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Chapter 9: The Troop leader's speech

7 January 2011, 3pm

Scout headquarters, Chung Cheng High School.

The headquarters was quiet, only seven figures stood on the podium of the cement field in front of the main building. The four motorcycles were parked near the main entrance. Three flag poles were behind Dan and his company, they stood waiting. Dan wearing his official uniform, a grey shirt with two chest pockets, emblazoned with the scout badge in one pocket. A dark-blue with a red stripe forage cap was worn on his head, covering the front of his hair. The right shoulder have badges of Kelantan, the state name, Kay Bee, district name, and 28, the district number the school's scouts was registered. The left, the newly acquired martial arts badge, a symbol of a fist striking, was placed. Apart from that, a badge with three red stripes with the scout symbol in the middle was sewn over his right chest pocket, the troop leaders badge while the left was a badge with "Dan" imprinted on a black plate. Dark-blue khakis were worn. Tisha had the similar uniform too, just lacking a few badges she haven't earn. VeeXiang wore a light blue uniform, a beret, and similar badges as Dan's uniform with V.X Lee as the badge. While HsienLoong wore a white uniform, with a white peaked cap. The other scouts wore their respective uniforms, similar as Tisha's. The only person who was odd that time was Ann, the only one wearing her Red Crescent Moon society uniform, which was really out of place.

Members soon came up wearing their respective attire. They grouped up and chatted among themselves. Noise flooded the atmosphere in no time. Dan overheard some of their conversations.

" It's so hot in the this time of the day, why would they even hold meetings at such place?" A young 13-year-old member complained.

"We always hold meetings here, just bear with it. It took me some time to get used to it. By the way, you'll be tougher once you join. Though the activities are boring, with just marching and drills in every activity, and some games in between, but it wasn't that fun" A senior member explained.

"This wasn't stated in the description on Orientation Day. We saw members showing neat stuff by using knots. It looks so interesting, so I joined"

"Well, what I meant was last year's activities, the troop leader was different back then, He was Wee ArrVinn, he graduated already. I just don't know what Dan has up in his sleeve for this year, though he was a strict and fierce when he was the assistant troop leader last year."

After over hearing about Orientation Day, Dan looked back the day he was representing for the scouts on the slot for co-curricular activities during Orientation Day.

3 January 2011, Orientation Day

Seminar Room, Chung Cheng High

The room was filled with eager and excited new students who have enrolled in this school. The boys wore white shirts with green khakis while the girls would wear a blue pinafore with a white shirt under the pinafore. A great divide can be seen between the boys and girls as they were seated separately. A lot of chatter could be hear, the noise was so loud it penetrated the walls of the room. A table was arrange in the front for the principal and assistant teachers to seat. A podium with the school's emblem, and upside down triangle with a torch burning lively bearing the name of the school. A partition was behind the tables and chairs.

Soon after 15 minutes of chatter, silence broke out once the door was opened by a tall man in his forties, bearing brown curvy short hair. He had a long face with slight wrinkles. He wore a white shirt with a suit and tie.

"Silence! Did you know I could even hear your voices while I'm on the stairs? Please shut up or you'll face suspension" the whole hall had tensed up as the tall man took his seat in a hurried manner.

Moments later, a short man with straight black hair combed to the sides, his face was round and smooth as you would never thought he is near to his fifties. He wore a blue shirt with a suit and tie. He was easily recognised as the principal, Mr. Teo which his name tag on his tie gave it away. He was accompanied by another older looking man, slightly taller than Mr. Teo. He had white hair and his face was slightly oval.

Mr Teo proceeded to the podium and announced. "Welcome to Chung Cheng, I'm your principal, Mr Teo Soon Seng, and I hope you all can take up the new challenges in a new school, first of all I would like to introduce our head teachers."

Mr Teo pointed at the tall man as he stood up. " This is Mr Gan KokHwi, He's the assistant teacher for administrations."
He then proceeded to the other man. "This is Mr. Wong TackKeong, He's in charge of co-curricular activities"

Suddenly the door slammed open, a tall woman followed by two students wearing blue long sleeved shirts and white pants while another is wearing a white skirt. Both of them were wearing a tie with the school's symbol emblazoned on their ties with a golden tie clip which wrote "Head Prefect". The thin boy had a pale long face with a crew cut hair-style, he was 1.7meters tall and he could tower the woman if she didn't wear high heels. His name tag had Lee YanHong written on his right chest. The other girl was slightly overweight, with short hair until her chin level. The two followed the woman in and stood behind her as she got herself seated. The woman wore a red dress which really matched her hair. She had no expressions at all, not even the feel of guilt being late.

"And this is Mrs. Chang KimHuay, she is the head of discipline for this school." Mr Teo continued his speech and lecture about high school life.

While behind the partition, Dan and a few other presidents of clubs were there. All them were the same age as Dan. A boy holding an Erhu, which resembles a Chimbian fiddle. He was wearing a crimson shirt with knots and loops as buttons. The theme of the shirt resembles a lot on nature and flowers. His name was Hing JyiShen, the Chimbian Orchestra leader. Next to him, stood his assistant, Foo ChiKhing, a boy who is slightly shorter than JyiShen. Both of them are chimbian, have short hair and wear glasses. The assistant is holding a chimbian flute. A boy dressed in a dark-blue uniform was by the sides. He had a slight tan due to marching under the sun. His uniform have silver badges which has an emblem of a tiger and crossed kris. He had a gun in a holster hung on his right belt. He's Koh KeVin, the police cadet leader. Next to him was an overweight boy who wore a camouflage uniform with red, green, brown and black stripes. He's the fire brigade cadet, Khoo PhauTzen. He was also tanned due to the same reason as KeVin. Both of them chatted along as they trying their best to calm themselves before their presentation. Two student in dark green uniforms were chatting together. They have machine guns strapped on their shoulder. One was a Chimbian-Symbian boy whose name was Zaini Pay as shown on his name tag. He's a mixed symbian and chimbian. The girl next to him is Tan HweeCheng, as her name shows her initials "H.C Tan". She have a strong tan and short hair. They are the leaders for the school cadets. All four of them have earned the title Sergeant in their respective groups.

On the other corner, two girls wearing uniforms resembling nurse uniforms but there are slight differences. A tall chimbian girls with brown short hair wore a black and white uniform with a emblem of a wheel and four arrows in the circle pointing inwards, forming something similar to St. John's cross. The other girl is a short and tanned girl. She wore glasses and short brown hair. Her uniform is a white shirt with a black rope encircle her left shoulder and ends in her left chest pocket. They are the leaders for St. John's ambulance and The red crescent moon society respectively. Another two girls in martial arts robes were in another side. A girl with short brown hair and half rimmed glasses who wore the robe with an emblem of a fist while the other one was a girl with long hair tied into a ponytail. They are Hong Jiayun and Foo Veewen, both from the karate and taekwon group. Way Peng and another girl who wore a Wushu robes, which was similar to the Chimbian Orchestra uniform but without the flowery motives.

Another two boys who wore jackets sporting a Chimbian lion(link for chimbian lion below for more info) and another with a long dragon curled up. They were Ooi JuinnWeng and Xie WenLong, who was a Chimbian lion tamer and another was dragon tamer. They both have their animals beside them, looking just like the picture on their jacket.

The MC started to announce " Thank you for the enlightening speech Mr Gan, Now we would like to welcome our students from each co-curricular club and uniformed bodies to represent and introduce their organisations for thenew students."

"First up we have the Chimbian Orchestra! This group is our school's asset as they have performed many shows in public to earn our school fame and money. Let us welcome give a big round of applause the lead of this orchestra, Hing Jyishen."

Jyishen came out of the partition along with Chikhing holding their instruments at hand. He proceeds to the microphone and chuckled "I think you have praised me too much as my head now is full of endorphins flowing through my blood vessels. Enough of your delightful praise. Yes, as the MC said, we are one of the school's assets as we are paid to perform in functions and events. Enough of that, we'll show you a demonstration of what you can experience as a member"

Jyishen place the sound box, which is the bob of the fiddle. While Chikhing readies his flute by his lips. Jyishen started to pull the er hu, creating a humming sound and proceeds to create a melody and the flute synchronises with it. The students were all stunned by the melody made.

"That's not all. Watch this." The leader started to tweak his fiddle for a moment, so did his assistant. Then the start to play again, but this time without any noise. Everyone in the room was surprised and astonished as why there wasn't any sound created. Soon, birds flock into the room as start to chirp in a tune, as it can hear the melody being played and chirping to its melody. The crowd applauded so hard, Dan's eardrums nearly broke.

"Thank you, Thank you" the duo both bowed down. "You're applause is the music to my ears"

"Shit, if the first performance is this good, mine is gonna be like nothing to the new students" Dan thought to himself. The others think of the same too, with their head shaking from left to right with a frown on their faces. "Don't worry, although they might have more new members, they would have more "junk" members than real, dedicated members. Besides how can you teach so many new members at one go? So just be happy, because they'll get the trouble later"

"You got a point there, Shadow. Thanks for bringing back my hopes up when I really need it."

"So next up we have the Police cadet leader, Koh Kevin to present what is it like to be in the force"

Kevin walked up to the podium. "As a police cadet, you will be trained to handle handguns and learn many hand to hand combat techniques. Plus you get to use a baton as well." He then proceed on giving a demonstration of his hand gun. Standing in the centre of the stage, he aimed to the partition behind the room. Once the trigger is pulled, a everyone's ears was drown with the noise of the gunshot.

"The fire brigade would present next."

Phautzen walked to the centre. Without saying a word, we rolled out what seems to be a fire blanket, but this one has most of a fire brigade's equipment, ranging from an axe, a fire extinguisher, a hose, a water pressure pack which resembles a backpack filled with water. "These are the tools for a fire brigade member, I would brief with more detail about each equipment once you join our team. For now, I can demonstrate the axe I have." He pulled out and started swinging it around. But no one could be aroused by his presentation.

"Coming up would be the scouts group to present. Here's Dan to give a demonstration."

Dan walked up with a solid face as it was made of stone. "As you might know, scouts is an organisation for helping youths to develop themselves to be more independent and learn how to serve the community. In our training, we would train about self-discipline, woodcraft and many more. Besides that, if you're feeling adventurous, you could try out for the King Scout courses and earn the King Scout badge of honour."

Dan took out a few wooden structures which resembles towers used in camps. "These are some of the samples of woodcrafting skills, it might be small, but we would train you to build a two-storey high structure if you're really that interested. And here's one last demonstration for the end of this presentation"

Dan unsheathe his machete and tied a rope onto the hilt and start to spin it. After the it had gained some speed, Dan released his machete, letting it fly through the room and ending its flight by smashing the partition at the end. Bits of woodchips flew hitting some of the sleeping students who sat at the back.

"That is all for my presentation."

"Dan, the principal would like you to meet him after the orientation session."

"Shit! This has to be about the partition. Why me? When Kevin was the first who shot his gun..."

Zaini and Hweecheng were next and they showed their neat assault rifles while shooting a stream of bullets on the half broken partition. Everyone applauded as the duo finish their ear shattering display.

"First up For the martial arts group would be from Wushu. Let's welcome Foo Waypeng and Foo Wayshan to the stage."

"So anyone here wanna be tough? Or anyone who want to imitate the martial arts skills your superheroes perform without being laughed at? Join wushu and we'll show you a few tricks."

He then pulled out his sword and started to swing it around, showing his wushu moves while Wayshan pulled out her fan and dance. Suddenly the sword wielder attempt to slash his partner, only to be blocked by her fan. She then retaliated with a slap with her fan, leaving Waypeng flying backwards with a stream of blood on a new cut on his face. "Girls, you can join to learn how to fend of muggers like him. I'll personally teach you this skill if you join."

Next the dragon and lion tamers were up, they showed some of their tamed creatures to perform a few attacks as Wenlong's dragon sprayed fire as Juinnweng's lion pounce around the crowd.


Mr Teo's office

Dan was sitting down as he listened to Mr Teo's lecture. His office was a big one compared to the other head teachers. It has a large table with papers strewn over it, mostly documents for him to sign. A sofa next to his table for visitors. A well taken care plant was next to his chair. Behind Dan was a rack lined up with trophies protected by a glass window. Although his office is full other decorations, Dan would not notice any of it as he was taking a beating with Mr Teo's words. "... destroying a partition with a machete? Are you out of your mind? What if the PTA members were here? How can I explain this to them? That their money is being spend for destruction? Since the wall is destroy under the name of your scouts. I would punish you by taking your scout funds to replace the partition. That should settle this. Be it as a lesson to be wary for school property."

"But Kevin was the first to make a hole on the wall..."

"No buts, the money used to replace the partition will be from the scouts group. No exceptions." Dan walked while slouching out of the office with an invoice of the fee for paying the partition.

The scouts have arrived in front of the headquarters as instructed yesterday. They were all lined up in a three rows, the usual way in a drill. The scene looked like as there was three pools of different colours as they were in formation, separated in each scout group type. But there was one members rushing to the gate. Her uniform had a badge with two stripes on her right chest pocket, with a name tag Leyney on the left. She had a tan, big eyes, a tad on the overweight scale and long curly hair. She's the assistant troop leader for the Land scouts.

"Sorry *huff* for the lateness *huff* actually I can't come today *huff*"

"Then why did you came then?"

"It was your orders!"

"Very well then. Go and count our members and report back to me. Officially"

She proceeded and counted the members. The other assistant troop leaders went to count their respective members as well.

"ASSISTANT TROOP LEADERS, REPORT IN!" Dan shouted his order, it was compulsory to make a loud and clear order, especially during drills and ceremonies. The troop leaders tensed up and started to march to Dan stamping their feet twice, indicating their stop. They saluted Dan at the same time, Dan returned their salute. Dan stood on the middle, standing up straight, with his expressionless face after their salute.

"errr.. Assistant Air Scout troop err... leader, Chong Weicheng, here. Err... 20... err... or was it 25? Oh no... what am I to do now? Err..." the short and pale looking assistant troop leader started to jitter and stutter for the next minute, muttering nothing but nonsensical sounds. The other troop leaders towered over him.

"Just say the number, build up your courage and say it" Dan whispered to Weicheng without moving a limb.

"23! safe to err... report to your command Sir!"

"Assistant Land Scout troop leader LeyNey here, with the strength of 45, 30 members and 15 new members, ready to report into your command, Sir!"

"Assistant Sea Scout troop leader Szelong here, with the strength of 35 members... can we just skip the formalities? It's just too hard remember these lines"

Dan replied with a strict and stern "No.".

"Aww... ready to report in your command Sir"

"Get back to you places, Assistant Troop Leaders, Turn to the back, To the Back... Turn!"

The trio turned and stamped their feet in a synchronised manner. They walked back to their places.

"The Scouts Promise!" Dan barked out his command.

A member took one step out and raised his arm to his shoulder height, arranging his three fingers together with his last finger under his thumb.

"UP!" everyone else including Dan raised their hand in the similar manner.

"On my honour I promise that I will do my best—
To do my duty to God and the King
To help other people at all times and
To obey the Scout Law."

"UP" everyone drop their hands after the signal.

"Flag Raiser!" A member walked to the flagpole and tugged the rope where a folded green cloth was hung. The cloth popped out a flag revealing a scout symbol emblazoned on the flag with KB-28 on the sides.

"Up!" the member shouted as he salutes, the others did as well. The second signal was shouted and everyone dropped their hands.

"Now that the ceremony is done, I would like to start my speech. First of all, to the new members, welcome to our humble group of scouts and may you get to hone skills while you are under our program. For the year 3 scouts, your evaluation for the Air/Land/Sea training would be done by Tisha, Hsienlong and Veexiang. From then on, you will be chosen which line of scouts you will follow. Since it's the start of the year, I would like to encourage all of you, new or old, to form a clan of your own, as for the first 4 months, our activities would be based on clan activities since the clan system reflects the patrol system in scout. And anyways, you can earn money while you're at it. New members would be paired with senior members so please do give your cooperation with your new buddy."

"What about in school activities?"

"There would be no activities for the first four months. Activities would be solely based on clan activities and how you can manage your own clan and how much can you earn within this period of time."

Everyone gasped in surprised as Dan announce this.

Author's last words: So yeah, there were a lot of Chimbian names in this chapter, so for this session of author's last words(and thank goodness Dan and Ann isn't here keeping me hostage like this...), we'll be talking about Chimbian names. So we'll use Hing Jyishen's name. Hing is his family's name while Jyi is the generation name while Shen is his real and own personal name. There are a few main family names mostly are Lee, Chan, Chow and Tan. While generation names are determined by the first-born of the (large and main) family. Most of the time people would call the generation name and the personal name together.