Summary: He did it for her… he just didn't know he would lose more than just her to another, until he ventured through the well. Al he wanted was a glimpse of the one he missed but what he got hurt so much more. Alt-canon.

His Heartbreak for Hers
Chapter One: His Decision


He had almost lost her…

It wasn't like the times before, not only fear consumed him when she was no longer in earshot. It wasn't like the times before when she turned out to be perfectly fine, when he saved her. It wasn't like the times before because that time he truly almost lost her forever.

And for that betrayal of all he swore, he couldn't forgive. He was meant to protect her—that should have come first. Yet he let himself get distracted by the chance to destroy the vile beast he yearned so earnestly to mar and maim to the point that there was not even a morsel left of the monster.

That was when he decided to do it, even though he knew she'd hate it—perhaps even him.

Someday she'd understand, someday she'd have to forgive him, she'd see why he couldn't chance the same occurrence twice.

When he found her after the miasma had cleared up enough to cease to impair his keen sense of smell the first thing that overwhelmed him was the devastating amount of her blood—so much so that he felt sick to his stomach. He had rushed to her as quickly as his lean legs could take him only to have the sight he saw be forever embedded in his mind.

He managed to piece together what had occurred from it, though, Naraku had maimed her when her bow string snapped and he was distracted by horde of demons. He cursed himself from heaven to hell for not protecting her better, for allowing his attention to be shifted to something else even if that was saving his own life.

Obviously, hers was more important than his. She had a family, she was loved by many, adored by people she just met, and had a future. She was so much more than he could ever be, the world and those who lived in it needed her more than they ever would him.

Cautiously he cradled her in his arms, brows bending together at the sound of her unconscious cringes of pain. Her wound was too bad to fix in his time, a mortal would surely die of it, so he rushed to the well truly his utmost not to jerk around too much in the process, his golden eyes constantly flickering between the darkening path ahead then back to the uncomfortable look upon her usually divine and dainty façade. The moment he reached it he leaped through to the let the blue wonder take hold of them to end up in her world that could hopefully save her.

He couldn't lose her, he couldn't even think about the possibility.

The horror etched across the face of her usual cheery mother would also scar his mind, yet after the initial shock faded from her she rushed to call for aid. A flashing metal chamber came to transport her elsewhere, it took a great deal of coaxing out of the uncannily calm mother to get him to let her go and not follow just yet, instead he had to stay behind until Souta could find him something more appropriate to wear and a ball cap before he escorted him to the grand building that supposedly housed his… his what?

"What happened to her?"murmured Souta softly as his hurt hazels moved up to the man he essentially worshiped.

"I… I messed up," Inuyasha muttered as they sat down in strange seats in a room filled with other anxious humans. "I… I let her out of my sight. It won't happen again."

If he got the chance, that was.

"It's not your fault," Souta said sincerely while he grasped Inuyasha's hand, which was enough to get the boy to smile ever so slightly at him.

But it didn't matter what the little boy said, he knew it was—what he didn't know was how he would go on if anything happened to his…

His love.

He loved her; it started to take hold of him gradually at first then all at once. Somehow she had wiggled her way through the creaks Kikyou had created in the wall that he had built to protect himself, it took three years for it to crumble down all together for her because… for her, he'd do anything.

… even if that anything meant hurting himself.

"You can see her now," were the wondrous words from Mr. Higurashi's lips as she waved for the hanyou to follow her through the hallways. He hadn't any idea how long they had been there but the night had faded back to the day, all he cared about was making the coil of concern cease to suffocate him.

Peacefully upon an odd bed much like the one she had in her room but with a severe lack of all the frilly colors, the girl—no, that was what she was when she first came to him… over the years she had grown, she had become more—his woman slept. Contraptions that he couldn't comprehend were lined around her, each making their own strange sound. All that mattered was that she was alive and appeared to be in little to no pain.

"Will she be…?" he whispered as his golden gaze shifted to the woman by his side, he couldn't help but notice the considerable amount of wrinkles that hadn't been there all those years ago when he first met the oddly warm woman—it had to be where Kagome got it, Inuyasha had decided that some time back. The wrinkles, though, were created out of constant worries over her daughter's safety, all that time she had trusted him to protect her… after failing so horribly, how could he ask her to forgive him? To trust him again with such a vital task?

He couldn't. He didn't even trust himself to protect her any longer… she belonged with her family, in her weird world, where her biggest concern was some stupid test instead of dying from one simple mistake. She didn't belong in dangers way, she didn't belong with him… they were born centuries apart; he'd have to accept that fact even if it hurt worse than any battle wound.

"She'll be fine," Mr. Higurashi whispered, "thanks to you, if you hadn't brought her here when you did…"

"It's not thanks to me," he assured in an equally quiet tone, so as not to disturb the dreary damsel, "it's my fault she's hurt. I should have kept a closer eye on her… I shouldn't have let her…"

"It's not your fault," she assured with an ever so subtle smile as she placed her hand upon his arm, "Kagome is always telling me how awful she feels about all the times that you've got hurt protecting her, I know you were doing your best, Inuyasha."

"My best's not good enough, then," he muttered back, he saw her open her mouth out of the corner of his eyes but apparently she thought better of whatever she was about to say. Instead she simply nodded for him to go in and take one of the open seats.

He knew what he had to do, the one thing he never wanted to let happen but… he had to, for her sake.

Gently he reached his hand out to take hers; squeezing it softly to try and force away thoughts of the future he'd be forcing himself to have…

But for her, he'd break his own heart.

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