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The land of the Symbians, a neighboring nation of Ivalice, which comprised a community of mixed races and cultures. Symbians, a dominant race who has a brown skin complexion, some are hardworking while some are just plain lazy, most of them are politically powerful. Chimbians are a race who have fair skin complexion, loved good values and has high morals. Nidians, a race who has dark skin complexion, works hard for their reward and party hard after working hard. Chimbians and Nidians preferred to be at the private sector. Everyone lived in harmony.

Like any other country, there are schools. The schools have co-curricular activities to encourage teenagers to acquire more knowledge and to develop skills. It is compulsory that every teen choose a co-curricular activity of their choice. Some of the activities include scouts, a class of people who are trained to use knives, ropes, axes and specific survival skills in the woods, the St. John Ambulance force, a group of people who heals using medical provisions for first aid, Orchestra members, a team who can increase morale or affect battle strength of a party. Special classes such as the Prefects are bestowed to a selected few as judges in battles and to enforce discipline to students.

One faithful day, a Symbian attacked a group of Chimbians and Nidians, causing chaos into the nation. Everyone battled against each other and this caused a great divide among the races.

The schools are now divided and colonized by the ministry to avoid interaction and war among races. Schools were divided into Symbian schools, Chimbian schools and Nidian schools.

Years later, some of the people's mindsets have changed. Some accepted each other as equals ignoring race and religion. Some of them still haven't change and continued their old ways.

The leaders of the nation decided to consult the leaders of Ivalice regarding on how to unite their nation. The Ivalice leaders suggested the clan system which has been used in their country and it has united the people(including banggaas, vieras and the rest). The system is going to be implemented in The Symbian land in a few days.

Now the story begins with a young Symbian-Chimbian (a mixed race) boy who is a scout leader trying to be the best scout he can ever be...

In the forest, a teenage boy on his Honda Shadow Phantom motorcycle is heading towards the border which splits from the tropical climate and winterly climate.

"Luckily I had adjusted my motorcycle and tires for these conditions" the boy said to himself.

The temperature dropped quickly and it was getting colder and colder. Then, snow can be seen in minutes while going around 80km/h on his motorcycle. The forest scenery changed into a winterly forest within minutes.

"Brr, it's getting cold out here but my bike could handle this freezing conditions" the boy continued as he rode through the winter climate that changed quickly.

The boy is going towards a mountain and riding on the winding road; switching gears when needed while going up the mountain. The snow on the road made it slippery but strangely he can maneuver in the snow with no problems. It seems like the road is of same condition all the way.

Once after the grueling ride up the mountain, he has reached his destination, a Cimbian temple stood right in front of him. He stopped his motorcycle, switched the motorcycle gears to neutral and turned it off. He adjusted his glasses as he took off his helmet and put it in the box attached to his motorcycle. It was a scenic walk all the way into the temple where tens of wushu learners lined up in rows shirtless for training. The Master, a tall senior teenager, stood right in the middle of the learners inspecting their performance. The boy approached and greeted the Master.

"Master, I'm Dan, a scout leader of district KB-28; I'm here to earn my martial arts badge by learning wushu here…." Suddenly Dan fell on the floor feeling cold because he wore a thin cotton jacket which cannot keep a person warm in winterly conditions.

"Quick! Way Peng, get some hot water and a thick jacket for this new disciple who has fainted here" the Master yelled to his disciple, a teen boy who has small eyes, a straight and rectangular head, who brought Dan to a room. A bucket of hot water and a jacket was brought into the room by another disciple.

Dan woke up after his legs were dipped into hot water for a few minutes, he was wearing a strange but familiar jacket, he realized that it was the jacket worn by the Master. Way Peng realized that Dan was awake and gave him a small cup of Chimbian tea.

"Here you go, drink it, it will make you feel better. I'll tell Master Yao Zhong that you are revived now."

He ran out from the room they were in. Without hesitation, Dan drank the tea and that warmed him up.

Minutes later, Way Peng returned into the room with Master Yao Zhong.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Master Yao Zhong and this is my loyal disciple, Way Peng." Master Yao Zhong said, " You will begin your training tomorrow, for now, you must rest well, you may not have time to recover after a day of our training…" the Master went out with his loyal disciple.

"Whew! At least we are accepted, but it's sure cold here, I thought my jacket can handle it, but oh well..." Dan talked to himself alone in the room while placing his glasses on a table provided and lied down on the bed.

"I told you to bring a thicker jacket but nooo, he think he can survived the cold. Anyway I think you must rest well, I can predict tomorrow is going to be tough."

The scout just slept on the thin mattress that was provided. His shadow was flickering by the fire. But he can still feel a cold chill even with the fire next to him. The hot water had become cold. He can only curl into a ball with his jacket given for warmth.

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