So this is a sort of new thing to me, I read my first High School Fic the other day it was so awesome, I sort of got hooked on the High School thing. While I do go to High School it is in New Zealand not America so I will try my best to make it like an American school but I an experience in somewhere different so it might sound funny haha.

I would have to say this is AU, because Ziva is like 30 on the show and Tony like 40, not 17 haha but I am gonna have the characters based on their types of personality on the show, we will see what happens though.

Please Enjoy this, I know I enjoy writing it.

Ziva David looked out the car window; this was all new for her. She had never been to America before, she had been many places but America wasn't one of them. She had just landed from her flight from Israel; she was now here in this new country to stay. Her father had told her she would never come back to Israel, saying something about 'It wasn't safe for her'. She had told her father she was not leaving Israel, her family and friends, but Eli, her father, would have none of it. The more Ziva resisted leaving the more Eli got mad, they had got into a big fight, things were said that shouldn't have been said and now Ziva was miles away from her father, never going to return. She hated him.

In the car were three more people. Jethro Gibbs, her new guardian. Jenny Gibbs, also her new guardian, she had meet them both before, a few time actually. She liked them they were very nice. They both worked for an American agency NCIS, and they had business with her father sometimes. Ziva had 'hinky' feelings about Eli bringing her to get to know the two whenever they were in Israel on business, Eli never had her associating with people involved in his business. And as she was now under their care in America, her father's intentions were now clear to her, he had planned to send her away from Israel for a long time.

The other person in the car she had never met before, Abby Gibbs. She was their daughter; Ziva could tell that Abby was a very kind person, even though her clothing style was telling the opposite. Black T-shirt with some band on it, black with a tiny bit of red mini skirt, very large high platform boots, also black and accessories all over, with chains and more black. She had never seen anyone dress like that in Israel before; she kind of liked how different Abby was.

Jethro was always addressed as Gibbs, that was one of the first things she learnt when she met him. Jenny was fine with Jenny, Ziva had always loved her short red hair, which was also something you didn't see much of in Israel. Eli had signed Ziva over to Gibbs and Jenny; she was now adopted by them. At first when Eli had told her this she was furious he was just pushing her out of his life, didn't he love me? I am…well was his daughter. I guess he does not care for me; he cares more about his work. But then she got so furious with Eli and what he was doing, what he said, she liked the idea of having a new family and moving the hell away from Eli.

And Gibbs and Jenny would be good parents, she knew by what she had seen of them at their visits. Abby also seemed very loved. Maybe this will not be so bad? No this was going to be good, she had a new start, a fresh life away from Eli and his work, and the training he would make her do. She had little friends out of school as Eli always had her in training or doing something he wanted. Now she would be free of that, of him.

They drove for a while, going to where she believed their home was. Abby had begun explaining school to her, what the place was like, what the teachers were like. Ziva was worried about being new, everyone would look at her, but Abby had promised that she would look after her, she said 'Ziva you are going to be my new best friend ok'. Ziva liked the sound of that, she had never had a best friend before, only friends or as Eli would say 'acquaintances'. Ziva was going to like living here already, and she had only been here two hours at most.

They arrived at their home, it wasn't too large or too small it was perfect. It was two stories, downstairs was a lounge, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom and master bedroom. Upstairs was two more bedrooms, Abby's and now hers, also it had a bathroom. They had a pool outside; Gibbs had a shed which had half a built boat in there. She wondered how he was going to get it out, Abby told her no one but Gibbs knew that answer.

Ziva had been here in America for a week now. She was starting to become a part of the family already. Abby called her sister, her and Abby were know caught up on each other and how they worked, it was nice. Gibbs and Jenny respected her like one of their own, it was…very different. She had never had a mother around and Eli was never much of a father, she liked this change. This must be what a normal family feels like? She was glad to be part of that family now. She had forgotten about Eli, she didn't care now, she had this new life.

She had met Abby's best friend, Timothy McGee, he was really sweat, she liked him and they were now friends. Ziva now had two good friends, she liked that.

Ziva was slightly nervous however, tomorrow was her first day of school, but school had only started a month ago so she hoped she wouldn't stand out too much being the new girl. Abby had told her she would meet some of her friends at school, the sound of more new friends was slightly taking away her nervousness.

Before she knew it she was walking in the gates of her new school with Abby and Tim. Quite a few people kept looking at her, and that was bringing back the nervousness. Abby had told her it was going to be ok, everyone would always noticed a new face; Tim said they were just being curious.

Ziva had been given a slip which had her subjects and rooms on it, she didn't realise how big this place was, and she knew she was going to get lost. She had six subjects that she had been aloud to choose, it was exciting to her as Eli had always picked them in Israel. She had chosen, all by herself, but with a little help from Abby and Tim, Art, PE, Algebra, English, Biology, and Auto Work Shop. She had chosen the last one as in Israel in her training she had learnt a lot about cars, and she enjoyed that part, she wasn't a regular 'girly girly' is how Abby had put it.

Abby was in her Biology and Art class and Tim was in her English class. Today she had Algebra first and then Auto, both were without Abby or Tim, she was worried she wasn't going to fit in without them. Realising Ziva didn't have a cell phone, Jenny and Gibbs had got her one, so she could be in contact with anyone if she needed. Abby and Tim had shown her how to use it; she never had one of these in Israel. Abby told her she would ring her right after Auto so she could find her.

They had dropped her off at Algebra and headed to their own classes. The teacher new he had a new student and Ziva looked lost. The rest of the class was mucking around a bit before class started. The teacher walked over to Ziva.

"Hello I am Mr Roberts, you must be Ziva David?" he asked, she nodded and smiled when he got her name right, everyone in America normally got that wrong.

"Hi, yes that's me" she said slightly coming out of her shyness, only slightly though.

"Well welcome to our school Ziva" he told her then turned to the class raising his voice getting everyone's attention.

"Everyone this is Ziva David, she will be joining us in this class, I expect you to all be welcoming to her" everyone was looking at Ziva now and she became shy, as she went to a desk that Mr Roberts told her to take a few people said hello's. Some looked at her in disgust, she didn't like that, and she took her chair and focused on the teacher.

Tony DiNozzo hated Algebra; he only took it because he had to. He was one of the popular guys at school, he played on the school football team, lots of his buddies did. Most girls wanted him, he went out with some, he used to date all the time, but he was getting tired of that. When his teacher said something about a new girl he looked up. And that is when he saw her. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen before; he had never called anyone beautiful before, only hot, cute or sexy. But this one, Ziva, she was different.

He could tell she wasn't like the other girls he had met before, she had no make-up, and she wore tan cargo pants and a tight black top, most girls wouldn't be caught dead like that, but he thought she looked beautiful as she was. Her hair was curly and out, he always had a thing for curly hair. He realised he was staring and quickly looked away, still looking at her through the corner of his eye.

He would have to talk to her, he had to. She was foreign, Middle Eastern maybe? And he couldn't get enough of her, and she was just sitting down at a desk, doing school work. She was focussed on the teacher and listening but he could tell she was uncomfortable in this new surrounding, feeling out of place, she seemed nervous if you looked deep enough. He saw it.

Suddenly the bell had gone and everyone was leaving the class, had I really just dazed out for an hour? He sure had. He was going to go say hi to the new girl but his buddy was pulling him out of the class. His buddy Jake had pulled him all the wall down the corridor but Tony was determined to go see this Ziva girl. He shook his buddy off and walked back to the class, Jake gave him a weird look but then continued to his next class.

Ziva now had to find the Auto Shop all by herself; she was so going to be late for class. She was reading her slip when she walked round the corner and someone came crashing into her, her books went everywhere.

"Shit, I'm sorry" the male said, he bent down and began picking up her books, then he stood up to give them back and looked at her. He, Tony had walked into the new girl, Ziva. He smiled as he gave her books back.

"Thank you" she said.

"Hey you're the new girl, Ziva David right?" he asked. Pronouncing her name correctly.

"Yes that's me" she smiled.

"Well hi; I'm Tony, Tony DiNozzo." He said and he extended his hand to her, she shook it.

"Hello Tony" he looked down at her class list slip. He smiled again when he saw her next subject, Auto, he had Auto next.

"I see you have Auto next, I can take you there if you want, I've got it too" she nodded at his offer.

"I would appreciate it, it is vey easy to get lost here' she said as she walked with him to the next class.

"Yeah I always got lost when I first started here"

"You were in my Algebra class right?" she had remembered his eyes; she had seen him watching her at one point, unsure on what he was thinking.

"Yep I sure did, I hate that class, Auto is more my thing" he said smiling away. His smile is cute. She smiled.

"I am surprised you have not said anything referring to the fact I am taking Auto, my friend Tim told me no other females take it. Ever" he laughed at that.

"Well I think it would be good to have a female around the place, I think its really cool that your taking Auto, no other chick would have the balls to do that, well you chicks don't have balls… you Ziva must have steal ovaries or something" his comment made her laugh, and really laugh. Man she looks beautiful when she laughs. That was hilarious, steal ovaries. He was funny, she liked that. They were both laughing now.

"I bet it's true, I like you your different. Good different" Tony stated.

"Thank you, I do not know what different is around here but I like you because you have been nice to me, I don't have many friends" she looked sad at the last comment.

"Well now you have a new friend" Tony said as he reached over and grabbed her slip, he wrote down his phone number. He handed it back to her.

"If you ever need help with school or just need a friend, just give me a call or text" he said smiling, she couldn't help the smile that escaped her lips.

"Thank you Tony".

They walked into Auto and all the guys turned at looked at her as they came in, Tony introduced her to the class.

"Everyone this is Ziva David, yes she is in this class, yes she is female, and if any of you have some sexist comment I suggest you keep it to yourself" he said the last bit a bit more harshly, everyone seemed to accept his comment and go back to their work. They were all spread out, some guys under a car, some leaning into the engine, some working inside a car. Tony smiled at her.

"Its awesome right" he said. She just nodded looking around.

"I have to ask though, do you know anything about cars?" he said walking her over to a work bench. She slapped him playfully on the arm.

"Of course I know about cars, quite a bit actually" she stated, he smirked.

"Oh Reeaalllyyy?" he said, she smirked back and putting some of the overalls on like the other guys had, she walked over to one of the cars. Tony did the same and followed her.

Tony was truly amazed by how much Ziva knew about cars, she had said her dad made her learn about it. Tony would say she would know more than over half the guys in the class; the teacher was also very impressed by the new female's ability.

They walked out of Auto together after class and Ziva's phone vibrated in her pocket, it was Abby. She smiled at Tony.

"It's my sister" she said just before she answered it. He waited while she talked on the phone. She hung up and turned to him.

"Do you know where the cafeteria is?" she asked.

"No I don't think I do" he joked; she laughed and playfully hit him again.


"Yes I know where the cafeteria is, would you like me to show you? Or are you going to hit me again?" he said with a big grin.

"Yes I would like you to show me where it is, my sister is waiting for me. And if you do not take me I might be forced to hit you again" she said playing along with him. He laughed.

"Ok I will show you" they walked to the cafeteria and when Ziva saw her sister she turned to Tony.

"Thank you very much Tony, I think my morning wouldn't have been as good without your help" she looked at him.

"You are very welcome Ziva, catch you round ay" he said, he looked at her then smiled, and then he walked of to his friends. She smiled and walked over to where Abby and Tim sat with two others.

Abby had seen who she was talking to, she knew Tony, everyone did. She couldn't believe how causal he and Ziva had just been. Tony was like one of the really popular guys in school. Ziva sat next to Abby and Abby smiled.

"Who was that you were talking to Ziva?" she said even though she already knew. She saw Ziva smile.

"That is Tony, he is my new friend" Ziva got out her lunch that Jenny had made for her, it was the same as Abby's.

"I am glad you found a new friend Ziva" Abby said, her smirk maybe just a little bigger than it should have been. Ziva didn't seem to notice though.

Abby introduced Ziva to her and Tim's two friends, Eric and Natalie. They all chatted for a while, they were trying to explain all the ins and outs of Ziva's phone to her, they were all brainy and good with computers, but Ziva however wasn't the most knowledgeable in that department. Abby reached over to look at what Ziva had next on her class slip, and then Abby saw something.

"Oh My God Ziva, Tony gave you his number?" she said pointing at his scribble on her slip. Ziva playfully snatched it back.

"Yes he did, is their something wrong with that?" she asked truly unsure. Abby smiled.

"No, it is just Tony DiNozzo doesn't just give his number out freely, and everyone knows that" Abby said, Ziva tried not to blush.

"Oh…" Ziva simply said, she looked over and saw Tony sitting with his friends. Abby just rolled her eyes and smiled.

Tony had walked over to his table, where his friends always sat. Jake looked at him, he had seen him talking to that new girl, who he had also hung out with in Auto the whole time. Tony sat next to Jake, Jake was his best mate.

"So Tony, what's with you and the new girl, you totally ditched me for her in Auto" he said with a smile.

"Oh sorry bro, her names Ziva, she didn't know anyone and was sorta lost, I help her out. She's nice" Tony smiled as he talked about her, Jake had never seen him do that, smile while thinking about them, not even over a girlfriend.

"Are you gonna ask her out?" he asked.

"Huh, what?" Tony asked he was obviously focusing on something else. Jake rolled his eyes at him.

"Don't worry" Jake had noticed Tony hadn't dated anyone in a while, he hadn't even hooked up with anyone, it was strange. And know he was going all 'spaced out' over this new girl Ziva. He would keep an eye on those two. Tony looked over and saw Ziva, she was looking his way, and he smiled and waved. She smiled and waved back. There was something about her, he couldn't quite understand what it was, but he liked it, whatever it was.

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