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Chapter 11

Orihime sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes from sleep, yawning softly. This 'night' she had surprisingly slept peacefully even after the events that had occurred with Loly. The first thing that went through her mind was when Ulquiorra would come with her breakfast. It wasn't the breakfast that was the reason she wanted him to come, though.

Somehow, she had grown fond of the melancholic Espada and often found herself thinking of him. He was still stoic and expressionless on the outside, but there was a slight, almost unnoticeable, change in him. It was his eyes; the emerald green orbs were his most striking feature, but the first time she had looked in them they had been cold and empty. Now, there was something, something that almost resembled emotion in those big, green orbs, but she wasn't sure.

She blushed when she remebered the intense look in those eyes when he had come close to kissing her. Just a few more millimeters and he would have taken her first kiss. She didn't know why that thought made her feel…disappointment? Did she want him to kiss her? To take her first kiss! The kiss she had almost given to Ichigo when leaving her friends behind to keep them safe.

Her friends…it hit her hard like she had run into a brick wall and she felt overwhelming guilt. They were somewhere in the big fortress, putting themselves in danger because of her, but hadn't even crossed her mind these passed days ever since almost being raped.

Did that obscure her mind so much that she would almost forget about them? It was wrong of them to be here. They were putting their lives on the line and no matter what didn't she want to be saved? To be taken away from this prison…from him.

Before she could think were that thought had come from there was a knock on the door, before the door swung open to reveal Ulquiorra standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"Good morning Ulquiorra," she said and smiled softly at him. She wasn't sure if it was morning, but it might as well be since the time of the day here was inconceivable.

Ulquiorra nodded as his own way of saying 'Good morning' and entered the room. He stepped aside to allow the servant to wheel in the trolley of her breakfast. Orihime watched the servant set down the tray on her white, lone table, while Ulquiorra's calm eyes watched her.

"Eat your breakfast," he told her when the girl hadn't yet moved from her bed. Sighing, Orihime sat down at the table and looked at her breakfast that was an omelet and toasts with jam. "How I miss red bean paste," she mumbled to herself. Orihime loved to put in on almost everything she ate and even though she could eat, what people called, 'normal' food she still loved adding a lot of ingredients that wasn't normally included, since it gave the food a taste that made every bite a rainbow of tastes on her tongue.

Ulquiorra continued to watch as she ate, but also contemplating something. If Loly was out somewhere in Hueco Mundo, she was probably there to regain her strenght and hollows could do that by eating other hollows. And that would mean that the fraccion would come back for revenge sooner or later. This room would be no longer safe for the girl, so he had to move her somewhere else. He would have to get Aizen's permission, but he could also get it later.

When Orihime was done she wiped her mouth on a napkin and Ulquiorra motioned for the servant Arrancar to come back inside. He immediately came and gathered her plates and wheeled them out when he received a dismissal from Ulquiorra.

Orihime sat in the chair and fidgeted with her hands. Somehow, she felt nervous all of a sudden around him. Just looking at him for the briefest of seconds made her blush and look at the floor.

Ulquiorra noted that the girl was once again had that blush on her cheeks. She couldn't be sick, could she? Was she embarrassed of something? Was his presence making her like this? Deciding to leave it alone he opened the door, getting her attention. "Come," he simply said and Orihime stared at him in confusion.

"Uh?" she got to her feet when he said nothing but give her a look that said that he wasn't joking when he asked her to come. Nervously, she wearily followed after him to where ever he wanted to take her.


"Run faster, Itsygo" Nel squalled on Ichigo's back, pulling on his hair. Said teen was annoyed beyond belief. He once again was left to wonder if all children were like this. Well he sure hadn't been like this when he was little. Had he? His father had told him that he was full of life and happiness when his mother was still alive; after that he had just become the person he was today. He rarely smiled, and if he did then he did it when he had accomplished something that really mattered. Like helping a friend in need; helping Chad when he had been beaten by a gang, saving Rukia from execution and now Orihime, who was trapped in this place. It was his job to protect his friends and that brought the smile on his face in those rare occasions.

He looked over his shoulder, still not stoping, to check if someone wasn't following them. He could feel a distant spiritual pressure, though he couldn't sense the direction it was coming from. Rukia and Renji were running besides him, while Chad, Uryu, Pesche and Dondochakka were behind them. Neither one of them spoke the only sounds were Nel's high pitched squeals, and Ichigo could tell that everyone, except Pesche and Dondochakka, were getting extremely annoyed and uncomfortable. Rukia was the one to cave in.

"Will she stop already? She is annoying the hell out of me, and she'll attract unwanted attention, if she won't keep her trap shut."She snapped, and the whole group came to a stop in a dimly lit hallway. Nel glared daggers at her. "I was having a lot of fun." She whined pulling on Ichigo's kimono as he tried to set her down on her feet. "She's such a meany…Itsygo!" She started crying big crocodile tears. "Now look what you've done, you evil doer." Dondochakka was once again ready to jump at Rukia with his body slam, while Pesche was comforting Nel, but was pulled back by Ichigo and Renji.

Ichigo froze suddenly when he felt the unfamiliar spiritual pressure from before; he was sure it was an Arrancar and also that it wasn't an Espada, but he wasn't sure if it wouldn't be hostile if they were to run into it. "Guys, did you feel that?" He asked and they all nodded looking at their surrounding as if waiting for something to lash out at them from a dark corner.

Suddenly, a white clad figure appeared about twenty feet in front of them. They couldn't see the Arrancar's face, but the way it stood with its back to them indicated that he had no interest in them or at least hadn't noticed them yet.

"Who are you?" Uryu was the first to speak and the Arrancar was visibly startled as it spun around to face them. "I could ask you the same thing," he stated, his single brown eyes showing surprise, the other hidden by an eye patch. He held something in his arms; a white bundle with shoulder length, black hair.

"Are you going to attack us?" Chad asked in his deep, calm voice asking the question that was on everyone's mind.

"No." The Arrancar simply said in a disinterested voice and was ready to leave. Ichigo wasn't going to have that and flash stepped in front of the blond Arrancar.

"You didn't tell us who you were." Ichigo had already drawn Zangetsu and was holding it dangerously close to the male's throat. The Arrancar didn't seem to be fazed by this and pushed the tip of the gigantic blade away from his throat.

"You didn't tell me who you were, so we're even," He said nonchalantly and Ichigo lowered his blade by his side. "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute soulreaper,"

"Rukia Kuchiki from the 13th division,"

"Vice captain of the sixth division, Renji Abarai,"

"Uryu Ishida, I'm a Quincy,"

"Yasutora Sado and I'm human."

Each of them introduced themselves and the Arrancar nodded, but then his eyes fell on Pesche and Dondochakka, who had been quiet ever since the Arrancar appeared.

"And who are they?" He pointed at the two that had been trying to hide behind them. Nel, the enthusiastic one, broke from both of her 'brothers' grasp and said with much childlike innocence. "I'm Nel, and these are my brothers, Pesche and Dondochakka." When she said that, Pesche and Dondochakka had horrified looks on their faces.

"It's your turn, Arrancar," Ichigo said oblivious to Pesche's and Dondochakka's fear.

Everyone was startled when the Arrancar ignored Ichigo and walked closer to Nel, who was watching the stranger with curiosity. "Is that you, Neliel?" He set down the little child, who he had been holding against his chest, on the ground and was now towering over Nel, who furrowed her brow in confusion. The little child, who had a hollow hole in his left eye and his mask partially broken around it, whimpered and grabbed on the tall, blonds white Arrancar uniform.

"Your estigma," the Arrancar pointed at the purple mark that stretched over her cheeks and across her nose. "It is you."

Nel touched the mark that she hadn't payed attention before. She had wondered briefly were she had gotten it from, but her short attention span had soon found new things for her to be occupied with.

"And these must be your fraccions." The Arrancar's eyes landed on the two nervous hollows. Pesche and Dondochakka stiffened and were ready to run away with Nel if needed. They hadn't seen the Arrancar for a very long time and wouldn't hesitate to jump in action if Nel was in danger.

"Who the hell are you, and how do you know Nel?" Ichigo was once again gripping Zangetsu tightly and ready to take on the Arrancar if he had any intentions of hurting Nel. He protected everyone that needed it, but if it was a friend that was in danger he would stop at nothing to keep them safe.

"I'm Tesla Lindocruz, fraccion of the fifth Espada." Everyone's eyes widened and they all stiffened as if waiting for the Arrancar to attack. If he was a fraccion to one of the high ranking Espada, then were was the fifth Espada.

"Who is that?" Rukia pointed at the little child, who only borrowed his face in Tesla's uniform.

"This is Nnoitora Jiruga, the fifth Espada."

To be continued…

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