on her face and chews it.

A woman appears beside him as she puts moneys beside his plate.

"Shraffe, could you give it to them all?" the woman asked.

The boy takes the moneys as he said, "Yes, mom."

He then gives to all of them five notes each. The boy then stands up as he grabs his orange bagpack.

"Owh~," mumbled Rina. "Already?"

Few minutes later, all of them are outside, wearing their white shoes.

A spectacled girl in school uniform just past their big, peach-coloured house as the boy, Shraffe takes a glimpse at her.

Rina looks at him as she said, "Hurry, before she's gone."

"No," Shraffe replied. "It's useless right now. She barely knows me. I bet she couldn't remember anything."

"Remember what?" Mizuki quickly asked.

"Nothing," Shraffe replied as he walks away from them.

"Owh~, Ani!" shouted Rina. "Wait!"

Shraffe has finally reached his peach-coloured school. As he enters it, he then saw a boy and a girl waiting for him.

The straight-haired boy walks toward him as he said, "Late as usual?"

Shraffe smirked, "You're not the one who had to babysit the whole family..."

Rina appears from his back as she pulls him deeper into the school. "Come on, Ani. The bell is going to ring!"

The bell then rings as all the students goes to the school's assembly field.

It was recess. Shraffe and his twin sister are at the school's cooperation shop.

Shraffe yawns a bit as a nearly-blond-haired girl said, "Shut your mouth, Shraffe-kun! You looks horrible!"

Shraffe looks at her as he said, "Ayumi, did you know how hard to sleep when you inherited the family's insomnia?"

Ayumi sits beside him as she said, "I know, but that's not the reason for you to yawn like a lion."

Shraffe sighs. He then saw the girl he saw earlier as he is silenced. Ayumi and RIna notices it as the twin said, "Ani, go to her."

"It's your chance, Shraffe-kun," said Ayumi as the two girls push him toward the girl.

Shraffe is now facing the girl as he said, "Err...can I help you?"

The girl smiles sweetly as she said, "Can I have a mineral water, please?"

"Two!" said a girl with black hairclip interfered. "Two mineral water." Sarah looks at her for a while. She then looks at him as she said, "Two."

Shraffe goes to the fridge as he takes out two bottles of mineral water. He then gives them to the girl. The girl then pays him with some moneys as he takes it form her hand. She then goes out from the place.

Shraffe sighs. Rina walks toward him as she said, "You're so slow! You don't even try to ask her out..."

Shraffe looks at his twin as he said, "She is Sarah. It's not that easy to ask her just like that. You have to prove yourslef to her in order to make her likes you..."

"How did you know?" asked the straight-haired boy. "It's like you already know her so much."

Ayumi gasped. "Sam's right. Don't tell me you are...her stalker?"

Shraffe looks at her, giving her a no look. He then looks away from them.

It's not a surprise that they don't remember anything. Somehow, he is the only who remembers everything...

The school has already ended. Shraffe and his friends gathered at a park that evening.

Shraffe looks at his friends. The crew has been decreased a bit, thanks to the paradox they made in their past lives.

Sam and Ayumi are still his closest friends and cousins, but their behaviour somehow has changed. Ayumi used to be a determined girl, but now she is a cheeky and flirty girl. Sam, on the other hand, becomes a playful boy.

Rina is no longer Michiko, the wife of a pervert but fiery samurai. Although he is relieved to see her by his side, he still missed the time she being a matured woman.

Shotaro has lost all of his hardboiled style and turned to be half-boiled instead. He is currently engaged with someone (guess who), and that's the only thing the same as his previous life.

Inoue and Tendou also changed their behaviour, but no need to state it as they are as arrogant as their dads...

Some of the crew changed, but it still doesn't changed the fact that the crews are smaller in number.

Shraffe didn't really takes notice of them all, but the only thing that hurt him the most is what happened to Sarah.

Sarah, the only person he loves, has not only forget all about their relationship, but she also has not become his friend anymore. The paradox has set them apart, and he has to win her back of he still wants to be with the girl he ever loved.

The boy stands up as he yawns. There is no need for them to remember such horrible past. Now, they are living in a new world called the A World, better known as Afliatte World.

Rina looks at her brother as she said, "What's wrong?"

Shraffe ignores her as he walks away from there. Rina, still confused, whispered "Ani?"

Today is Friday, the last school day of the week. It is also the day when his dad comes home earlier than usual.

As always, his green customized car is seen in front of his house. A man in office attire, presumably his dad, walks out of the car and takes off his shoes.

"Dad," the boy called his dad. The man looks at him as he said, "Hey, Shraffe. What is it?"

"Can I ask you something?" Shraffe responded. His dad looks away as he siad, "Why not?"

Shraffe is relief for a while. He know he can trust his dad with this paranormal question.

His father, Nazm, is the director of Reisos Company and also the richest person in the world, although he tries his best on hiding the fact. But, he is also the leader of Affliate, a military-like group that had been served the world for approximately 300 years till now.

The group have been involved with a lot of horrible wars that nearly threaten the world itself, but the sacrifisation made by the previous leader of Affliate (some of them are Shraffe's ancestors and grandfather) always saved the world from any further destruction. His father had also played a huge role.

Although he is no longer working actively like before, he is still leading the Affliate by giving missions to the members of the group around the world.

Shraffe opened up his mouth as he said, "If a paradox had been made, is there any possibilities for someone to know what the other future lies?"

Nazm looks at him for a while. "You mean, if a man does B instead of A, and cause the whole future to change, can that man knows something that might happened if he chose A in the first place?"

Shraffe nods. His father then said, "Depends. If that person can sees the future and saw beyond it, than yes."

"What if he came from the future and changes everything in the past, can his past self knows something about the supposed future?"

Nazm replied, "In some occasion, yes."

"How about his experiences? What if he had learned how to do something and then changed the past, can he do that something again?"

Nazm smiled. "I fhe does remembers the whole thing about that something, than it is possible that he can do it in the changed future without training. Why did you ask?"

"Nothing," said Shraffe as he walks away from there.

Nazm looks at his son as he whispered, "He is indeed the next legacy, being able to remember such horrible past without help."

Shraffe isn't returning back to the park. Instead he is going somewhere else.

He stops at a huge house. Compare to his normal-looking two floor house, that three floor house looks like a mansion. It is indeed belong to someone who used their money as max as possible, unlike his dad, who loves to reserve most of the money and live in a normal lifestyle.

Sarah is at the house courtyard. She is showering the plants there with a pipe of water.

Shraffe hides somewhere as he st- watch the girl quietly. The girl isn't wearing her glasses like always, which shows her natural beauty.

Shraffe looks at her closely. That's the same face she had shown before. After two years together, how can he forgets such memories?

She had promised to be with him, even when they ended up live in an entirely different world. But, the promise became just aa promise without action follows, he guess.

He can never forgets memories of them being together, even how painful it was.

Sarah then looks at his hiding as he quickly hides well, making sure that she won't see him. Sarah then shrugged as she continues her works.

Shraffe sighs. He can never lose her love, not after seen her died on his own arm. But, something inside him tells him to let her choose her own life. What should he do?

The day is Saturday. Shraffe wakes up early as he gets to use the bathroom before everybody does.

There is only two bathrooms available inside the house; one on the second floor and one on the first floor. They always have to race with each other in order to use it early.

As for Shraffe, he always have to give them all the chance whenever they show their faces in front of him eventhough he is the first to arrive. It is all because of him act as a leader among the teenagers, although there is already two teens that are older than him; his nephew and his big sister.

Those two always act selfishly and never take notice regarding their surroundings.

After a few minutes, Shraffe finally finishes his activities as he wears his clothes and opens the door. Rina is standing on the other side of the room.

"Ani," she said gently. "I thought that you promised to tkae bath together with me this morning?~"

Shraffe is shock. "What? Me? You? No."


"I am your brother," Shraffe replied. "Your own twin. We cannot do such action, especially when it's involved us getting naked...together!"

"Wait, what?" Rina interfered. She then laughs a bit as she said, "Oh my god, I have a very pervert brother..." She then said, "That's not it! I just wanted to have some quality times with my twin, alone."

Both of them look at each other's eyes for a while. Shraffe then sighs as he said, "Fine. Get in..."

As his sister enters the bathroom, he whispered, "Sometimes I wished that you are still with Takeru..."

"Who?" she suddenly asked as she looks at him.

Shraffe is shocked. "Nobody! Now get in already!"

That day, Shraffe had promised with his friends, Mizuki and Rina to hang out at a shopping mall, Jaya Jusco somewhere.

As always, Shraffe will always be the first person who arrive at the scene. Few minutes later, Sam and Ayumi arrived.

"How long have you waited?" Sam asked his older cousin. "You could say that. I started to get bored," Shraffe replied.

"Gomen ne, Shraffe-chan!" said Ayumi as she bridges her palms. "I took a long time to get ready. Gomen ne!"

Shraffe smiles as he rubs the girl's head. "Don't worry. I forgive you." He then said, "Now, where should we go?"

Sam and Ayumi looks around. Ayumi then said, "Why don't we go to the book store?"

Shraffe, Sam and Ayumi are at the book store. Ayumi is searching for books she wanted to buy while Sam is reading a book.

Shraffe is looking at some books. A book managed to catch his attention with its title, "The Life After Tomorrow." It is a book talked about what the world is like in the future.

As he read the book, a girl suddenly appears as she stands beside him. Shraffe takes a peek at her as he is shocked.

The girl is Sarah. She is wearing a white vest with a blue shirt underneath. Her hair is tied up together. SHe isn't wearing her spectacles today.

Damn, this girl is cute, he thought. Shraffe starts to become nervous. She smells good too.

Shraffe puts the book into its place as he starts to walks away from her. Her presence makes him wants to hug her so much.

Shraffe looks at Sarah for a while. He really missed her a lot. He could never forget the time they being together. All the experiences they had collected together for 2 years.

A huge noise is heard as everybody starts to runs to see what happened. Sarah also get curious as she runs toward the scene.

Shraffe gets a bad feeling about it. He decides to take a look of it.

Shraffe's father, Nazm is looking at his iPad. His iPad shows a map with markers on it.

Shraffe's mother appears as she said, "There's an attack. Don't you want to send anybody?"

"No," he said. "He can take car of it. I know he can..."

A group of people are wreaking havoc at the mall. They are shooting around and destroying stuff.

A man in black jacket said, "This place is good. Why don't we let it go?"

They then pushes a huge container as one of them opens it.

A man is revealed inside it. He is chained and struggling to escape. The chain is then cut as the man runs somewhere and destroy some stuffs.

"The medicine really gives some shit," said the black-jacket man. "We've failed again..."

They then walks away from there, leaving the chained man to destroy some stuffs.

TH ecrowd starts to run away from there as Shraffe looks from distance. "Damn it," he whispered. "I wish I still had that belt..."

Ayumi runs toward him as she said, "Shraffe-chan, let's run!"

Shraffe is about to follow his cousin, but somehow his feet isn't moving. He then runs toward the man, leaving Ayumi shouted, "Shraffe-chan! Where are you going!"

Shraffe jumps toward the man as he punches his face. The man taken aback as he rages some more. He then shout out loud as blood starts to flows from his body. The blood covers his body as it becomes his armors.

"Nice," said Shraffe.

The man punches him as he flies away. Sam and Ayumi looks at him in horror as she shouted, "Shraffe-chan, what are you doing! Let's run already!"

"No!" shouted Shraffe as he stands up. "I won't give up just like that!"

"What?" said Sam. "What are you talking about?"

Sarah saw them from far away. Isn't they are from the next class? What are they doing? Why don't they run?

Shraffe continued, "After what I did just to save this world...I won't give up everything I've learn just like that!"

Shraffe started punch that man rapidly. He then jumps and kicks him while doing a backflip. The man walks backward a bit.

"You," he said. ""

Shraffe stands still as he said, "Ore wa...Ashraf Naqiuddin! Mirai no Otoko!"

He then shouts out loud as a black and green big brace appears on his right wrist. He looks at it, shocked. "This is..."

The man starts to attack him as he jumps forward, avoiding the hit.

As Shraffe back to his feet, he pulls a lever inside his waist. There is red points at the end of the lever, away from the brace. Shraffe then spins it around as the points is pointing at the brace. He then pushes the lever into brace, causing it to spark.

"Start!" announced the brace as the middle of the brace, which is a circle, turns green.

The brace then lets out threads which surrounded him. Armors appear out of nowhere as they envelops his body. A helmet is formed above him as it closes his face.

Shraffe exhales some air as he looks at his enemy. Ayumi and Sam are shock to see that. Sarah is also shocked.

" that?" Sam asked. "," Ayumi whispered.

Shraffe poses a bit as he said, "Hikari yami kara, Ore wa, Mirai no Otoko! Marzonn Zero!"

The man charges toward him as Shraffe jumps and gives him a jumping roundhouse kick. His enemy fell down.

The man stands up as Shraffe punches him several times. He then grabs his right hand and spins him around.

The man stands up again as Shraffe gives him a counter kick.

Shraffe then moves his left palm toward the circle on his bracer as it turns red (Danger Zone!). His left feet starts to flashes as its explodes and engulfs in flame.

Shraffe jumps as he gives his enemy a flying side kick. The man fell again as he explodes.

Shraffe lands as he de-transforms. Ayumi runs toward him as she said, "So cool!"

Shraffe smiles as she pulls him away from there.

That night, Shraffe is looking at the sky. He knows that his destiny as the world's hero is starting again, just like the old time. The only difference is, he gets to wear a new suit.

Well, he just hope that his friends, Mizuki, Rina and Sarah will eventually remember the whole stuff that happened years ago, or rather, what happened in WAR Zero World...

Finally finished it. In case you wanted to know, this is supposed to be a sequel for WAR Zero, also the stories about AShraffe.

Why did I post it early? Because of the sake of the next movie I'm going to make. Don't worry, there will a little reference from WAR Zero that might become spoilers.

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