Chapter 1

The sun was high in the sky, birds where singing and the air smelled like freshly cut grass. People where enjoying the nice weather, relaxing in the park or at the cafe, or at home in their backyards. In these days Orihime Inoue was able to forget that there was a war coming soon, because she enjoy these days, even when she remembered that not long ago, she had been at a dangerous situation in this park, she was currently taking a walk in.

Flash back:

She and Chad where walking through the streets of Karakura, when suddenly they felt an enormous spiritual pressure. They started running, and she stopped when she saw a man falling on the road. "Chad wait" She called to her friend. "It's no use Orihime, that guy is dead." He looked up at the sky. "You can see it too. Someone is sucking the souls out of people in this area." She thought for a second, and then her eyes widened. "Maybe their also-" He cut her off. "No they are not Bounts. Their methods are different and so is their attack."

"Than what could they be?" She asked, when they continued to run towards the spiritual pressure. "I don't know, but you have to promise me, you will take care of the injured, and don't engade in the battle."

"Mhm" Was all she answered, as they continued to run without stoping. When they got to the park, they saw two figures with hollow masks. The biggest of the enemies was about to crush someone under his foot. They both recognized the person. It was Tatsuki. Chad stopped the giant foot, that was about to crush Tatsuki. Orihime stood in front of Tatsuki, shielding her. Both Chad and her, at the time, didn't know who they were dealing with. But know they knew that Aizen had successfully used the Hogyoku, and created these Arrancars.

The biggest one of them was surprised for a moment, while the other one remained indifferent. "Who the hell are you?" The big Arrancar asked his voice laced with disgust. Neather one of them answered him. "Orihime, listen to me carefully, take Tatsuki, and get out of here." He was preparing to attack. "Just, be careful Chad."

"Hey Ulquuioooora, are they one?" She heard the big Arrancar scream over his sholder, what she thought sounded like a name, but she couldn't make it out. She heared the other one speak in a cold tone that sent shivers down her spine. "Yami, you should really work on your investigating skills, so you could figure these things on your own. You should be able to tell from one glance, that this individual is trash."

She turned in time to see Chad's arm being ripped in halve. She layed Tatsuki down, and rushed to Chad's side. "Chad, get up! Chad, speak to me!" Tears welled in her eyes. She felt so helpless, when the big guy was about to hit her, but she didn't give up and summoned her power just in time to block the attack. She got of the ground and summoned her healing shield, and started to heal Chad's arm. "This girl, what is she?" The big Arrancar said.

She knew that the enemy was strong, but she had to hold them of until Ichigo got there. At least that's what she thought. She summoned Tsubaki, and attacked, but her attack was easely deflected by the big Arrancar. She froze in fear, her only offence destroyed. The big Arrancar towered over her, and all she could do, is step back a little. She heard the big Arrancar screaming over his sholder again, and this time she was sure that it was a name.

"Hey Ulquiorra what do you want do with her? Maybe we could take her back to Aizen and show this weird healing she posseses?" She was so scared she couldn't move or think, but snaped out of it when he said 'Aizen'. "Wait, Aizen?" But they didn't answer her, she heard the smaller Arrancar tell the big one to kill her. She thought she was a gonner, but Ichigo came just in time.

She was healing Chad's arm when suddenly Ichigo's spiritual pressure started fluctuating. She saw him fall on the ground, and ran forward. She was violently slaped in the face by the big Arrancar. She dosn't remember a lot from that place, mostly because she was unconscious, and when she was conscious the next moment, she saw she was in danger again, because the big Arrancar was going to blow her and Yoruichi up with a cero. It didn't happen, because Urahara deflected the cero.

Urahara was about to attack the big Arrancar again, but his attack was blocked by the other Arrancar. Even in her state she could feel that other Arrancar was different. Something about him made her doubt that he will attack them. She thought for some unknown reason, he was angry with the big Arrancar. He punched the big Arrancar in the gut, and she was sure if he would have been just as violent to them as the big Arrancar, then they would be dead. In her halve conscious state she sighed when they left through a Garganta.

End of Flash back

She breathed in deeply, as the wind gently touched her cheeks. She felt useless, even though she had fought as good as she could, it was still not good enough. She knew that no one blamed her, but still she couldn't help but feel so guilty. She continued to walk through the park till she reached the crater. She stood near it, and just looked at it. It was just standing there, mocking her. The trees were taking a golden tint, but some were still green and full of life. Suddenly a pair of green eyes flashed before her eyes, and she shook her head. She thought back to the Arrancar again, and reasoned with herself that the color suited him. He had been cold and indifferent but not violent, except for that other Arrancar, but she thought he deserved it, and she was silently thankfull he stopped the battle and didn't kill any of her friends. She took one last look at the crater and started to hed back home.

When she was about halfway there, suddenly Rukia appeared in front of her. "Hey Orihime" She greeted. "Hey Rukia, did you come back from the Soul society?" She gave her friend a big hug. "Yeah, I was in the Soul society. The war is coming soon, and I was thinking what are you going to do?" She looked into Orihime's eyes, and could see sadness in them. "Listen Orihime, I know that Urahara doesn't allow you to train with them in his store, but you could come with me to the Soul society, and we could train together there. What do you say?" She smiled at her friend, and Orihime smiled warmly at her.

"Really, I could train there with you?" She practically smothered Rukia in a bone crushing. "Thank you Rukia."

"You're welcome Orihime." She said when Orihime finaly let her go. "Come on"



In a completely different world – dark, cold and ruthless, where nothing beautiful could survive, a mighty, white castle stood, resembling its ruler's power. The king of this castle looked merciful on the outside with a kind smile, but it was all just a facade. On the inside he was just as cold and cruel as the world he ruled.

The king sat in his throne smiling his satisfied smile. He always had some kind of plan, and this wasn't exception.

"It's Ulquiorra, permission to enter." The big, white double door swung open to reveal the forth Espada. "Ah Ulquiorra, how nice of you to come" Ulquiorra bowed and looked at his master. "Is there something you acquire of me?" Aizen smiled at his most perfect creation. "Yes, in your last mission you reported about a girl, what was her name? Ahh I remebered, Orihime Inoue, was that it?"

"Yes Lord Aizen" Ulquiorra hadn't forgotten. The girl had sparked his interest not only by her unusual auburn color hair and silver eyes, that were so full of emotions, but also, because her power was something he had never seen before. "I sense that her power could be useful to me, it really is amazing ability that she posseses isn't it?"

"Yes Lord Aizen" Ulquiorra could sense that Aizen had big plans for the girl. "Ulquiorra, your mission for now is to analyse her abilities, you will have to go back to the world of the living, but this time undetected. Just get the information, and come back to report. If I'm right about her powers, then she will be truly useful to us. You are dismised." Ulquiorra bowed once again, and was about to leave when Aizen stoped him. "Ah Ulquiorra one more thing, if I'll need her powers, you will have to bring her to Hueco Mundo."

"Yes Lord Aizen"

Ulquiorra exited the throne room, and thought about his task. It was true that the girl had amazing abilities, but Ulquiorra didn't understand how they could be useful to Aizen. Did Aizen really need that power, or did it just fascinate him. When Ulquiorra had seen the girl, he had thought a lot of things. That she was unusual, beautiful, and brave. Of course all these thoughts had surprised him. Yami had asked if she was trash too, and in that moment he had even hesitated to call her trash.

It was unexplainable why he didn't want to call her that. To him everyone, except Aizen, was trash, so what made her so special, he didn't understand. And when he had ordered Yami to kill her, he had done it because that unexplainable power she had over him had to be destroyed. But still, when the orange haired soulreaper appeared and saved her, he felt like something heavy had been lifted off of his chest. Was that relief, he didn't know. He had felt anger when Yami had hit the girl. When the former captain attacked Yami, he stopped him only because he wanted to punish Yami himself. He wasn't for sensless violence, and fought only when ordered, but Yami deserved it.

Ulquiorra tried to clear his mind, but could never have he had so much thought in his head. It was frustrating him. He made his way to his private quaters, to relax in the silence it provided.

To be continued...

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